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“The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.”
– Germar Rudolf *

“Knowledge is Power.”
– Dr. Joseph Goebbels **


February 7th 2024

* [Source: Rudolf, Germar; Introduction (Chicago, July 7, 2005), Auschwitz Lies: Legends, Lies & Prejudices on the Holocaust (Mattogno, Carlo; Rudolf, Germar), p. 13. Revised 2nd edition, The Barnes Review, July 2011.]

** [Source: Irving, David; Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, Focal Point Publications, (Parforce (UK) Ltd.), 1996. Reprinted December 1997. Part II: The Gauleiter of  Berlin, Subsection 14: A Blonde in the Archives, p. 112. See also note 38 on page 563 which gives the reference as, “Otto Wagener, MS (IfZ archives); Henry A. Turner, Hitler aus nächster Nähe: Aufzeichnungen eines Vertrauten 1929-1932, 377.”]