“Race is the North American issue. It always has been, ever since one of Columbus’ sailors shot the first Indian with a crude matchlock musket back in 1492. Every problem that America faces today, every crisis of the economy or of the spirit, is in some form or another eventually traceable back to the problem of race. Every civilization, every culture, every major historical achievement of mankind is the product of the racial personality of those who created that civilization. Destroy a race and not only living beings are destroyed, but an immense hole is ripped in the entire fabric of this planet’s existence. Destroy the most intelligent and creative and dynamic race of all mankind, the Aryan, and damage has been inflicted on the human species that can never be recovered or repaired.

The racial issue can be boiled down to one very simple question: Who does the world belong to? More immediately, who does the continent of North America belong to? Does it belong to the Aryan peoples of Europe who settled this land after braving a perilous ocean voyage to reach it, tilled its soil and grew crops, built homes and communities here, created its legal and social and political institutions, created everything we recognize today as America? Or does it belong to the various black and brown races of the Third World, who have contributed nothing except sporadic physical labor? Whose sole claim to the land is the mere fact that they happen to be here, and who have caused immense damage through their anti-social behavior?

The idea that we are supposed to share this land in some kind of grotesque, squalid multi-racial Babylon is simply stupid. The mud races have done nothing to earn citizenship or rights of residence here that is in any way compensatory for the immense damage they have caused. The black man in particular has contributed very little to America except physical labor. His contribution is on a level with that of the horse—valuable in a limited way, but like the horse, the black man is now obsolete and has been since the development of agricultural machinery and the internal combustion engine. There is no moral or economic or social justification for keeping the black man around any longer, and many pressing reasons for his removal. The same goes for the masses of Third World immigrants. They are contributing nothing at all that we really need, except cheap labor for multinational corporations, which keeps white wages low.

History demonstrates quite clearly that multi-racial empires do not prosper, and in the long run do not survive. Every society that has ever attempted the multi-racial or even multi-ethnic experiment has failed miserably, from ancient Rome down through the Hapsburg monarchy of Austria-Hungary, to the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia of the last century. America will not survive the curse of multi-racialism any more than those other societies did. There is no magical law of the universe exempting North America from the basic principles of human biopolitics. One of those basic principles is that racial purity strengthens a society; whereas diversity weakens and eventually destroys it. Look at the few remaining stable and prosperous countries that exist today: Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. All of them are racially homogenous, not “diverse.”

No nation is born diverse. Diversity is indeed the antithesis of nationhood. Nations arise in large part from their very racial, religious, and cultural unity and uniqueness. Diversity is an unnatural as well as an unhealthy condition that can only afflict states in national decline. The multicultural, and especially the multiracial state, carries in its makeup the seeds of certain national destruction. All multicultural nations must by definition be in a state of political, moral, economic and social decay. Greed and corruption invariably characterize the government of the multiracial state, coupled with oppressive measures directed against its citizens to keep them in harness with unnatural partners.

Lies and deceit are the stock in trade of multicultural media, politicians and educational institutions. Democracy, a flawed system to begin with, is perverted into an instrument of disastrous cultural and biological leveling. From democracy steps forth the cruelest of tyrants.

In modern times diversity is instituted from the top down as an élitist ruling-class tool used to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against one another. The ensuing cultural melée serves the political designs, economic goals and power needs of the élitist rulers and their sponsors while destroying everything worthwhile in the affected society. In the twenty-first century, multiculturalism is being used as a hammer to forge an artificially created, unintelligent, compliant brown-skinned people who will compose the obedient state of the New World Order. As a weapon of post-modern political warfare, multiculturalism has few equals, which explains its use currently against all of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Deliberate fragmentation of these nations into racially diverse, politically disharmonious elements and special interest groups, and the resultant loss of national identity and purpose, are requirements of the New World Order.

Who will compose that New World Order? An Anglo-Zionist ruling class, extensively Jewish and discreetly homosexual, consisting of an economic hierarchy of wealth and conformity that replaces the natural hierarchy of talent, courage, and virtue. A force that views countries and the people who live in them first as economic targets to be exploited, and second as military targets to be destroyed and gutted of assets if they resist.

The mere fact that the black and brown races happen to be in North America, through whatever accident of history or violation of immigration law that came about, does not give them the right to a free ride on the white man’s back for their entire lives. Yet this is, essentially, the demand of the multicultural idea, that people with dark skins be given goods, services, benefits, and advantages that they have not only done nothing to earn, but that they do not know how to use properly and will only destroy and contaminate. The leveling in a multicultural, diverse society is never upward, always downward. Racial integration is like mixing horse manure and ice cream: it does improve the manure somewhat, but it doesn’t do much for the ice cream.

We have been taught by our lords and masters to view “racism” as evil and wrong. It is not. Racism is in fact the purest expression of patriotism. We live today in a world where old ideas of geopolitics are being replaced by biopolitics. Racism is right because racism is the will of Nature. Racists are doing the work of Nature. They are aiding Nature by helping to protect the most important of Nature’s creations: the different races that Nature has evolved over many millennia. Racism is Nature’s way of trying to protect her own creations. Thus racism aids and encourages further evolution—that is, it aids the development of the separate races that exist. The truth about socalled antiracism is that it is unnatural, unhealthy and dangerous. Antiracism actively encourages the destruction of Nature. It is retrogressive and anti-evolutionary. The society that is based upon such stupid ideas is an unnatural, unhealthy society doomed sooner or later to be destroyed, because such a society will destroy Nature itself. We human beings are Nature made manifest, and we are subject to its laws just as much as are other forms of life. If we forget this truth and continue with our race-mixing, we shall perish.”

– H. A. Covington, The Brigade, Ch. VIII: Running The Game, Pp. 153-154. Northwest Publishing Agency, 2007; Philadelphia, Pa., Xlibris Corp, April 7, 2008, ISBN-13: 9781436328029, 736 pages. This text refers to ‘Chapter One: Race’ of the fictional ‘Party Handbook’ of the NVA.

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