Christopher John Borsella, aka Christopher Borsella, Christopher J. Borsella,
Chris John Borsella, Chris Borsella, Chris J. Borsella, C. Marcvs Idevs,
Caivs Marcvs Idevs, Caius Marcus Ideus, Cristogianni Borsella,
Kristof von Kanwetzburg (Photo: 2010 at least)

This article is under reconstruction. First published December 18th 2017. Reuploaded Jan 5 2023. Please be patient. You can view a cached version of this article here.

The mainstream media could present this as a play on the title of Jane Austen’s 1813 novel, Pride and Prejudice. But, they didn’t, so here goes, From (White) Pride to (Sexual) Perversion)…

Do we not unfortunately have enough degenerates within the pro-white community?

Why is it that when someone on the periphery of society (and I say this today being pro-white and a race-realist, which personally I don’t think is on the periphery but we’ll go with the “mainstream view” for this one anyway) commits something outlandish, it eventually comes to light, or is alleged, that said person “lives in the basement of their parents home.” 
Look I know, kind of a cliché, right? Sure, but in this case it is actually true; and at 38 years old!

Anyway, resting on the mouth of the Peconic River within the suburban Suffolk County of New York, lies a town on the north shore of Long Island by the name of Riverhead with a population of around 33,600. Their is also a hamlet of the same name within the town which is “the town’s principal economic centre.” (damn the dodgy American spelling, but in quoting I have to be accurate.)

Talking of things dodgy and American (and I by no means include all Americans in this – the last bastion of freedom for whites), the town of Riverhead is home to, well, a home on a street named Riverside Drive (the number of which I will not reveal but is hot dang spot on in number to the famous handgun cartridge) which is “less than 500 feet from East Main Street in downlown Riverhead”. Now, unlike Ocean Drive on the south shore of Long Island, nothing untoward came to mind when I thought of Riverside Drive. However, after a little research it appears that a once ‘great white hope’ (or at least someone with eloquence, good looks, and a rather decent writer) that could do the pro-white community some good, turns out to be a literary pirate supporting pervert!

Yes, the once infamous and promising C. Marcvs Idevs[1]  (

June 2011 Fyrnsidu Project interview

) – author of the praised 2010 

The Imperian Manifesto

, which was in part inspired by the work of the Maltese politician and author Norman Lowell (

May 2011 Fyrnsidu Project interview

London Forum video interview, June 2015

, and 

August 18th 2015 video interview

 with Vice News (article 


)) and which Lowell wrote the August 2010 preface to, turns out to be a real degenerate pervert, that also supports the Melbourne, Australia based illegal Miguel Serrano literary piracy company Hermitage Helm Corpus (More on that in another post – but I would seriously hedge your bets on Wermod and Wermod of Alex Kurtagić and Sabela P. Quintela (official 


, and 


Amazon UK

Amazon US


)). Small print: By the gods the HHC publications are an abomination.

Back in 2011 Idevs stated, “Indeed, Caius Marcus Ideus is my “pen name.” At this time, for personal reasons, I do not want to advertise my family name online. I assure your readers, this decision has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with calculation. When the time is right, I will announce my birth name to the world. For now, those close to me know my birth name. If I was “untrustworthy” or an infiltrator of some kind, they could easily reveal my legal name to the world. But this is, of course, not the case.” 

Little did he know that 7 years later and after revealing it that he would once again have to hide behind a pseudonym. No, not because he was truly exposed to the anti-white agenda of the mainstream media and government and didn’t have the means or frontal lobe capacity to fight against it, but because it turns out he is a little pervert!

Caius really came onto the scene around 2010 with the publication of The Imperian Manifesto (2nd edition, Outskirts Press). He was interviewed by 

Dr. Tomislav Sunic

 on the Voice of Reason radio show, the ‘

Sunic Journal

‘ on 

Nov 30, 2010

 and his book praised as “

a gem

” by Viva Malta (Norman Lowell’s 

Free Speech Forum


He was interviewed by 

John Friend

 of the Realist Report on 

October 29, 2013


Let us take a look at what 

RightPedia says of Caius

… from 2013 to 2014 he was involved with American Nationalist Network and had a show called with 

Imperian Mandate

 and then the 

Nationalist Mandate




Apparently, Borsella graduated from City College of New York (CUNY) with a Masters Degree in History and is a “former United Nations staff member. He resigned his position in 2009 citing ethical differences with the UN’s liberal/leftist directorate. Early on Borsella showed interest in Italian identity politics and realised a couple of books, including one through the Dante University Press. This period was marked by Medocentrism, before he developed a more National Pan-European perspective, moving in the same circles as Norman Lowell, Adolph Caso, Constantin von Hoffmeister and others, before his spell with Rodney Martin’s American Nationalist Association.”

On Stormfront (





VNN Forum

) he praises himself as a “

man on a mission.

On November 4, 2013, Ideus did an interview with Dr. Pavel Tulael via the Imperian Mandate (archived 



, and 


 (working MP3). More info on Dr. Tulaev 


 and an August 4 2015 interview 



I won’t deny, it was a rather big hit, lampooning himself to Lowell that is, but it really didn’t go anywhere, just like Lowell himself.

Later he revealed that his real name was Christopher John Borsella, born June 17, 1979, son of Angela V. Borsella (72) and Ralph G. Borsella (72), where he 

“lives in a home owned by his parents.”

 (read, lives with his parents. SAD.)

On April 20 (yawn) 2017 he released his second book, National Socialism: 30 Fundamental Truths for the Kämpfer of the 21st Century (

Amazon UK

Amazon US

) under the pseudonym Kristof von (lol! Yes, I lol’d) Kanwetzburg.

Anywho, here is the full article by Katie Blasl of Riverhead Local news:

Christopher Borsella, right, lured female
realtors to his home and exposed himsel
 to them, according to two realtors and
police. Photo: Denise Civiletti (left), (right)

White supremacist luredfemale realtors to his home and exposed his genitals to them, tworealtors say 

By Katie Blasl, Oct 31, 2017, Riverhead Local news. 

It began no different from many of her other listing appointments: A series of emails, a detailed description of the house and a date set for her to take a look at the property the client wanted to list on the market.

But when she arrived at the small, white ranch on Riverside Drive, Janice* felt that something wasn’t quite right. The front door was halfway open, and through the screen door she could see the house was dark and dirty. 

Janice knocked on the door. There was movement from the couch. She heard a man’s voice call out: “Oh, I’m sorry – I forgot about our appointment.” Through the screen, she saw him get up, walk around the couch – and approach the front door, wearing nothing from the waist down.

She quickly turned around and told him to get dressed.

“I thought maybe he had fallen asleep on the couch, that he works nights or something,” Janice recalled in an interview later. “People forget sometimes and we walk in on embarrassing situations.”

Still standing near the door, the man told her “not to worry,” Janice recalls, and that his girlfriend “says it’s not much to look at.”

Janice told him again to put some clothes on. He apologized and invited her inside while he went and dressed himself. He disappeared into another room while she stood in the doorway, taking in the man’s dirty living room.

Twice, he emerged into the living room, still not wearing any pants. The third time, he came out wearing boxers, but he had pulled his genitals through the front so that they were still visible. And this time, he was holding a camera.

“He said he wanted to video me,” Janice recalls.

At that point, Janice had had enough. “We’re done here,” she told him, backing away, and then fled to her car. He did not attempt to follow her.

That afternoon, she went to Riverhead Town Police to let them know about the incident. Although they took her report, she said they told her there was nothing they could do.

“It’s not illegal to be naked in your own home,” she remembers the officer saying.

It was Wednesday, October 25. Two days later, another realtor would report to police that he did the same thing to her.

‘A thing against women’

Christopher Borsella, 38, lives in a home owned by his parents at 45 Riverside Drive. He is not listed on the sex offender registry, and he does not have any record of arrests in Riverhead Town.

Articulate and polite, Borsella’s emails to local realtors do not indicate that he is anything but a normal client.

We must have written 20 emails back and forth – he described the home in great detail,” said Rachel*, a realtor from Southold who said she had a similar encounter with Borsella last Friday.

But beneath the surface, Borsella harbors a darkly racist and misogynist view of the world. He leads a double life on the internet, where he goes by several pseudonyms, among them Caius Marcus Ideus and Cristogianni Borsella.

Many of Borsella’s darker ideas can be found in his self-published book, which calls for the formation of a “new society” in which white people are “elevated to godhood,” and where women do not have access to higher education. One of his radio interviews describes feminism as a “Jewish-derived aberration of natural gender norms.” 

Fiercely anti-Semitic, he also talks in interviews about “destroying World Jewry,” laments historians’ defamation of “the hero himself, Hitler,” and believes that white people should allow the “Jewish Question to be answered definitively,” a reference to the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution. 

Fragments of his online life as a white supremacist have also bubbled up in his encounters with Riverhead Police. In 2012, police found Borsella drunk and ranting about driving around black children playing in the street, calling them “animals.” 

At the time, he told an officer that he was in the process of joining the KKK, according to Riverhead Police Lieutenant David Lessard. 

More recently, Riverhead Police went to Borsella’s house on Friday to confront him, following the second police report that he had invited another female real estate agent to his home and exposed himself to her. A neighbor, who like both realtors would speak only on the condition of anonymity for safety, could clearly hear the encounter that followed. 

“He was screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘I’m a white man, you need to treat me like a white man, go after the f***ing n*****s in the Greens instead,’” the neighbor recalled. 

For Rachel, learning about Borsella’s white supremacist, anti-feminist online persona suggested why someone might want to terrorize women this way. 

“He probably has a thing against women, especially successful women,” Rachel said. “Targeting realtors, he’s targeting women who are independent and successful.”

‘We’re like sitting ducks’

Almost a week after the first reported incident involving Borsella and a female realtor, Riverhead Police have not pressed any charges. 

[1] Real name: Christopher John Borsella, Christopher Borsella, Christopher J. Borsella, Chris John Borsella, Chris Borsella, Chris J. Borsella [Italian: Cristogianni Borsella]. Pseudonyms: C. Marcvs Idevs, C. Marcvs Idevs, Caivs Marcvs Idevs, Caius Marcus Ideus, Kristof von Kanwetzburg).



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