John Amery, founder of the British Free Corps, an SS Division, was one two Britons hanged for “treason” by the Churchill regime after World war II, the other being William Joyce. John Amery was the son of a wealthy politician, Leopold S. Amery, who was a leading figure in the Conservative Party and served in Winston Churchill’s cabinet as Secretary for India.

This book, John Amery – In His Own Words, contains Amery’s book ‘England and Europe’ which was published only once by the German government in 1943 and distributed to British military men in German POW camps (see Britisches Freikorps). For this reason today an original edition is extremely rare.

It also contains ‘John Amery Speaks’ which is a collection of seven speeches broadcast from Germany throughout November and December 1942.

Lastly it includes his Proclamation to British POW’s from April 20th 1943.

See also Why the son of a Churchill cabinet minister became a mouthpiece for Hitler by Ronald Harwood of the Lügenpresse newspaper The Daily Mail of March 5th 2008.

Below is a transcript of above video Traitor? John Amery In His Own Words:

“Inevitably, there are so many lies that are circulated about what is going on in my country that people are often apt to think that England is united behind Mr Churchill and that the English people know why they are fighting. Well, that is completely false.

We used to live under a system of free speech and of free opinion, which, in principle, was quite alright. But for a long time now, and especially since the beginning of these hostilities, our British constitution has been completely travestied. Instead of a system of free speech and of free opinion, the English people live today under the worst possible form of dictatorship: not the dictatorship of a patriot who desires to save his country, but the dictatorship of an oligarchy, whose interests, for the most part, run completely contrary to the interests of the British people.

To explain this, we’ve got to go back, one second, to the time when the British Empire was built up. This empire was built up by our great adventurers, such as Drake, such as Clive, such as Captain Cook. People who, in a certain sense, might be compared to the Norwegian Vikings. That these people, in the course of their conquests, may have committed acts of piracy and of banditism does not take away from the fact that they were animated with a great ideal for their country and a desire to bring that country wealth and prosperity.

Unfortunately for us, from the time of Queen Victoria, and from the time of the Jew Disraeli, these conquests, which had been obtained by English genius and by the sacrifice of the best English blood, became the property of this tiny clique of people who actually control England today. These Jewish merchants, and Aryan merchants, and the aristocrats, who have prostituted themselves to international finance, have exploited, in the sole interests of their clique, conquests and the riches that were conquered by real Englishmen.

One day, a day of reckoning is going to come, these two men – Roosevelt and Churchill – their friends, and the plutocrats – Jewish and Aryan – will find themselves face to face with European civilisation, that they are, at present, doing their best to stab in the back while that civilisation is fighting against the horde from the East. Not only will they come face to face with that Europe – with that civilisation – but also, they will have to explain themselves to their own fellow countrymen, to us Englishmen – whom they have so shamefully betrayed – to the widows, to the orphans, to the crippled sailors and to the crippled soldiers of what was once the Great British Empire. They will have to explain why, when we had everything, when no one menaced us, they plunged us – and civilisation with us – into this hell.
I didn’t take the road to Berlin because I disagreed with Winston Churchill over the Beveridge Plan – which incidentally has died – or as to how the British Post Office was to be run but because I have the desire to walk along my English Piccadilly, a hundred yards from which I was born, and to say what I like when I feel like saying it. What I have done I shall never regret because, as each day passes by, it becomes more and more obvious that the present war has very little to do with flag, with passport, or with anything that previously constituted a nationality. We are face to face with a war of conception – whether we like it or not – something that can only be compared to the wars of religion of some three hundred years ago.

There are seventy-odd nations in the world but there are only three choices open to us: that of communism – of Judeo-Mongol destruction of this civilisation of ours. That of a reaction of a plutocracy, which hopes to keep, in its twisted and blood-stained hands, the privileges and the wealth it has acquired and stolen from the working classes. Or else the road many of us have chosen – that of a real revolution: a revolution which is nationalist and socialist. We shall probably have a very hard fight. Never mind. For my part, I refuse to believe that our civilisation – which has taken two thousand years to build up – can perish in front of the conceptions of the Talmud and the wild barbary of the Steppes, and any student of history can see that never has a reaction – an attempt to return to the past – over a revolution which was young and active.

But as an observer, I am as sure as I’m sure the sun will rise tomorrow that a victory of the liberators of Europe, whether they come from the East or whether they come from the West, is a Jewish victory – and that that victory is the end of our civilisation, the end of Christianity, the end of two thousand years aspiration towards something better. And all that will be wiped out and washed out, and it will disappear as Babylon disappeared, as Athens disappeared, and as Rome disappeared. And we shall be plunged into a dark and barbarous era because we will not have shown ourselves capable of defending that civilisation – because we will not have been able to add our little link to the long chain of progress that our ancestors have handed on to us.

And it’s no good remaining in one’s house – in the smug comfort of bourgeois principles – when the very foundations of civilisation are rocking under us! It’s just as useless to try and read the future in the bottom of coffee cups, or by night – in sitting up late and trying to study the stars to find out who’ll win the war. It’s also quite silly to think that, somehow or other, everything will work out alright because if one takes the trouble to study history: after the passage of the barbarians, whole civilisations, their languages, and their people have completely disappeared from the face of the globe – like a sandcastle that’s been flattened out by the waves of the sea on the seashore.

But Mr Roosevelt is building a lot of aeroplanes – we can’t stop him doing it. But the English are preparing to invade Europe – we can’t stop them trying. But the Russians have crossed the Polish border – it’s very regrettable but it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t stop – as I’ve said, and many with me, for over ten years – that Mr Roosevelt and his Jews are the festering sore of humanity, that the plutocrats of London wanted this war – well now they’ve got it! And that the communists are the greatest danger civilisation has ever been faced with since the days of the destruction of Rome.

If, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have not the courage, all of us, to get up and to fight for civilisation – or at least to help civilisation as much as we each individually can – not only will our civilisation disappear, not only will we all be dead – but we ourselves, our politicians, our terrorists, our bankers, our bourgeois, and our intelligentsia will only leave to history a vague memory of decadent and purblind imbeciles quarrelling amongst themselves – unintelligible quarrels and stupidities -face to face with the horde from out of the Eastern Steppe, and face to face with the wild imperialism of Judah. And we shall leave to history a record so pusillanimous, so vain, and so incomprehensible that the barbarians that will have smashed us will hold in history a name a thousand times greater, a thousand times more prestigious than ours.

‘Well Mr Amery, that’s very interesting and that’s very nice, but you are in Germany, when your country is at war with Germany –and most of the countries of Europe – then aren’t you a traitor?’
Well my good friends, only history will be able to judge whether I am a traitor or not.

– John Amery, Oslo, Norway, 1944

Below is a transcript of the above video. 

“If we all wanted it together we could make a better world. We must realise at present, in front of a collective menace, we must rally round the only man that has done something really practical. Around the only army that is fighting 100% for Europe and for civilisation. They’ll be plenty of time to argue afterwards, lots of time. Right now there is only one commander in chief. There is one man around whom we must all rally, whatever our political opinion. If we wish to save civilisation it’s with the German army and with Adolf Hitler, and with them alone! Heil Hitler!”

– John Amery, Oslo, Norway, February 20th 1944

“Mr. Amery, you are in Germany, when your country is at war with Germany. Then aren’t you a traitor?”

“Well my good friends, only history will be able to judge whether I am a traitor or not. But in my view is that a handful of plutocrats who have aligned themselves with the wild imperialism of Judah, and who have with them plunged my country into a war that was stupid in the beginning. My view is that these people are the traitors!”

– John Amery, Oslo, Norway, 1944

Below is a partial transcript of the above video.

“Only history will be able to judge that. [whether he is a traitor to Britain] My view is that it is these people, Churchill, Roosevelt and his friends who are the real traitors; traitors to England, traitors to our Empire, to our ancestors. And worse than that, traitors to Europe, to Christianity and civilisation.”

– John Amery, Oslo, Norway, 1944.


The following is a propaganda leaflet written in 1944 by British National Socialist and founder of the British Free Corps John Amery.