“My gift to you is death, so embrace it and know thy true Self. Only by the stripping away of the false masks that we wear, deceiving ourselves, can we truly know who is standing in front of the mirror. To stand on the edge of the black abyss and not step forward is a deception. So, sever your head with the sickle, tear away Maya, spill your blood to drown the Demiurge of false perception and know the ‘I'”.

Sapienti Sat!


– Nikarev Leshy Sanghrajkara

“Only one stroke is required. With one stroke be out of it. Kill yourself, your ego, with one stroke.”

– Shri Ranjit Maharaj, “Illusion vs. Reality”, p. 155.



‘Liberation’, 16.VI.14. Photo: N. Leshy Photographer: Pavel Cheksova.