13 years ago today on February 20th, 2004, I wrote a letter directly to the History Channel regarding a documentary they aired a few years earlier called Nazi America and their distortions and lies in that documentary. 

The below is that letter. You can watch the documentary here (

part 1


part 2



TO: feedback@AETV.com

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a regular viewer of the historical documentaries that you show on your television network, the History Channel, here in England and would like to congratulate you on the service that you provide to your viewers all across the world.

Although not shown on the UK version of your channel, I recently had the opportunity to view a 1 hour and 40 minute expose detailing the growing “Nazi” movement in the United States. This portrayed itself to be an insightful and historically accurate chronicle of the movement from the 1930’s up until the present day.

In your write up of the programme from your web-store I note the below quotes:

“Trace the history of the American Nazi Party and the many Neo-Nazi parties active today.” and “NAZI AMERICA is a feature-length profile of a fringe party that exploits the very freedoms they would abolish in order to get their racist, hate-filled message out. See how vitriolic leaders embraced Hitler’s doctrine of Aryan superiority and the elimination of Jewry to rally the disenfranchised.”

And lastly but far from being least “Filled with shocking footage and unflinching commentary, NAZI AMERICA: A SECRET HISTORY pulls the wraps off decades of hate and discrimination in our midst.”

After watching the programme in full I came to the conclusion that on he face of it was as it presented itself to be, to those that know nothing about this genre other than through watching your programmes. However, I have studied this subject for a number of years and would like to contribute my findings to you in the following points that are listed below.

In taking note of the above quotes, through my own knowledge of this period, including my own research from books, encyclopaedias, the internet and speeches and essays from both sides of the fence I feel that I have watched it through the eyes of a totally unbiased viewer. From this I would like to make you aware of the below points that I find to be inaccurate,

1) Publication of Mein Kampf
2) Appointment of Chancellor ship to Adolf Hitler of Germany
3) Background of Samuel Dickstein
4) Quotes by George Lincoln Rockwell
5) Background of Frank Collin
6) Murderers called Nazi’s and their backgrounds

With regard to the above points numbered 1 and 2 I would like you to note that with reference to any encyclopaedia you will read that Mein Kampf was not published in 1924 as your documentary states but that it was published in 2 volumes. The first being sub-titled Eine Abrechnung (A Reckoning) which was published on July 19th, 1925 and the second sub-titled Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung (The Nazi Movement) which was published a year later on December 11th, 1926. Hitler was in prison in 1924 for a revolutionary act and was in the midst of writing Mein Kampf in 1924. Adolf Hitler was not appointed Chancellor ship in 1932, but was a year later in 1933.
I can only imagine that these mistakes have been made due to the researchers lack of knowledge or study.

A bit later in the programme you delve into the history of the German Bund in the United States and note that the Bund was under investigation by a man that was portrayed to be just an apprehensible New York Congressman. However, after a little research I discover a fact that not even your researchers could have missed – New York Congressman Samuel Dickstein was a Jewish Soviet NKVD espionage agent and communist sympathiser. After finding this out I believed that it was not only sloppy research, but also a misrepresentation by omission.

During the section focusing on the post war activities of “Nazis” in America the narrator comments on the late George Lincoln Rockwell, the 2nd World War Navy Commander who formed the National Socialist White Peoples Party in the 1960’s. Throughout this segment there is a showing of scenes of Rockwell and his party at rallies and making speeches while a “headline” fills the screen stating “Hate-Document Bared: ‘I will kill every Jew, Catholic and Negro.” which forms in the minds of the unknowing viewer that Rockwell actually made this statement. Again, after a little research and the fact that I have an interest in this subject so have read and watched many things by and of Rockwell I have yet to discover this statement to be fact. What I do know as fact is that Rockwell never made this statement. The programme also states that he added gays and Catholics to his list of threats to the future of the White Race. After my looking into this and by corresponding with people who actually knew him (again on both sides of the fence) I believe Rockwell had no concern for sectarianism between Catholics and Protestants and even had people in his organisation that were Catholic and others that used to be homosexual. I can only assume that these statements were only made to ferment distance between both Protestants and Catholics, this was a misrepresentation of commission.

In point 5 I would like to note that after the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell the programme notes that due to this his organisation floundered and the next Nazi leader rose from Rockwell’s shadow, a one Frank Collin (real name Frank Cohen.) and the way in which the programme portrayed this was showing that Mr. Cohen was Rockwell’s real successor but their was actually no mention of Rockwell’s real successor who was a one Matt Koehl. Frank Collin was poseur and an exhibitionist that attracted losers and social degenerates and not only that but was also Jewish, a fact never mentioned in the programme. Collin himself was also one of these and one who is only remembered for his proposing to march through a Jewish suburb of Chicago in Skokie, Illinois and the uproar it created at that time. But I must commend you on mentioning that Collin was convicted and imprisoned in 1979 for sexually molesting male children, however, the way in which the programme showed this was to give the impression that Collin was a real National Socialist and the real successor of Rockwell.

Finally, I would like to mention the section of the programme that discusses various murderers and the fact that they are portrayed as being Nazi’s, namely James Burmeister, John King, Benjamin Smith, Buford Furrow, the Columbine High School killers Dylan Klebold and Ed Harris and finally Timothy McVeigh.
These people are portrayed by the programme as being National Socialists, Nazi’s, but with a little research I have discovered that there is no real evidence to suggest that these people were anything of the sort so far as that they had a serious belief in National Socialism or belonged to any National Socialist organisation. What I did find out about these people is that they were not National Socialists but were people who were not seen as politically correct.

– James Burmeister was an 82nd Airborne soldier who, in 1995, shot a convicted Black drug dealer and even in his trial there was never any evidence that he was affiliated with any National Socialist group.
– John King was convicted of murdering a Black in 1998 but again there is no evidence that he was a National Socialist, although he developed a hatred for Blacks after being gang raped by them in prison.
– Benjamin Smith murdered a black and a Korean in a drive-by shooting in Illinois, again no evidence of him being a National Socialist.
– Buford Furrow shot a Filipino mailman shortly after wounding several Jews in a Jewish community centre.
– Columbine Killers: These two were brought into the fray of being National Socialists with the narrator naming names while photos of the above mentioned killers flashed on screen and portraying them as Nazi’s or those who allegedly used to be Nazis. With all the above mentioned the faces of them flashed on screen with their names being read but when the Columbine killers turn came around to being named there was no face on screen which in the mind of the viewer gave the impression that they were Nazis. What wasn’t mentioned yet again is that one of them, Dylan Klebold was Jewish and both of them were outspoken anti-racists. This showed the two culprits of the worst high-school massacre to be Nazis.
– Timothy McVeigh sent a message to the US Government after they burned and murdered all those women and children in the Branch Davidian church in Waco. There is no evidence whatsoever that Timothy McVeigh was any sort of Nazi. On the evidence given that McVeigh was a Nazi, George Bush could have been one. It was terrible that McVeigh killed all those children in Oklahoma but Bush and others have murdered far more, but this is just seen as collateral damage.

It seems to be that the programme started off with showing real National Socialists but then incorporates into this title paedophiles, anti-social oddballs and those with a love for aesthetics and those who have committed racialist murders or violent acts of terrorism and that this is the real face of National Socialism, very unpleasant people. I am not a National Socialist but I have met many. Yes, there are some degenerates out there that portray themselves to be but the vast majority of them are not.

If I am incorrect in any of my assertions that I point out here please correct me, but If I am correct, which is what I believe I am to the best of my ability, then, to conclude and In light of this can I suggest that in the interest of unbiased and historical accuracy and to continue the campaign for real history, which I am sure you wish to promote and follow, can I suggest that you revise this programme with the facts that have been excluded from this documentary as detailed above and consider issuing an apology to your viewers?

Yours sincerely,






OTHER REFERENCES: Lies and the History Channel by Dr. Pierce
LISTEN: http://www.natall.com/internet-radio/ts/020500.pls (working MP3 here)
READ: http://www.natvan.com/free-speech/fs002a.html (archived link. See the new working link)



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