Apparently there is a right ol’ nasty nip of a storm brewing in the media teacup of all that is chutzpah regarding the 2016 Hollywood Oscars.

As the story goes, the Oscars (yes, that award that in reality means absolutely diddly squat in any real meaningful way whatsofrickineva) is, allegedly,  racist towards Blacks, and that their is now a boycott ensuing due to all the 2016 Oscar nominees being too apparently White.
This has caused a right uproar with it making headline news worldwide, talking heads getting themselves into a tizzy, and chat shows bringing it up at every opportunity when a Black actor sits on a couch.

If ever their was a good reason to switch the TV off or 

stop paying for this

 fabricated claptrap masquerading as something newsworthy, then this is up there with some of the good’uns.

Maybe, just maybe, there isn’t actually a Black actor or director worthy of the awards at this time? Do they, the actors that are throwing their toys out of the proverbial pram, or the media stirring this non issue to levels of sensationalist heights that deserve an award in their own right, ever reflect and ask themselves that?
Maybe the talent required simply isn’t there. But who am I to judge? Shouldn’t it be based on aptitude, effort, and merit rather than skin colour?
Where do these self righteous forever-a-victim whiners get off thinking that they are, for some obscure reason, actually owed something simply because of the colour of their skin?
It should be about worthiness and not race. Race should not come into the nomination process at all. It isn’t, but these liberal, politically correct imbecile do-gooders, and deceitfully roused up and/or chip on their shoulder Blacks want it to be.
I read now that serious effort/changes (hypocritical and racist anti-white quotas/affirmative action) are going to be made to ensure promotion of more Black/minority faces.
These efforts are reverse racism in themselves, and the calls for more minority nominees is nothing more than anti-white racism. Indeed, this sort of politically correct and room temperature IQ thinking is quite rightly a form of racism in itself. Period.
“This is all just white racism” they cry.

As if Hollywood is in any way remotely or positively white

. It isn’t, it is 


. But even if it was, these whites and what is churned out of Hollywood couldn’t be said to be pro-white at all, and they simply are not working to further white interests, that is clear. But that is irrelevant as it isn’t.

And what is it with the hypocrisy in the media. We are constantly being brainwashed into believing race doesn’t exist, race doesn’t matter,

race is a social construct

, the only race is the human race, and that the only people that harp on about race are white racists. But then we’re told it matters at the Oscars! How is that possible? Well, we know why

 (regarding the fifth column), don’t we

for sure

And if it was so disgustingly white, and this type of self interest was wicked and evil, then what about BET? Why no media uproar about a television channel dedicated to Blacks?

Hashtag it:
As I said, Oscar me Black, Oscar me White, in the end it’s all just shite!
“Christoph [Waltz] played a Nazi obsessed with finding Jews [Inglorious Basterds]. Well Christoph… [spreading his arms indicating the audience] the mother lode!” – Steve Martin, March 7th, 2010, The Oscars (82nd Academy Awards), Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles
Ted: Look at all this talent, all this talent in one spot. There’s Daniel Day-Lewis, there’s Alan Arkin, there’s Joaquin Phoenix. You know what’s interesting, is all those actors I just named are part Jewish.
Mark Wahlberg: Oh, ok.
Ted: What about you? You got a “berg” on the end of your name, are you Jewish?
Mark Wahlberg: Am I Jewish? No, actually I’m Catholic.
Ted: Wrong answer, try again.
Mark Wahlberg: What?
Ted: Look, you wanna work in this town or don’t you? Uh, that’s interesting Mark, because I am Jewish.
Mark Wahlberg: No you’re not.
Ted: I am, I am. I was born Theodore Shapiro, and I would like to donate money to Israel and continue to work in Hollywood forever. Thank you, I am Jewish.  
– Ted [Seth MacFarlane’s character] & Mark Wahlberg, February 24th 2013, The Oscars (85th Academy Awards), Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles 
Watch Ted and Mark Wahlberg at the 2013 Oscars below

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