Regarding the English translations of Mein Kampf; Ford, Stalag and Dalton…

Updated: March 13th 2021. Slightly edited November 23rd 2022, and links updated December 2023.

Short answer: The only English edition worth reading is the Dr. Thomas Dalton, Ph.D. translation (his website, his publishers website). Vol. I can be found here and Vol. II here.

Now for the longer bit, the reasons why…

Let us just ignore the Manheim and Murphy translations – they are outdated, biased and inaccurate.

As to the Michael Ford translation, it is terrible, lazy and amateur and the Stalag translation is mis-sold to us as an “official” Third Reich translation with errors. Neither are worth your time nor money, which I also believe of the Manheim and Murphy translations. I am not remotely bothered with any of them as there is a far superior translation out now by Prof. Dr. Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.!

Nigel Winters of Red Pill Action/NS-Requiem has stated:

“The answer is simple, because out of all the editions of Mein Kampf that have ever found their way into an English translation they’ve been handled by Jews, suffer inaccuracies, lack of relevant citations and were not compiled by anyone who cares about the topic. Dalton IS the ‘National Socialist’ Translation, it is also the historically accurate and most methodical translation that helps to present Hitler’s ideas in the same way they were presented in German. The translation with the LEAST inaccuracies is the BEST translation by default, regardless if the overall message can be discerned as the same BETWEEN translations.”  

When again asked about Murphy and Manheim, Winters also stated that, 

“It doesn’t compare, don’t bother reading out-dated, hostile translations. . . It’s really just not worth it tbh. . . As a National Socialist would you prefer to read a translation that had Jews involved in its publication, who slandered Hitler? Who went out of their way to misrepresent him? Or would you rather read a translation from someone like Dalton who’s a revisionist, cares about the material, and is probably a National Socialist himself? It’s not really a hard question to answer in my opinion. That it needs to be asked is rather silly.”

Winter further comments:

“Ford’s translation was done by an incompetent person who would happily invent quotations and translate German words awkwardly into English in ways that make no sense in the original German. Such a person cannot be trusted to translate a work of immense historical importance like Mein Kampf.
Dalton, for one thing, cannot be dismissed as lacking credentials, to whatever degree that actually matters. And he has synthesised a proper edition with a duel-translation, as we both know. That he undertook such an effort is commendable to the study of Mein Kampf by someone who recognises how important it is to be able to compare the original and the the translated edition. So, you know, Dalton didn’t need to write a whole supplementary book explaining why he’s the best. He lets the duel translation speak for itself.
How anyone could cling to someone like Ford, who isn’t an expert like Dalton is on the historical material, and who is incapable of getting the most basic facts right is beyond me. And, I have to say, unfortunately, those who prefer Ford are also those who aren’t knowledgeable about the most basic historical facts as it concerns the Third Reich as well. The Ford translation could almost be considered a litmus test. But I would hesitate to go that far because not enough people know about the Dalton translation.
It should also be emphasised, that the issue here isn’t just about the translation. It’s about giving Hitler’s work the dedicated, truthful, and detailed historical treatment that all great works receive. The Marxists don’t settle for shitty English translations of ‘Capital’ undertaken by National Socialists or Fascists, why should we allow ourselves to read a version of Mein Kampf tainted by Marxists and Jews?
National Socialists should care about the roots of their ideas, and ensure that it’s represented properly, particularly, by someone who will represent them. Not random Shark ecologists like Ford.”

Martin Kerr of New Order comments on the Ford translation:

“Ford translates the German word volk as “race,” and also volkisch as “racial,” which is not only flat out wrong but lazy and idiotic. And Hitler never used the term “Nazi” or “Nazi party.”

Mein Kampf: Prof. Dr. Thomas Dalton translation dual German-English editions.

As I have said, Ford has made some significantly amateur and lazy errors of which Prof. Randall L. Bytwerk, Ph.D. has pointed out a number.

And further, what a surprise, Carlos Witlock Porter points out that Ford and his abysmal translation of Mein Kampf is not only guilty of using the fake term “Master Race” (also here), but he “inserted a sentence fragment which does not appear in the German original” in relation to this.


“C.W. Porters comments are very important. He’s one of the only people (if not the only person) who has read the entire Nuremberg transcripts.”

Ford may have updated some moronic, lazy and amateur errors in later editions but adding a sentence that doesn’t exist is not a mistake, but an outright lie and forgery! A complete fabrication!

Taking into account the idiotic errors and fabrications by Ford, he has the nerve to promote his other book: Mein Kampf: A Translation Controversy! What a charlatan! 

People oddly defend the Ford translation but I call it lazy because he translates words incorrectly, as well as other gross errors and misinformation, which also makes it amateur and a disgrace.

Ford is either genuine but completely incompetent or a disinformation agent. Either way, I stand by my belief that it’s a haufen scheiße. Winter adds: “I cannot discern his motive, just his sketchy background alone is cause for wonder.”

Regarding Stalag Kerr further states, 

“Contrary to what you and others claim, the so-called “Stalag” translation was not made by members of the NSDAP. It is a slightly revised and corrected version of the grossly inferior Murphy translation. Some errors have been removed, and the stiff, awkward wording of Murphy’s first draft in places have been smoothed over – but that is all. A simple comparison of the first two paragraphs of each translation (Murphy and “Stalag”) will show this. I also object to the dishonest way in which the “Stalag” translation has been marketed. This translation was not produced for prisoners of war, as is claimed, but rather for the English-speaking population of the Channel Isles, which was the only English-speaking territory to be occupied by the Germans during the War. Any distribution to POW camps was incidental. Even he designation of it as the “Stalag translation” carries unnecessary connotations, in addition to being historically inaccurate.”

Dalton states of Stalag: 

“Through some obscure process, the Germans completed Murphy’s draft version on their own, and published it in the late 1930s. Today this is known as the Stalag edition, and is currently available in print in two forms: one by Ostara Publications, and one by Elite Minds (the “official Nazi English translation”). To call this version ‘unpolished’ is an understatement;… The ‘Nazi’ or ‘Stalag’ edition of Murphy has its own problems. The version published by Elite Minds claims to be authentic, which means that they retained all the original flaws of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The result is nearly unreadable. The edition published by Ostara fixes many of these problems, but still reads poorly. It does break up the long paragraphs, but to an extreme degree; one typically finds single-sentence paragraphs, as in a newspaper. This move destroys all flow and connection of ideas. And neither version has an index or explanatory footnotes.”

Winters comments of Stalag:

“People love to cling onto the Stalag, they think that it’s best because it came from Germany, they’re totally unwilling to admit that NS Germany was not perfect in all regards and just because they produced an English translation, doesn’t mean it is the best English translation.”

Of Ford, Dalton states

“… in 2009, a little-known writer, Michael Ford, published his own translation through Elite Minds. This edition has several shortcomings, as explained below… The recent Ford translation, while not overtly hostile, has several other major flaws. Ford has no discernible credentials, no publishing record, nor any documented history with such academic works. His ‘in text’ notes are awkward and distracting. The book includes many amateurish and cartoonish ‘photos.’ There is no index. And his so-called publishing house, Elite Minds, appears to be some kind of environmental group that focuses on the ecology of sharks, of all things. This is unfortunate; the last thing the public needs is another misleading, ill-conceived, and unqualified version of Mein Kampf. . . Something of the flavor of these efforts can be seen in the very first words of the book. In my forthcoming translation, Chapter 1 is titled “In My Parents’ House.” (Original: Im Elternhaus.) The first sentence: “I consider it most fortunate today that destiny selected Braunau-on-the-Inn to be my birthplace” (Als glückliche Bestimmung gilt es mir heute, dass das Schicksal mir zum Geburtsort gerade Braunau am Inn zuwies.) The table below gives the chapter title and the first few words, in the various translations. The variability of even this simple leading sentence is striking. One can imagine the issues involved with the many more-complicated thoughts that follow.”

“At Home” is simply just lazy and incorrect!

These comments were made after Kerr had read the Ford translation. He had previously commented on these translations in his article Which is the best translation of Mein Kampf? (also read the comments) before the Ford and Dalton translations came out.


Hitler hears of the Dr. Dalton translation.

He commented in that piece,  

“What is needed, of course, is a translation by an expert National Socialist translator. Only a National Socialist will understand Hitler’s text, both subjectively and objectively. No translation, however, will ever beat the original!” 

We should have higher standards and not accept anything less. Outside of the German original, Dalton is the only English translation worth a damn and it is spot on. People prefer sentence structures in other translations, but I want accuracy over emotion.

Well, obviously outside of the original German, we have one! Hand on heart, the only one I can recommend is the Dr. Thomas Dalton translation, by an academic which is on OUR side. He is also fluent in German. He makes ZERO mistakes. As for Kerr comments on the original German being the best, Dalton has released a dual German-English translation. He also has an English only edition.

Personally, I say Dalton translation ALL THE WAY AND WITHOUT ANY DOUBT!

So, as to Manheim, Murphy, Ford and Stalag…

UPDATE: Recently I posted this on Social Media:

One of the things I often read and honestly that I am messaged about quite a lot is “which English translation of Mein Kampf should I get”, “which is the best English translation” or “what is wrong with the Stalag and Ford translations?”

At the risk of repeating myself please read the link below regarding the English translations of Mein Kampf.

I am happy to explain but it amazes me, I am quite literally astonished that some are extremely upset and quite frankly get triggered like a leftist Antifa snowflake and throw a tantrum when I point out that their “holy” translation of Stalag or Ford is anything but.

Oddly they think Stalag is perfect because it is “official”. It isn’t perfect. As someone I highly respect recently stated, “You shouldn’t equate ‘official’ with accurate or ‘true’.” And this is said for very good reason.

Ford is an abomination. Its translation is lazy, amateur and inaccurate. He translates words incorrectly, and adds hostile terms and fabricated sentences into the text as Hitlers own words that NEVER appeared in the original.

People really need to take a step back and reevaluate their cherished and stubborn way of thinking when it comes to a book that they allegedly hold to dear. Especially as National Socialists that hold Hitler, Mein Kampf and the National Socialist Weltanschauung very highly. We should have higher standards and want perfection and accuracy with such a work. And outside of the original German, we have such a translation!

The below link [this article] should hopefully explain to you why I say the above. Read it and think upon it.

In response I had this clownworld conversation about the translations, specifically Ford:


I have read the Ford version of Mein Kampf but I think it is good enough for people who do not understand National Socialism or Germany at that time, I understand your opinion and I prefer the Dalton version. But in the Ford version the preface is a good introduction for Normies about Mein Kampf, What I like about the Ford translation is that it explains the real meaning of words like propaganda and how it means public information, In the article it explains how Volk was translated to race but in the Ford version of the book he explained the real meaning of Volk and how it means people or group but will change to race to simplify readers who do not understand the words from that time. I prefer the Dalton version but I think that the Ford version is good enough for people who do not know N. S. I may of read the book without noticing badly translated parts but what I like about Ford is that he clearly states that Mein Kampf is not anti semetic. I think the Ford version is good enough for Normies researching about Mein Kampf, and Dalton version for people actually into National Socialism.


So you think a good introduction to a topic for normies and anyone new to the book is acceptable if it consists of badly translated words, fake terms and fabricated sentences that Hitler never even wrote? Are you being serious?

Sure, build your house on sand mixed with sewage and get people to rent rooms. But what happens to homes built on sand and sewage with a dodgy and less than honourable landlord? It will not last. It’s not going to garner peoples trust if you start out with a lie and they will have absolutely no reason to trust you in the future.

You are National Socialist? If so then you understand the terms honour, decency, truth, etc. This is not it.


I know what you mean but you must understand that stupid people take it the wrong way and sometimes you have to use different words to explain and what I am trying to say is that the Ford translation is good enough for people who do not understand German History at that time or comprehend other N.S. materials, For example the word propaganda means spreading fake information but in this book it explains that it means public information at that time, I said I prefer the Dalton version and I might of passed through the badly translated parts without noticing. And yes I am a N.S.


To normies “the term propaganda means spreading fake information”. True. Which ironically is exactly what Ford does. Great foundation.

I asked a colleague [Winters] about what you had to say and this is what he thought,

“So what he likes about the Ford translation is that it doesn’t do a good job explaining anything Hitler had to say. That’s basically what he said. Yet he contradicts himself by claiming “normies” would read it…But why? What would they be reading Mein Kampf for if not to understand National Socialism and what else Hitler had to say? In that case you should just read Dalton no matter what and admit Ford is trash.

If Dalton is best for understanding National Socialism, then by default that’s the translation you should read. End of story. There’s no point in reading Mein Kampf otherwise, just like there’s no point in reading the bible if you don’t want to read about Christianity. It’s like reading a version of the bible where Christianity doesn’t exist or something. That’s insane.”


Well, you are correct and it is better to read the Dalton translation. it is just my opinion that some particular people might understand the Ford version better.

At this point I gave up.

Also see the video Mark Collectt and the Triggering of 2020 (Bookgate) where he discusses Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Rockwell’s Whire Power and Dr. Duke’s My Awakening. This can be found here.


Outside of Dr. Dalton’s translation? Yes, Weimer = Degenerate!

Dalton is NOW OUT, so there is hope. Purchase a copy today!

The new, 2022 edition offers updates to the original translation and corrects minor errors.
The Dalton translation will become the standard reference for this famous work.
Volume One | Volume Two

I repeat…


Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Dalton Translation. All Editions:
Dual German-English, English, Essential
Photo: Hamilton P. Rudberry
Nov 27 2019





Mein Kampf: Prof. Dr. Thomas Dalton
translation dual German-English editions.



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