“There is nothing more mysterious than blood. Paracelsus saw it as a condensation of light. I believe the Aryan and Hyperborean blood is that, but not the light of the Golden Sun, not of a galactic sun, but of the light of the Black Sun, of the Green Ray.” (Original Spanish: “No hay nada más misterioso que la sangre. Paracelso la consideraba como una condensación de luz. Yo creo que la sangre aria e hiperbórea es eso, pero no de la luz del Sol Dorado, no de un sol galáctico, sino de la luz del Sol Negro, del Rayo Verde.”)

– Don Miguel Serrano, Part One: Memories of the Archetype, The Great War, The Lord of Darkness, from Adolf Hitler, the Last Avatar, Edition: The New Age, Santiago de Chile, 1984. Translated into English by N.L. Sanghrajkara (I Parte: Memorias del Arquetipo, La Gran Guerra, El Señor de las Tinieblas, de Adolf Hitler, el Último Avatãra, Ediciones La Nueva Edad, Santiago de Chile, 1984. Editorial Solar, 1987.)

“All those peoples, tribes, families or castes who know they are the repositories of a legacy, of a mission, of a “divine principle”, are instinctive keepers of their blood, because they “know” that this is where the message is stored and transmitted.” (Original Spanish: “Todos aquellos pueblos, tribus, familias o castas que se saben depositarias de un legado, de una misión, de un «principio divino», son guardadoras instintivas de su sangre, porque «saben» que es allí donde el mensaje se guarda y se transmite.”)

– Miguel Serrano, Memories of Him and Me. Volume I. Appearance of the “I”, Distancing from “Him”. P. 47. First edition (Spanish): 1996 (The New Age, Santiago de Chile). 216 pages. ISBN: 956-272-246-5. Other editions: Solar. Bogotá, 2001. ISBN: 958-8136-15-6. Quote translated to English by N.L. Sanghrajkara (Memorias de Él y Yo. Volumen I. Aparición del “Yo”, Alejamiento de “Él”. Pág. 47. Primera edición (español): 1996 (La Nueva Edad. Santiago de Chile). 216 páginas. ISBN: 956-272-246-5. Otras ediciones: Solar. Bogotá, 2001. ISBN: 958-8136-15-6.)

“The blood is the sacred and mystical link between man and spirit, of flesh and the divine, between mortality and the immortal essence of being – True nature of the Self; the eternal Abyss. Der Meister Guido von List once wrote, “Dein Blut, dein höchstes Gut!” Indeed, the blood is our highest possession, for without the purity of blood, like a tree severed from its roots, our people and consequently our spiritual folk-ways, wither and die. As the Chilean Maestro, explorer and poet Don Miguel Serrano once opined, “There is nothing more mysterious than blood”, and the sacred red key that unlocks the door to the mysteries must be preserved lest that door be closed and lost for all time.”

Sapienti Sat!

N.L. Sanghrajkara



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