Don’t be this person. Don’t spread moronic illegal material. Don’t fedpost. Don’t call for violence. This is what the anti-Whites want you to do. Never go full fedtard. If you see someone do so, ban them, and block them. Do NOT entertain this nonsense either online or in real life. THINK!

Racial Terrorism is NOT the Road to White Victory! by James Harting, November 26th 2012 (alternative link)

Some Notes on Racial Terrorism and White Self-Defense by Martin Kerr, April 6th 2019

Against White Nationalist Terrorism by Dr. Greg Johnson, August 5th 2019

Beyond Hate by Matthias Koehl (alternative link, dated)

Fed posting isn’t a meme by Mark Collett, Telegram, September 21st 2022

We Are National Socialists, Not ‘Nazis’ by Matthias Koehl

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