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Some Notes on Racial Terrorism and White Self-Defense
by Martin Kerr, April 6, 2019

The attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 once again cast the spotlight on the pro-White movement. A lone gunman killed 50 Pakistani worshippers and wounded an equal number. Shortly before his attack, the shooter, Brenton Tarrant, published a lengthy manifesto online describing himself and giving the reasons for his actions. His statement contains the usual points made by White Nationalists in opposition to White Genocide. However, as National Socialists we should note that Tarrant takes special pains to distance himself from our Movement, and that he makes vaguely pro-Jewish noises. We quote from a part of a self-interview contained in the manifesto:

Were/are you a nazi?

No, actual nazis do not exist. They haven’t been a political or social force anywhere in the world for more than 60 years.

Were/are you an anti-semite?

No. A jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.

Were/are you a neo-nazi?

That is a very broad category of people, and the definition is fuzzy at best. So no, I don’t believe so.

We have also heard rumors that he is part Jewish himself and that he has received training in Israel, although we have been unable to substantiate these claims and we remain dubious of them.

In any event, we are happy that he does not consider himself part of our Movement. The NEW ORDER has never advocated any sort of racial terrorism or illegal violence, nor did the ANP/NSWPP before it. We believe that such actions do far more harm to our cause than good.

  • They expose our leaders and activists to legal persecution of a magnitude that could cripple us.
  • They provide pseudo-legal justification for curtailing White racial free speech.
  • They hasten the day when the NEW ORDER and other pro-White groups will be outlawed.
  • They play into the Jewish agenda by portraying us as cowardly, bloodthirsty murderers who cut down innocent, unarmed non-Whites as they pray in their houses of worship.

One alleged benefit of these actions is that they encourage other unstable or undisciplined pro-White elements to launch further pinprick attacks at non-Whites – but these further attacks only exacerbate the above-listed negative effects. It is further claimed that racial terrorism will cause the government to crack down on the White population, which is supposed to lead to massive White discontent that will spark a revolution. But this is just a fantasy based on wishful thinking. In the real world, sporadic racial terrorism only leads to further curtailment of White dissent and the erosion of our First Amendment right to free speech – and it delegitimizes pro-Whites in the eyes of the White population.

We are also told that attacks against non-Whites will result in retaliatory violence against the White population, which is supposed to work in our benefit by heightening racial tensions and sharpening the racial dialectic. But non-Whites are already waging a low-level race-war against Whites every day, and the White population is not responding by fighting back, but instead by collectively cowering.

We understand the cathartic effect that the Christchurch attack and other such incidents have on some racially conscious Whites. Some Whites consider these attacks to be legitimate payback for crimes against White people. It gives them a feel-good moment.

The reality, however, is that racial terrorism a political dead end. Our strategy and tactics must be determined by our intellect, not by our emotions.


We get the feeling when talking to newer recruits to the pro-White cause that some of them believe that racial terrorism as a method of promoting the White Man’s movement began with Dylann Storm Roof in 2015. The reality, however, is that this not a new tactic, the effectiveness of which has yet to be proven. Rather, it is an old tactic, that has failed and failed again over the last 50 years, and which shows no signs of leading to success in the foreseeable future.

Here is a partial, incomplete list of lone wolf actors who have lashed out in racial violence of one sort or another:

  • 1977 – Fred Cowan, member of the National States Rights Party, kills six non-Whites, including his Jewish former boss, in New York.
  • 1977 – 1980 – Paul Joseph Franklin launches a one-man war against anti-Whites. He states that his motive is to incite a race war. He kills between seven and 22 people, and wounds an unknown number more, including Vernon Jordan of the Urban League and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.
  • 1982 – Frank Spisak, a reject from the National Socialist White People’s Party, kills three and wounds two others in a series of attacks in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • 1983-1984 – Robert Mathews forms an underground army to wage guerrilla warfare in the name of the White race. Two people are killed, several buildings are bombed and a number of high-profile robberies are conducted.
  • 1998 – In Jasper, Texas, three White men drag a Negro to death behind their pick-up truck. Their leader explains that they are trying to kick-off a race-war. “We’re starting The Turner Diariesearly,” he says.
  • 1999 – Buford Furrow attacks a Jewish daycare center in Los Angeles,  wounding five. He later kills an Asian mailman.
  • 1999 – Benjamin Smith, a member of the Church of the Creator, kills two and wounds 10 over the Fourth of July weekend.
  • June 2009 – Former naval commander James von Brunn attacks the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, killing a Black security guard. His motive is to spark an anti-Jewish uprising.
  • August 2012 – Wade Page, a so-called “neo-Nazi skinhead,” kills six and wounds four in an attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.
  • April 2014 – Glenn Miller, former Klansmen and former leader of the White Patriot Party, kills three non-Jews on attacks on Jewish centers in Kansas City, in the mistaken belief that his victims are Jewish. He has visions of starting a race war.
  • June 2015 – Dylann Storm Roof kills nine and wounds one in Charleston, SC. His manifesto claims that he is trying to provoke Black violence against Whites to start a race war.
  • October 2018 – Robert Bowers kills 11 Jews and wounds six more in an attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa.

In addition, we should also mention Timothy McVeigh. Although he was not strictly a racial terrorist, he was inspired at least in part by The Turner Diaries. He kills 168 and injures 680 in the 1995 bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City. He says his motive is to spark a revolution.

These are just the lone wolf attackers. More significant racial terrorism was committed by the White Knights of Mississippi and the United Klans of America during resistance to Federally-imposed Negro rights efforts in the South in the 1960s. Numerous Blacks, Jews and White traitors were killed, and various buildings used as anti-White headquarters were bombed.

None of the above did any good in advancing the pro-White cause. In every instance, the blowback from the attacks did more harm to the movement than any putative good. Even in the South, where there was an established organizational infrastructure for White resistance and a certain level of support among the White population for the Klan, racial terrorism was unsuccessful. In fact, it hastened the destruction of the White political power structure throughout the South.

The record is clear and unmistakable: racial terrorism has never worked as a vehicle for advancing a pro-White agenda.


Yet, we National Socialists are by no means pacifists, and we do not reject violence as a matter of principle.

We have always insisted on our right to self-defense, both in repelling assaults made on us at public demonstrations and in defending our headquarters and homes. Our motto in this respect has been, “Our enemies start the fight – and we finish it!”

We also support the right of White self-defense in general. All Aryans have exactly the same right to self-protection that we National Socialists claim for ourselves.

More broadly, we can foresee future scenarios in which White people will be compelled to take up arms in collective racial self-defense. We have seen the general breakdown of society in urban areas caused by Black rioting. Such outbreaks have usually been limited to Black ghettoes and few Whites have been jeopardized by them. However, in 2005 a Category 5 hurricane struck New Orleans, and there was a widespread, systematic collapse of organized society throughout most of the city. Eventually the National Guard was sent in to stabilize the situation. But what would happen if there was a general societal breakdown that occurred simultaneously in many different cities? What if the National Guard were not available? In the absence of governmental protection, Whites as a collective entity would be completely justified in resorting to violence to defend themselves, their families and their communities.

Such a day may be far off, and as long as society holds together, we should live within its laws. But if or when the circumstances arise for Whites to take up arms in a racial struggle, the first people to be called to account should not be elderly Negro church ladies or random Pakistanis – or even ancient Jews worshipping in their synagogue. Rather, the first ones who should be called to answer for crimes against our people are White race traitors. These loathsome creatures are our primary enemy as a folk. They are the inner weakness within our people, a racial Trojan Horse. We cannot deal with our external enemies until our inner enemies have been vanquished.

For the time being, however, our external efforts should be concentrated on in spreading the Good Word of Adolf Hitler far and wide among the White population. Internally, we should focus on building and strengthening the NEW ORDER as a National Socialist community. In this manner, we will find ourselves in the strongest possible position when the inevitable racial storm does break loose.


This is an expanded version of an editorial that first appeared in NEW ORDER UPDATE Number 10 (April 2019). The NOU is an internal print newsletter issued by the NEW ORDER.


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