The following is an edited quote from a collection of Hans Schemm’s speeches from the book, Hans Schemm spricht: Seine Reden und sein Werk. For a more complete translation of the article it features in please see the link in the citation at the end of this quote.


“… What speaks to me, what drives me on, is the voice of my blood, the language of my race. Adolf Hitler raised race, the eternal foundation of the German, from the unconscious to consciousness. Adolf Hitler recognized race as that which is eternal. . .

We thank the Creator that after long, long centuries of searching in vain for the correct worldview, for the proper foundation, the Führer brought our people to this knowledge. Many came before, many prophets arose. It remained for Adolf Hitler to make this knowledge the common property of the people. . .

Until today, we had not established racial roots. When we attempted to understand race, no one came along to take us further. We lived, as it were, on the surface of nationalist understanding, never going any deeper. We were always unsteady, and had to endure the fourteen post-war years. During this period, one attempted to twist racial thinking into internationalism and religious longing, Christianity into Bolshevist materialistic atheism. But that is the path into the abyss. . .

Without Adolf Hitler, we would have sunk into death. . .

Many opponents of National Socialism accuse us of racial materialism, since race is in the blood and blood is physical. Yes, blood is physical, but not physical in the false materialistic sense, but in the sense of home and earth and racial value. They, however, are eternal sacraments.

The concept of blood does not simply mean looking at its physical nature from a racial standpoint, but also at what is connected to German blood with regards to intellectual and spiritual values. Blood is the symbol of our racial soul; the racial soul is something purely spiritual. Blood is thus both something physical and metaphysical at the same time, connecting us to the earth, to family, and to people as a God-ordained whole.

We know that there is a blood that is not material, but yet has within itself the very essence of life. That is spiritual life, the blood of the German people that has flowed through the German people for centuries and millennia, expressing the longing of the German in spiritual and philosophical ways, like that of Faust, which always come to expression.

Physical blood in the racial sense and this spiritual stream of life are always deeply bound to each other. There is a deep connection between physical and spiritual things, between body and soul. They cannot be separated. We demand that the spirit, intellect, and character rule the body, however. Only then is life healthy. We are therefore absolutely correct when we focus our German people first on the importance of a healthy race. If one recognizes this spiritual racial nature, proper conduct will of necessity follow with respect to the blood of the physical race that is bound to it.

The impact of race depends on the morals of a people. Morality is obedience to the laws of blood. One can see a people’s morals as its racial memory. Woe to that people that loses its racial memory, that denies its morals. Morality is an expression of commonality in feeling, will, thinking, and understanding, not a matter of the individual, but of the entire people. When we demand that one follow Germanic morality and customs, that is nothing but an affirmation by us of our people’s God-given race.

I cannot imagine anything greater than the concepts of race and soul, which are bound together inextricably. Race and soul are the foundation of our National Socialist worldview. We could also say physical and spiritual, or people and God.

Blood is the tie that holds us together on earth as a God-ordained whole. We see this race and the maintenance of racial purity, as well as the preservation of our German, Nordic, Aryan race as obedience to a natural law for humanity. And nature’s laws are God’s laws. Race is God-ordained. Each sin against racial purity is a sin against God’s will and the created order. If we fail honor our blood, we sin against the will of God; to serve our race, to maintain its purity, is to fulfill God’s will. To ignore blood, to fail to hear the voice of blood, to fail to respect race, is to destroy that instrument given to us by the creator of the world to enable us to hold our own in the cosmos.

From the point of view of our racial organism, no thought, no idea of National Socialism is in conflict with the laws and harmony of the cosmos. For the first time, our whole racial organism affirms its own blood and the relationship of its community of blood with the environment. National Socialism is nothing other than a seeking after this last and eternal source of strength.

The creator of the world created the races according to his will, and everything that is follows the great paths ordained by God.

The racial human being is the product of God’s creation, the only way through which God works his will in a child. Pure race is the way through which providence works on us. The purer and cleaner humans correspond to the will of God, the more clearly God’s will and nature are reflected in them. Just as a clean and well-tuned instrument produces clear notes, which is why one can play best on a properly tuned violin, the nature of the creator is best seen in instruments that have remained true to what God ordains, in racially pure human beings who give it the clearest, soundest, most glorious expression. Only if we affirm racial thinking on earth, only if we have not ruined the instrument necessary to receive divine vibrations, will we be one with the laws of nature, with the cosmos, with God!

The highest divine command, and the most important task of a race on this earth, is to understand and incorporate into itself the eternal harmonies of the universe, along with the more immediate laws governing landscapes and neighbors.

For the first time, Adolf Hitler made a whole people receptive to cosmic influences. As our German people drinks in ever more deeply those eternal harmonies, it will be ever more able in coming years, decades, and centuries to develop and form its life and actions in ways consistent with the nature of the cosmos.”

– Hans Schemm, Hans Schemm Speaks: His Speeches and Writings, Ch. I, Race, pp. 4-25, 1935 [G. Kahl-Furthmann (ed.), Hans Schemm spricht: Seine Reden und sein Werk (Bayreuth: Gauverlag Bayerische Ostmark, 1935)]. Spelling error corrections in the original translation by Henry L. Wilcox. A fuller translation of this book can be read here.



“Each sin against racial purity is a sin against God’s will and the created order.” (Original German: “Jede Dersündigung gegen die Rassenreinheit ist eine Dersündigung gegen Gottes Willen und gegen die Schöpsungsordnung.”) Larger image.


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