In 2020 quite a stir arose in the White ethno-Nationalist movement – Mark Collett recommended three books everyone should read; these were Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, White Power by Cmdr. George Lincoln Rockwell, and My Awakening by Dr. David Duke, Ph.D.

The following is a video compilation of the whole saga – Mark Collett, bookgate and much more.

This video compilation was originally published on April 25th 2020 elsewhere by someone and since deleted.

The creator at the time stated: “I have just created this video splicing together Mark Collett’s excellent and rational answers to ‘The Great Triggering of 2020’ (Bookgate) which was caused by “those 3 books”. For the record, I am NOT a Neo-Nutzi. I am an English National Socialist and I fully support Mark and PA. A neo-Nutzi (as opposed to a National Socialist) is a Jewish Hollywood caricature of Aryan National Socialism based on race-hate (which is counter to National Socialism), drinking and degenerate music; a Jewish distortion and corruption sold to the sheeple and adopted by the gullible and naïve. Read the chapter False Salvation: The Hollywood Nazi from ‘The Fall of Western Man‘ by Mark Collett”