The Fable of the Ducks & the Hens: A Dramatic Saga of Intrigue, Propaganda & Subversion
by George Lincoln Rockwell (1959). A new reading by Daughter of Albion.

Presented in the form of a fable, the story tells how Duckville’s easy-going ducks had their happy lives ruined by an influx of pushy, scheming hens. This edition is illustrated with over forty color panels. Rockwell’s witty, allegorical poem makes highly entertaining reading for older children and adults alike, and the superb color illustrations only add to the pleasure.

This is a superbly illustrated comic-book edition of George Lincoln Rockwell’s famous poem. Older children and adults alike will be captivated by this tale, with illustrations by ‘Leonardo’ which wonderfully capture the facial expressions of the characters. Not only is it an allegory of modern times, it is valuable educationally, for its depth and wide vocabulary. It can be read over and over again.

* Alternative video here.

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