Regardless of who it is that denies the righteousness of purity spiralling, and no matter how much you may respect or admire such a person or organisation, the truth is that for simply rejecting this fundamental ideological standpoint they should be absolutely and unashamedly shunned, treated as an outcast and rejected without hesitation or a seconds thought.

It has been said that,

“Purity spiralling in the modern world kills movements. Now that the left are banning normie TV programmes like Little Britain and Fawlty Towers, millions of people are being turned off to their cause that would have otherwise not cared. As soon as you lecture people on the entertainment they are allowed to enjoy and the things they aren’t, you lose them.”[1]

Yes, because the people we want to align with are the sort that only give a damn once their favourite TV shows get shoah’d.

Do we want to have our backs covered by these dregs that only get off the sofa to fetch another beer or check the latest TV guide listings?

Do we want our children’s future to be even remotely in the hands of this sort of degenerate mentality?

Healthy minded people will say no, and those of us with children will say hell no and reject this out of hand.

Only those that want to dilute and compromise complain about purity spiralling. They are either the simple minded and naïve folk who think they are doing things for the best or infiltrating enemy subversives – Jews or White Jews.[2]

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purity spiralling. Zero Tolerance and quality over quantity is the answer to the question every time.

As the ‘Godfather of British National Socialism’, Colin Jordan once said, 

“Quit compromise in the futile pursuit of electoral victory and instead put quality above quantity in the pursuit of a seizure of power.”[3]

Mark Collett has said similar things in regards to no compromise[4], victory[5] and the fundamental principle of victory as has colin Jordan.[6]

D.W. Myatt once stated,

“Decadence is the abandonment of standards and a levelling-down. It is the pursuit of the common in place of the striving to reach a higher level. Decadence is the wallowing in the transient. But perhaps most of all, on the individual level, decadence is lack of real character. Decadence elevates cleverness, ‘education’ and intellectual pretension over and above experience, courage and heroism. Decadence elevates self-indulgence above self-discipline. Decadence denigrates duty, honour and loyalty. Decadence affirms those things which those of weak character espouse – pacifism, peace, equality, ‘harmony’, inter-racial ‘love’. Decadence is materialistic – it mocks idealism, the numinous, and the profound, and in place of the aesthetic of beauty, it champions the ugly and the banal. Decadence is, fundamentally, a manifestation of what is weak, shallow, pretentious and vain. It is the philosophy, and the aesthetics, of the coward.”[7]

H.W. Göring once commented,

“To be true, we are fanatics, for nothing big can be achieved without fanaticism . . . Yes, we were white-hot with a fanatical love for our people. But we were fanatical too in our hatred of those who were destroying it.”[8]

A final quote follows, but it is highly recommended the reading of the whole publication is made in full to fully understand and comprehend in totality why we take the stance that we do regarding purity spiralling and the twisted worm-tongues that denounce it.

“We are chided by the compromisers for “purity spiralling,” as if it is an insult to uphold the purity of Truth… The Truth is that 2+2 is 4, and we are intolerant of the liars who claim that 2+2 is 6, and we will never compromise with them by ‘agreeing to disagree’ or ‘agreeing to meet them in the middle’ on 2+2 being 5… Cosmic Truth is at the core… Why do people consistently dilute the truth for their own gain, or for the gain of followers who are not attracted to the truth, but instead a version of it shrouded with falsehoods? Zero Tolerance speaks of Truth, deviation from Truth, and Falsehoods in a purely objective sense. It becomes critical of the Alt-Right and similar categories in their supposed passion of truth, dismantles it, and throws it back in their face as nothing more than… falsehood. It seeks to impart this objectivity upon the reader in every aspect of their life, to see life through a cold, clinical, or even mathematical lens where no deviation is possible.”[9]


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Image below regarding note 1.