It is plainly understood to those that are cast in the Zionist Control Matrix (ZCM) propaganda mill as hateful racists, supremacists and bigots (although their are those whom hate ignorantly) that those of us who truly love diversity are the ones whom strive to pursue ethnic-tribalism and racial separatism but also cooperation and mutual aid, which, contrary to media lies, involves no hate at all but unadulterated love of all cultures and wishes to see them continue into the distant future. It is also plainly clear to those that are not blinded by the egalitarian politically correct and blinkered liberal mindset that those whom promote diversity through multiculturalism are the real racists, haters and bigots because they are the ones whom wish to destroy the beautiful and unique cultures of the world in order to create a single grey monoculture devoid of any ‘true’ diversity and beauty. Of course, if you wish to embrace multiculturalism then you should be free to do so, but this should not be forced upon those that wish to opt-out and pursue their own way of life as long as it is equally not forced upon those that do not wish it for themselves.

“Miscegenation, or ‘race-mixing’, means the destruction of the diversity and difference which Nature has produced. It is thus anti-evolutionary and therefore inhuman because it will destroy what Nature has taken hundreds of thousands of years to evolve – our unique human species, and the different races within it.

To continue to evolve – to continue to express our humanity – what Nature has produced must be nurtured and used as the foundation to create more evolution. This means preserving the unique races of our species, and developing those races in an evolutionary or eugenic way. This development will result in more difference and diversity, in more highly evolved races, and thus will continue those things which make us unique and human.

Anything other than this is anti-evolutionary, inhuman, and against Nature, and will assuredly undermine and then destroy our very humanity.

To be human means to be aware of this diversity and difference, and to act humanely means to preserve and extend further this diversity and difference.

Regardless of what the various propagandists for profane egalitarian causes may say or write, those who seek to preserve and extend our unique human races are acting humanely and because they deserve to respect what is sacred. Only by preserving and then building upon the foundation which are these unique races can we, as a species, evolve further and thus maintain our humanity.

Anything which undermines or destroys these races is inhuman and anti-evolutionary. Whatever the social importance or otherwise of these racial differences and our racial diversity, the fact is that this racial difference and diversity is our unique heritage, as human beings: they have made us what we are, and they express who we are. We should celebrate this difference and diversity, and not seek to destroy it. By celebrating, upholding and extending, this racial difference and diversity, we are celebrating, upholding and aiding the cosmic Being itself – we are respecting and revering what is sacred, and acting in accord with the divine will of the cosmos.

Today, on this planet, the rich diversity and difference of our own species is under threat as more and more individuals show a disrespect of what is sacred and divine. These individuals ignore or do not understand how the cosmos has, through the processes of Nature which are evolution, brought about this glorious diversity and difference. Our own unique races, brought about by the cosmos – and the unique cultures these races have evolved – are being destroyed by the destructive, profane, policies of a dogmatic race-mixing ideology, and by the destructive power of a profane consumer globalism.

These races of ours need saving and preserving just as much as the diversity and difference of Nature’s other creations, be such creations animal species, plant species, trees or whatever. Our first priority should be to save our own unique races from extinction and destruction.

Life on this planet is special because of its abundant diversity and difference.”

– David W. Myatt, The Religion of National-Socialism (Third Updated Edition, 114yf)


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