True Shoes vs. Jew Shoes: A Word to the non-Racial Kinsman
by Hans Immelmann
Resistance Magazine, Winter 2003, Issue #20. pp. 41-44.


What follows is. . . one racialist’s attempt to explain the racialist position to the non-racial White.

Sprinkled with sarcastic humor, the piece also hits on most of the main issues racialists are concerned about.





True Shoes vs. Jew Shoes: A Word to the non-Racial Kinsman
by Hans Immelmann

Introduction: We have all experienced the frustration with arguing with fellow Whites—non-racial Whites—about the ideas that are important to us: our gene pool, the Jews, alien immigration, and a White homeland. This article is an attempt to explain some of our ideas to non-racial Whites. Although we understand that most Resistance readers do not fall into the target audience, this piece may help some of us better articulate our position to others.

          You seem to enjoy calling me names: racist, hater, fascist, neo-Nazi, and the like. It’s all right; I’m used to it by now, but you should know that I have heard those names uttered so many times that I have become de-sensitized to them.

I admit that I’ve done my fair share of name-calling. When one of our kinsmen of your persuasion has sufficiently stoked my anger, I have loosed my tongue: “traitor,” “sheep,” “boob,” along with some others I’d rather not repeat here. For the record: I apologize. With a few exceptions — specifically, except for those who consciously betray our people — I don’t mean for it to be personal. I understand that most Whites simply go along with the crowd, and if a stick-in-the-mud like me shows up, they only abuse me because they think that’s what the crowd would do. Maybe you are one of the herd, at the moment. Nearly all of us were, at one time or another, but you need not stay there.

Anyway, I’d like to show you the world from my point of view, to invite you to walk a mile in my shoes. If you want, I’d be glad to walk a mile in your shoes, but not today because we’re short on time, and I doubt you’d be able to show me much that is new and interesting. You see, I walked in shoes just like yours for over half my life, and when I took them off and put my new ones on, here’s what I noticed…

When I had my old shoes on, my feet were blistered, as if the shoes didn’t fit properly. None of the roads I walked on had smooth and solid surfaces. None of them were straight. The scenery by the roadside was ugly; there was garbage in the gutter. In the air was chaotic and dissonant noise that jangled one’s nerves. And there was no feeling of belonging, no teamwork. Most people wandered around aimlessly; the few who were going somewhere had set out on their own and were working only for their own well-being, each going in a different direction.

During all of my formative years I wore those shoes. It never bothered me that my feet were blistered; everyone’s feet were blistered. That was just how feet were. The roads seemed fine. I had never known “smooth,” “solid,” and “straight.” I had never experienced them, and neither had anyone around me. The scenery wasn’t ugly; it was simply there. I was never conscious of the garbage in the gutter; it was just a part of my world. Having experienced neither profound silence nor beautiful music, the eternal dissonance went almost unnoticed in the background. And it never occurred to me that groups of people would even think to set common goals and work toward those goals as a team, so that both the individual and the team had the chance to improve, to become winners together.

Well, by whatever combination of factors, some under my control and some not, I managed to remove those shoes and put on my own. And the view is different, clearer. I now can distinguish whole from blistered, smooth from rough, solid from tenuous, straight from crooked, beautiful from ugly, treasure from garbage, and music from noise. I know the difference between a life of purpose and a meaningless existence.

Today, I can recognize these opposites, and I choose the former in each case. Perhaps you fail to understand White racialists because you can’t yet distinguish straight from crooked, or beautiful from ugly. Come: borrow my shoes, for a minute.

In my shoes, your most important short-term goal is White living space. That is, we wish to acquire several large land masses that will be inhabited solely by White people. All of the conflict we witness today between the races in our society would disappear. There would be no affirmative action, no racial profiling, no “English as a Second Language” students in our schools, no hate crimes, no quotas, no dumbing-down of our academic standards, and no million-other-things that accompany racial integration. Eventually, our plans are far bigger than that, and they deal with us improving the average genetic material of each subsequent generation of our people. That is, our plans involve true progress toward better and higher life. But, first things first.

In my shoes, you don’t want this living space in a vicious and violent sort of way. We racialists have no real desire or need to kill people. If we can secure White living space peacefully, we will.

In my shoes, you are perplexed when people weep and tear out their hair about how horrible White racists are. We who are willing to fight for the freedom of our people see nothing wrong with wanting and having a White homeland in which White people can be White people.

In my shoes, you notice that our critics want to take the various races, each with its own traits and talents, and interbreed them all, thereby destroying what the Creator — or God, or Nature, or whatever you want to call it — has created over a very long period of time. This is absolute lunacy.

In my shoes, you constantly see starry-eyed dreamers getting all choked up as they say in breathless tones: “But interracial breeding doesn’t destroy; it makes new and beautiful creations.” Careful observation of the mongrels in our midst is enough to convince us of the folly of that statement — we don’t find them to be beautiful — but, if you remain skeptical, hop back into your shoes for a second and take the following course of action:

The next time you and the relatives are at Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, try this little experiment. After filling your plate, excuse yourself from the table and ask Grandma if you may use her electric blender. Take your plateful of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, a dinner roll, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes, and dump the whole works into the blender. Throw in the cherry jello with fruit floating in it, if Granny made any. Plop in your share of the pumpkin pie and a big dollop of real whipped cream, one glass of milk, and one glass of red wine. Blend on high for one minute, and add salt and pepper to taste. Then, suit yourself: spoon or straw! Who needs teeth anyway?

The analogy is silly, I know, but the picture is meant to be simple. Mixing the races destroys them. And honestly, I can’t conceive of a thought more hateful than wanting to mess up the work of the Creator; a deed more evil than actively promoting the destruction of that work; or a behavior more irresponsible than standing idly by while that work is destroyed. No one at the Thanksgiving dinner table will say that your amalgamated food is “new and beautiful.” For her part, Grandma the Creator will bludgeon you into a bloody mess with a waffle iron, if she can remember what cupboard it’s in.

In my shoes, you are befuddled that people call you a “hater.” For us, “hating” means destroying Nature. On the contrary, we try to uphold — and live in accord with — the laws of Nature.

In my shoes, you are told repeatedly that you lack respect for yourself and others. We don’t see it that way at all. We have the utmost respect for what Nature created: the order in the universe, the beauty of the Earth, and the uniqueness of Earth’s many varied life forms. We respect wisdom, integrity, honor, courage, good will, and truthfulness. We respect ourselves enough to stand up for honesty, decency, sane government, and our standards and way of life, unlike the intelligent White egalitarians who have so little respect for themselves that they habitually cave in at the drop of a hat whenever challenged by a non-White. What these White wimps perceive to be a healthy respect for diversity is merely their lack of respect for their own integrity coupled with a subconscious instinct to be fashionable.

In my shoes, you acknowledge that the majority of “respectable” White businessmen come up short on respect. They pillage the environment, doing only the bare minimum in the way of conservation and pollution control to keep from getting sued or thrown in jail. They cheat their customers and sully what remains of their honor to make a fast buck. They fall all over each other to hire non-Whites, and the very wealthy ones establish scholarship programs exclusively for aliens. These businessmen consistently choose money over blood, proving that they have no respect for their ancestors, to whom they owe everything — their intelligence, their abilities, their very existence.

In my shoes, you know that to attempt to associate politicians with the concept of respect is complete nonsense. Only neo-communist university professors, to whom rational thought is a farce, can discuss the two topics simultaneously without vomiting or going into convulsions.

In my shoes, you realize — perhaps for the first time — that it is our enemies the Jews who have the greatest deficiency in the respect department. Do they respect children? Through television and movies, they peddle the lowest order of filth and perversion to them. Do they respect White people? They do everything in their considerable power to turn us into shortsighted, greedy materialists. They skim money off the top of our economies, and — in the U.S. — they get us to send more than $10 million a day to Israel, a country that struts around on stolen land in the Middle East giving the whole world the finger. They have fomented bloody wars, pitting White nation against White nation, and always manipulating those wars so that all White nations lose and their own people win. Through their influence in our government, they flood our nations with aliens who don’t fit and who fragment our society, destroying our racial/national team spirit. Every day through their media, they tell us in a thousand different ways that White equals guilt, that White equals evil, that White equals remorse and repentance, that White men and White women are natural enemies, and that the surest way to purge one’s transgressions is to romance and bed a non-White.

Do the Jews even respect non-Whites? The Palestinians would have something to say about that, certainly. The Black masses that were used to tear down the White civilizations in southern Africa have served their purpose and are now forgotten by their Jewish cheering section. Today, 99% of those Blacks are more enslaved and impoverished than they ever were when White men managed those countries. And the writings of the Jews — from the Talmud and the Bible to the more modern commentary of today — are filled with both subtle and brazen statements that leave no doubt as to the Jews’ true opinion of all of the non-Jewish world.

But also, in my shoes, you are forced to admit that there is some validity to the media’s claims about our lack of respect. We have no respect for con artists, liars, hypocrites, turncoats, grovelers, cowards, backstabbers, weaklings, and fair weather friends. We have no respect for money, aside from how it can be used to further our ideals.

And, in my shoes, you understand that those ideals relate to us, not to others. We are not interested in others; for now, we want White nations where our people will be left alone. On their own turf, as long as they pose no danger to our folk, we will leave the dark races to their own business. The great majority of us White racialists have no animosity per se toward non-Whites, but neither will we tolerate anything that acts to destroy us. And when we observe events that will inevitably lead to our extinction if they are not halted and reversed — and when we read the gleeful words of the Jews and realize that they are doing what they are on purpose — anger wells up in all of us, in some of us more than in others.

This is why the music that many young racialists listen to includes a large portion of nastiness and violence, although you’d be surprised at the number and quality of the songs that include no such references. These young people are frustrated at the way our people are being abused, especially because they understand that the criminals behind these abuses are not being called to account.

Perhaps, in your own shoes, you believe us to be irrational haters. This is understandable, since the mass media, the government, the schools, and the churches keep up the anti-White barrage 24/7. In my shoes, you would view yourself as a rational person who looks reality in the face, who draws the painful but honest conclusions from the facts, and who makes decisions based on what is best in the long run, rather than on making people happy in the short run. “Happy” is shallow; “nice” is shallow. We don’t think in terms of “happy” or “nice.” We think in terms of “doing the right thing,” and with this comes an incredible feeling of fulfillment.

Surely, you have other objections. “What about colonialism and slavery? Aren’t they proof of the evils of White racism?” you ask. While it is true that the vast majority of Africans were already in bondage to their own kinsmen before White men arrived and therefore experienced no change in status as a result of the change in management — although the improvements in food production, sanitation, and law and order did make a noticeable difference in the life of the average Black — we will say this: Many times in the past, White men wrongly weighted economic considerations more heavily than racial ones. We have learned that lesson; we want a society in which we will do all of the work ourselves. History has shown that a society with a non-White servant class and a White master class does not last. We will not permit such a society, since we are building for eternity.

You believe, of course, that the so-called Holocaust is your ace in the hole, the ultimate weapon that completely invalidates our ideals. “Nothing shows more clearly that racism is evil and that the Jews were innocent victims of the German National Socialists,” you say. The so-called Holocaust is a large topic, but the essential truth is this: What happened to the Jews of Europe during the period 1941-1945 had nothing to do with exterminating the Jewish people. There was no plan to do so. No individual attempted to do so. Although there is no question that many Jews died — perhaps as many as several hundred thousand — the “six million” figure is a complete fabrication. Compare the writings of mainstream authors to those of revisionist authors, and you will discover that the revisionists are just honest men in search of the truth. Honestly, I am not trying to rub this in your face; I’m simply telling you that the facts are on my side. Check them out, if you have the guts, but if you lack the courage to find out the whole truth about the so-called Holocaust, then at least muster up the decency to keep your mouth shut about something you know nothing about.

But the most important fact today is that the Jews wield the biggest stick in determining the facts and ideas that you are exposed to. They certainly have the minds of the masses under lock and key. With this power, they lie to you about the so-called Holocaust. They tell you that the races are equal, that all people are the same except for skin color. They promote feminism, open borders, homosexuality, and miscegenation. They bombard the traditional values of our people at every opportunity, often using humor to make White ideals appear foolish and old-fashioned. In every way, even in spiritual matters, they pollute our very thoughts.

But they are not content to pervert our thoughts, twist the truth, and ridicule the ideals that allowed our people to develop into explorers, adventurers, poets, scientists, artists, and the rest of the movers and shakers of the world. In my shoes, you are forced to conclude that they wish to destroy us physically. Witness what they have done just since the end of the Second World War. With their hands on the reins of our finances and our media — and with the bought politicians in their pockets — they are quickly turning every White country into a stinking, multiracial cesspool of confusion and conflict, in which the percentage of White people is in a nosedive. This slow asphyxiation of our race is being conducted deliberately, and the Jews are overseeing it, using their media power to manage it, pushing it faster or slower, depending on the popular mindset of the goyim — meaning “human cattle” — as they so respectfully refer to us.

In my shoes, you summarize the history of the interaction between our people and the Jews as follows: The Jews interfere in our business, sticking their very large noses where they don’t belong; they (the Jews themselves, not their very large noses) gain a position of advantage — both in wealth and power — relative to the Gentile hosts; and our people eventually get sick of it and kick the Jews out. Nearly every nation that has come into contact with the Jews has given them the boot in the ass at least once. This fact, of course, provides them with the perfect rationale for sniffling about persecution, but if they would simply leave other peoples alone, all of the persecution that supposedly wounds their tender little hearts would vanish.

The list of Jewish transgressions against our people is very long indeed. Now, not every racialist is as warm and fuzzy as I am, so I can’t speak for the rest of the freedom fighters of the White race, but let me go on record here by saying that I am willing to forgive the Jews all of their transgressions against us if they will immediately carry out a total Jewish exodus from every White nation on Earth. Furthermore, they must live outside the White world forever, and must never meddle in the affairs of the White race again: physically, economically, or in the realm of ideas, both secular and religious. In my shoes, you say that this is a very generous offer, given the Jews’ involvement in everything that weakens our people: communism, feminism, “diversity” propaganda, destruction of racial immigration barriers, corporate theft, White slavery, and much more. No rational individual could seriously argue with the fairness of my offer.

The hardened, veteran racialists among us laugh at this modest proposal. They know that the Jews will never willingly relinquish any control they have over us. They know that the only way to get them off our backs is to tear them off and throw them out. And deep down, I too know this, or at least — if history has taught us anything — it is clearly the most probable scenario.

The offer merely says to the Jews, in essence: “For your own good and for ours, take your possessions and leave our countries peacefully now. Make good lives for yourselves elsewhere. If you stay, you run the future risk of a substantial number of our people — and not without some justification — blaming you for ruining their countries. The situation could destabilize, and anything could happen.” We’re just laying the cards on the table, trying to be up-front with the Jews. If our people are forced into a corner, we will have no choice but to do whatever we must in an attempt to save ourselves.

In my shoes, you know that we envision a world of beauty and progress in which the White people in a homogeneous society understand one another and work together to promote the well-being of the society. We demand a White government whose sole purpose is to protect, nurture, and elevate the society, and White media that actively promote the best and highest values that our people have held up as the ideal for thousands of years.

I’m sorry if I took up too much of your time. Really, I’m not trying to convert you to my way of thinking. When you finally become convinced that it is okay for White people to stand up for their own survival, I want it to happen when you are ready for it, in your own time and on your own terms.

By the way, those shoes you’re wearing? We call them “Jew Shoes.” I know, it is so stereotypical of us to bring the Jews into everything, but the enormity of the Jewish influence in the Western world today is so mind-boggling that it cannot be grasped unless you study and reflect upon the facts for a period of months or even years. At least, that’s the view you get in my shoes, which I call “True Shoes.”

So, what will it be: True Shoes or Jew Shoes? Stay in your Jew Shoes for a while longer, if you want, just to show everyone that you aren’t going to let your belief system implode from a single reading of lofty-sounding rhetoric from a confirmed racist like me. If you are an honest White person, though, be on the lookout for those Jew Shoes not fitting as well as they used to. Go ahead: take them off every once in a while when nobody’s looking, just for fun; you can always put them back on and scurry back to the herd for warmth. But you know what? If you manage to get those babies off for good, it’s a whole, new ballgame. There is hard work and pain involved in wearing True Shoes, but it’s worth it. Good luck, kinsman!


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