(Editor’s note: As this book [National Socialism: Vanguard of the Future (Selected Writings of Colin Jordan)] was being produced, the publisher received word from Colin Jordan that his premises in Yorkshire had been raided by the police. Various political literature was seized, including the nearly complete manuscript of the author’s upcoming book Merrie England 2000. The raid, which took place on June 4, 1991, was instigated by Gerald Kaufman, Member of Parliament, on the spurious allegation that Colin Jordan had been sending him anti-Semitic “hate mail”. The following is a letter subsequently sent to Mr. Kaufman by Mr. Jordan, which we thought would make a fitting conclusion to this volume.)



Gerald Kaufman M.P.
House of Commons
Westminster London


I have been informed by Detective Inspector T.W. Storey of the Harrogate Police that you have laid a complaint against me, alleging that I have sent you a label bearing a cartoon depicting “Uncle Sam” exhorting people to fight for Israel in the recent Middle-East War.

This allegation, as I have informed the Harrogate Police, is an untrue, malicious and mischievous one; and I have accordingly laid a complaint against you on this score.

I am of course well aware of your devious purpose behind this stratagem of false complaint. You believe that, while lurking cosily in the background, you can by means of your status as an M.P., and by the alien and misbegotten provisions of Part III of the 1986 Public Order Act so long and so feverishly agitated for by your kind, bring about a Soviet-style intrusion into my home, and thereby a search for and seizure of my property out of which you hope that some case may be concocted against me and some sort of punishment inflicted on me. Fearing the truth of what I say, you seek to silence me in this tyrannical fashion.

Masquerading in the garments of “freedom and democracy,” you and your kind are in fact entirely averse to facing in open and fair controversy any case against the Jewish community in this country of which you are a prominent member.

Instead, you have for years been conspiring to take away from Englishmen their ancient freedom of expression as far as it concerns the Jews, agitating for first one new law and then another to prohibit and penalise such expression in the pretence that it is “racial hatred.”

Even with the repressive provisions of the current Public Order Act, you are still not satisfied, and want more, from which it is perfectly apparent that you will never be content until any and all comment on the Jews which is unfavourable is rendered illegal.

In all these endeavours detrimental to English freedom, you and your kind are in fact the most potent cause of the very “anti-Semitism” which you purport to combat, and of this I firmly accuse you here and now; since by those endeavours you will sooner or later, naturally and assuredly, create bitter resentment among more and more people who otherwise might well remain untouched by literature and speeches from my side.

“Hatred” – hatred against those like myself who dare to continue to criticise and condemn you and your kind – is an emotion you and your kind must be well acquainted with through your own plentiful manifestation of it in your campaign for suppression.

You yourself will perhaps be best qualified to discern how far this emanates from the teachings of your Talmud, and how far the current and continuing distribution of this piece of literature with its many and varied vicious references to Gentiles can well be said to contravene Part III of the Public Order Act 1986; although of course you will have no fear of any enforcement of that Part of that Act against your community by authorities so subservient to your community.

Conceivably through the elaborate espionage apparatus of your community you have already come to know that I have reached a draft stage with a book entitled Merrie England 2000, outlining the hideous shape of things to come in this country, given the ascendancy of such as you; and that therefore this is why this manuscript was with special seal removed by the Police for your protection and comfort.

Be certain, however, that it will be re-drafted if necessary, even if it be ultimately honoured by being scheduled as one of the banned books of Britain!

That, as pretext, you should have complained about the precise item of literature you have done is revealing regarding the arrogant pretensions of you and your kind. The cartoon on it cites two foreign countries, one of them Israel, and in no way refers to the Jews in Britain in any derogatory manner. Unless it is that you identify yourself with one of those foreign countries, Israel, you cannot claim to be involved.

As far as my knowledge goes you have been careful so far not so to identify yourself, but, if you do now come out in the open and so identify, I wish you good speed in implementing that identification by your permanent departure for Israel!

Failing that, you might remember that the Expulsion of the Jews by our good King Edward the First to the universal joy of the nation in 1290 has never yet been formally revoked, and your presence in our land, let alone our Parliament, may therefore be deemed illicit.

As one whose ancestors were tilling the soil of Yorkshire centuries before your most immediate ones came here from the ghettoes of the east – your people taking advantage of ours to aspire to ascendancy over us, and now to censor and silence us – conclude by informing you in relation to your efforts to make patriotism a crime and to incriminate me that by far the greatest criminals in this land today, and indeed the very greatest in our history, are those who have been responsible for allowing and encouraging the coloured invasion of our country, and the forced integration of our people, and responsible for allowing and promoting Jewish ascendancy in it over our affairs.

If you are one such accomplice in this giant crime of betrayal of the British folk, then you are most certainly one of those archcriminals I have in mind.

Yours sincerely,
Colin Jordan

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