“Nothing can destroy that which is built in truth. We are the pure gold put to test in the furnace. Let the furnace blaze and roar! Nothing can destroy us. One day we shall rise and triumph again. Hope and wait!”

– Dr. Savitri Devi Mukherji, Gold in the Furnace, Ch. IV, The Unforgettable Night (Calcutta: A.K. Mukherji, 1952). In Ch. III (Now, The Trial) the German text features, “Wir sind das lautere Gold, das im Schmelztiegel auf die Probe gestellt ist. Laßt den Ofen flammen und brausen! Es gibt nichts, was imstande ist, uns zu zerstören!” This original German text is taken from a leaflet that Savitri wrote and distributed in Germany in 1948. See Ch. IV for the full text.