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Updated: September 19th 2023.

Whilst reading Miguel Serrano’s ‘The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism’, ‘Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar’,  ‘Manu: “For The Man To Come”’ or even Nicholas Goodrick Clarke’s ‘Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity’ you may have come across the term Shudibudishvabhava. You may even have only come across the term by seeing the image on left of this page.

On page 176 Goodrick-Clarke writes:

“Hitler was described as an initiate, a being of boundless and unprecedented willpower (Shudibudishvabhaba).”

But what does this term mean exactly from the Serrano source material?

Alex Kurtagić translates in The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism, page 230:

“It is possible to follow the way of the Tantric Kundalini Yogo only for he who is formed by the pure principle of determination and will, by the Shavaist principle of Hyperborean virility, located at the limit of the individual and supraindividual, free already from the influence of Prakriti, or heavy matter, and ruled by Buddhi, the spiritual principle. It is the Śuddha-buddhisvabhavam brought into conformity by the Shivaist virility of Svayambhu-Linga, attaining the supreme courage of the Kaula heroes and warriors, forming part of the Kula Circle, of the polar Round Table of King Arthur.”

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In the original Spanish of the above quote Miguel Serrano writes in El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico, page 181:

“Solo es capaz de marchar por el camino de la Yoga Kundalini tantrica el que esta formado por el principio de la determination y voluntad puras, por el principio sivaista de la virilidad hiperborea, situado al limite de lo individual y lo supraindividual, libre ya de la influencia de Prakriti, o materia pesada y regido por Buddhi, principio espiritual. Es el Cuddhabuddhis-vabhaya, conformado por la virilidad sivaistica del Svayambhu-Linga, alcanzando el coraje supremo de los heroes y guerreros Kaula, formando parte del Circulo de Kula, de la Mesa Redonda Polar del Rey Arturo.”

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In the Franz Berg translation (PDF) of The Ultimate Avatar, Berg translates the following on page 761:

“The fire of divine will with Luciferian, Venusian sulphur regenerates the lead of Saturn. (Blood is converted into fire). Its centre is in Kundalini and its awakening in the Manipura chakra. Thus, by means of the Will, the Lord of Absolute Will (the Führer), Cuddhabuddhisvabhava, arrives at the happy ending of the Opus, able to achieve what nature by herself could never do: to escape from involution, her Demiurgic corruption, her mechanization and Eternal Return, to regenerate the miscegenation of King Saturn-Anfortas, to cause the Aryan to be born anew. The Tantric practice to develop this will, sleeping in the Manipura chakra, is called Icchacuddi and, in Alchemy, corresponds with arsenic, virility. However none of this can be done without the intervention of Mercury, the Wife of arsenic, the woman, soror mistica, essential feminine element.”

In the Wewelsburg Archives physical copy (131 AH) we find the same translation, see image below, page 446 of volume II:

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On page 772 Berg translates:

“Absolute Will: Cuddhabuddhisvabhava.”

Page 459, volume II in the Wewelsburg Archives physical edition:

In the PDF edition of Manu, Brother Francis translates it as “indestructible Absolute Will, shudibudishvabhava (p. 64, page 187 of the Wewelsburg Archives edition), and “Absolute Will (Shudibudishvabhava)” (p. 83, page 156 of the Wewelsburg Archives edition). He also translates:

“It was Adolf Hitler, as Führer, who gave us the most effective example of what the Will can do (with the ‘Triumph of the Will’) standing firm in Combat to the end, never bending from the years of his youth until his disappearance in the Bunker among the flames in consummate Destiny. With an iron hand he first controlled his nature and his body. He was their lord and master, putting them in the service of the incarnation of the Avatar, the Divinity. He was therefore Shudibudishvabhava, the Lord of Absolute Will.” (p. 102, page 197 of the Wewelsburg Archives edition)

The original Spanish, page 133, reads as below:

“Fue Adolf Hitler, como Führer, quien nos dio el ejemplo más efectivo de lo que la Voluntad logra (con el “Triunfo de su Voluntad”) manteniendo su Combate hasta el último, sin jamás doblegarse, desde los años de su juventud, hasta su desaparición en el Bunker, entre las llamas, consumado ya el Destino. Controló, primero, con mano férrea, su naturaleza, su cuerpo, fue su amo y señor, para ponerlos apropiadamente al servicio de la encarnación del Avatãra, de la Divinidad. Fue, por ello, Shudibudishvabhava, el Ser de la Voluntad Absoluta.”

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On page 180 (page 310 of the Wewlesburg Archives edition) he translates:

“The Pineal Center is called Aguha. The Thunderbolt-Force emanating from the Third Eye is called Kurm, Supreme Will, Shudibudishvabhava. This is the Gral, the Gral Light, Sieg Thunderbolt. Victory.”

In the Glossary of Terms, page 162 he translates: 

SHUDIBUDISHVABHAVA: Part of the Absolute Will. Hitler was this: Absolute Will.”

For some reason this glossary isn’t found in the Wewelsburg Archives edition, but it is in the original Spanish edition of Manu, page 301

“SHUDIBUDISHVABHAVA: Perteneciente a la Voluntad Absoluta. Hitler lo fue: El hombre de la Voluntad Absoluta.”

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In the Sanskrit-English Dictionary of M. Monier-Williams we see the below.

Here, as shown below, are some other definitions: