Dr. Savitri Devi Mukherji, Ph.D.

“He held out His hand—not once, but again and again—to England. England chose to listen to her Jewish misleaders instead of to Him, and rejected the sincere, friendly gesture.
For that, she shall die—not the glorious death on the battlefield, but the slow, nauseating death through blood-mixture and all manner of vice. Within less than 300 years to come—unless there be a miracle—there shall be no more England. . . The few remaining pure-blooded English Aryans—50,000? 20,000?—foreigners in the land of their ancestors, will gather on the eighth of May and curse Mr. Churchill, and on the 16th of October, and pay homage to the martyrs of Nuremberg, and on the 20th of April, and sing hymns to the glory of the Race-Saviour, Adolf Hitler, and bow down in shame and in grief before His everlasting Presence, that those fools of 1940-’41 rejected.”

– Dr. Savitri Devi Mukherji, Ph.D, in a letter to Don Miguel Serrano, New Delhi, March 28th 1980