I Have Met The True Enemy And It Is Me…

“Blame them over there!” shouts one man. “No, blame them over there!” shouts another. Now arguing between each other, a third party chimes in shouting, “Hold on, blame both of them!” All whilst their eyes gaze upon each others, faces slowly turning red with anger and none of them really hearing, taking in or rationally contemplating each others arguments. Just shouting and ranting. Nothing constructive. No self reflection. And the traitors within the nation? Well, they just carry on with their stab in the back actions. All the while undermining the very fabric of everything good, decent and pure and poisoning the watering hole with their lies, deceit and filth. Blissfully ignoring the marginally irritating dissident buzz in the distance like a flea whizzing around your ear whilst trying to enjoy a nice cup on tea in the sunshine in your own garden. Just brush it away with a flick of the wrist.

Now, whilst I am certainly not adverse, shy or scared to point out the “Chart Forgers”, “Crooked Captains” and the “Ship Wreckers” when necessary, and also stipulating that the blame most definitely cannot be put solely and squarely on their shoulders alone, if you do not at least speak openly about this rusted and really unneeded cog in the machinery of an otherwise relatively healthy nation, you are not only deceiving others, but yourself. The one thing you cannot do with a liar, speaker of half-truths and gate-keeper is trust them or realistically put any faith in them at all. If the ship is going down, you might as well point out those that put the hole in the hull in the first place.

But there is someone else; someone far more dangerous than all the subversives, traitors and human cancers within, and eating away, at the vital organs of our country. And who is that you might well ask? Well, most people are not ready to hear that answer. And when it is spoken of more put their hands over their ears, squeeze their eyes tightly shut and loudly repeat over and over again like a mantra, “laaa, laaa, laaa, laaa, laaa” deceiving themselves of the irrefutable truth you put in front of them.

This mentality is much like when you talk of the aforementioned, the inevitable cries of the last line of self defence against having no real argument ring out – “Nartzeee”! “Racist”! “Bigot”! “Anti-Semite”!

As Chris Beverley put it,

“Screaming ‘Nartzee’ at someone is the very last line of defence for those ignorant beings who are without a justifiable opinion.” [1]

But these words no longer hold any value because they have been thrown around so willy-nilly and unjustifiably at people that speak inconvenient truth in the face of the rot of political correctness and the lie of equality which exists absolutely nowhere in nature and never has done that they have lost all power and meaning. They are meaningless buzzwords and nothing more that have less and less effect the more they are used.

It is like the fable of the boy who cried wolf, when a “real wolf” comes along no one will listen. But even this doesn’t mean much when today any of the above simply refer to White people who do not want to be a minority in their own country and who are proud of their culture and heritage and want to see it continue into the future for their children and their children’s children. These people are the “real wolves” in that scenario, because the caricature, the “racist” simply doesn’t exist. Because it is all semantics. I mean, define racist – to one it will mean the hatred of someone due to their colour which by its user is used as a weapon to shut White people up and to another as someone who simply loves their own people with no hatred towards anyone else.

But they have to be mentioned. The real problem needs to be talked about. And you, the reader, need to hear it… The real problem is White people! And no, not in the sense that the anti-Whites say this. But in the sense that we are the ones that let the rot set in. We are the ones that let the virus take a grip and slowly tighten its grasp until it starves us of oxygen. We are the ones that, whilst not solely opening the door to the kitchen and letting the rat in, we out of fear have been propping a wedge under the door to keep it open!

It is White people, you and I, that let this happen. It is your and my parents and grandparents fault.

So when I say that I have met the true enemy and that it is me, I don’t mean solely me. I am not the direct threat myself, on my own that is. No! What I mean is, that we are equally to blame as those we curse and shake our fists at. We are as equally to blame as those that let the kitchen door open. We are as equally to blame as the rats let into the kitchen and let loose to eat the food.

This is the reality that we have to wake up to. We cannot simply blame others but we have to look in the mirror.

We have become and to a great extent are weak, lazy, ignorant, stupid, docile, fragile, materialistic, lapse, greedy, tolerant, self-centred, uncaring, fearful, self-hating and have thus inevitably let ourselves become vulnerable. And out of that vulnerability we have allowed the spread of the infection of liberalism and political correctness to wreck havoc on our White nations and put us in the position we are in today, a dwindling demographic of pathetic consumers and gossipers.

Others have been right when they have said that “Black Power” or “Jewish Domination” does not exist when in reality the only thing that truly exists is White weakness and White submissiveness .

If we tear out the puss filled cyst of White self-hate, White-guilt and White-weakness which others have referred to as the “master-stroke of the enemy” then we cannot be overcome. If we remove the poisonous parasite of weakness from within ourselves then the symptoms of degeneracy, power and influence of our enemies over us will slowly cease to exist. Do this and non can stand before us.

Tired of the propaganda on television? Sick of the miscegenation of our people and degeneracy being encouraged and shoved down our throats? Fed up of our children being taught the same filth at school? Well you and I are responsible for this. We let it happen, and many of you, even the ones that are awake, continue to pay our enemies for it and to produce more of it!

As I have quoted Enoch Powell as saying famously before, 

“It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.” [2]

Let us be honest, we are all guilty to one degree or another and we need to face up to that and make a change within ourselves today, right now!

I am going to do something now that until this very point in writing this I wasn’t going to do. I am going to quote someone that some may find they dislike because who he has associated with in the past. But we need to hear the words and judge them for what they are, not the man himself. The man himself is ultimately unimportant if we’re being honest; but the words he speaks are, well that is what I am focusing on – the words are what matter, not the packaging they come in.

Until this point I wrote this article with my own thoughts on the matter. And then I remembered the following words. So then I continued writing, as I have done a little above, trying to work in what he said after I remembered it into my text without quoting. But again, I just realized this was weakness on my part and like I said, those that cannot be truthful cannot be trusted and we need to do away with this weakness. So read the words, contemplate them and understand them for what they are alone. Ask yourself, is he wrong?

The following is what Louis Beam had to say in a video entitled “The Real Problem is White Folk”). I have transcribed it from this video speech of his that I saw over 20 years ago:

“Let me tell you something, as an equal opportunities speaker I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you what the real problem is, because you need to hear it. The real problem is White folk: it’s you. And it’s I. Our weaknesses, our laziness, our not loving enough, not caring enough, has given this land to its enemies. There is no such thing as Black power, never has been. There is only White weakness. For where there is White strength, their can be no Black power. There is no such thing as Jewish domination, there is only White submissiveness. Refuse to submit and there is no longer domination. So where our enemies have power over us, is where we are weak. We have given them this power. The problem is White folk. We have become a weak, uncaring, lazy, thoughtless, self centered, greedy, materialistic people. The result of that is America. Go out the gate and see what the result is. Did you forget? Remember what it was like last time you were home, last time you were down town, the last time you were in public school or an institution, or the last time you watched television? You gave us that. And I gave us that. We are all guilty, to one degree or another. I include myself in this because there have been times when I could have been stronger. Their has been times when I could have gone further. Their are times I could have done more. So I am responsible too. So I’m not just putting myself into this condemnation, because I’m the speaker and i’m supposed to be guilty along with the audience; I’m telling you because it is true! We’re too weak! We have become too soft! I tell you, most of us, most of us, really and truly, don’t deserve – if we are judged by our present day actions and our present day habits, and thought system and beliefs and attitudes – we don’t deserve the blood we carry in our veins because it came from far better men than ourselves. Now, that’s the bad news, the good news is you don’t have to be that way! It’s not in you to be that way. In fact the opposite is in you! You can be strong! You can be brave! You can win and overcome these people. You can deny them authority over you. But you have got to want to! And you’ve got to quit believing the lies you’re told! That’s the good news; the good news is you can win if you want to. But do you want to?”

John Tyndall has said a similar thing,

“People talk to me about a black problem. But I say there is no black problem. The problem is the White problem. I want you to think about that, because the problem is the White problem.If there wasn’t this White problem, we could easily solve what little black problem there was. In fact, the black problem would not have existed in the first place had it not been for this White problem.And I’ll try and say in just a few concise words what the White problem is: White people in this country today are ruled by a body of people who have totally lost the instinct of national and racial survival and self-defence. We are ruled by people who think there’s a virtue in subsidising the breeding of our enemies all around the world, in overseas aid, while the same people are telling us we must cut down our own birth rate in Britain, and reduce our numbers. We are ruled by people who are absolutely eaten through like a rotten piece of cheese with guilty feelings; a guilt complex about being White; guilty about wanting to defend our land from the foreigner; guilty about wanting to preserve our race intact, the race that over the centuries has made us what we are, or what we were until very recently.And I want to put this point across, again and again. You may think I’m repeating myself, but it cannot be said too often. It is not the black man that is the enemy. The black man is just a victim and a tool of the whole process. It is not the black man who is the enemy. The enemy is the White traitor who rules us today!”

So yes, we need to look to ourselves and better ourselves. We need to look in the mirror and reflect. We need to stand up straight, strong, speak the truth, fear none and walk proudly and upright.

This isn’t to say do not speak of our enemies out there, what they have done and what they continue to do. But it is to say that we need to also recognize that know the real enemy and that enemy is us.

Captain Codreanu makes it clear when referring to his home country; a statement of which can easily be adapted to any European nation today:

“A country has only the Jews and the leaders it deserves, just as mosquitoes can settle and thrive only in swamps. In a similar way, Jews can only thrive in the swamps of our Romanian sins. In other words, in order to defeat them, we will first have to extirpate our own defects.” [3]

And as I have quoted and sourced elsewhere, I’ll once again do so to illustrate the point being made above:

This is what A.K. Chesterton had to say about Jewish influence:

“Whether or not One World is the secret final objective of Zionism, World Jewry is the most powerful single force on earth and it follows that all the major policies which have been ruthlessly pursued through the last several decades must have had the stamp of Jewish approval. Indeed, common sense applied to such facts as have come to light must lead to the conclusion that the policies, directed against the most cherished Gentile values, were incubated by adroit Jewish brains and fulfilled, or carried to the verge of fulfilment, by the dynamism of the Jewish spirit. At the same time, so many Gentiles are associated with the conspiracy, both directly and through the formation of fronts, there are so many Gentile agents and agencies, and so many Gentile governments which have acquiesced in the conspiracy by falling into line with policies inimical to their own national interests, that it would be ludicrous to offload upon Jewish shoulders responsibility for the destruction, or near destruction, of Christendom and the Western World. Nevertheless, it would be equally ludicrous to deny the Jewish part, especially where it is admitted . . . Had we of the Gentile nations stood firm in defence of our own traditions and values, instead of cravenly capitulating, the Jews would have remained what they ought to be – a small sect living contentedly and at peace with their neighbours, exercising neither national nor international power and entertaining no inordinate ambitions. That, as I wrote at the outset, is how most of them actually do live. That a minority of them has been able to mount such a stupendous drive for world power is not their fault but ours alone, and it is we who must put things right – or perish. The way to put things right is not to engage in ‘hate campaigns’ (which in any event more often than not play into Jewish hands) but to make a determined stand for our own legitimate and distinctive interests.” [4]

In addition, Sir Oswald Mosley also correctly commented:

“I am not an anti-Semite. Anti-Semitism is hatred of all Jews on account of their race. I attack some Jews on account of what they do, but I never attack any Jew on account of his birth. I never attack any man on account of his race or religion. If a Jew does something against the interests of Britain or of Europe, he should be attacked like anyone else. He should not be attacked because he is a Jew, but equally he should not be immune from criticism because he is a Jew. This is a consistent principle from which I have never departed, before or since the war. I cannot, therefore, be called an anti-Semite, who is a man who attacks all Jews on account of race or religion. Our clear-cut principles differ from anti-Semitism for reasons which anyone can understand.

I have challenged opponents who have searched through all my speeches and writings to quote one case in which I have attacked Jews on account of race or religion, and they have failed to do so because no such quotation exists.” [5]

More controversially in regard to the book it comes from, regardless it is relevant and correct when in 1978 Dr. William Luther Pierce, Ph.D. under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald wrote the following:

“We would have rebelled if all that has been imposed on us in the last 50 years had been attempted at once. But because the chains that bind us were forged imperceptibly, link by link, we submitted. The adding of any single, new link to the chain was never enough for us to make a big fuss about. It always seemed easier – and safer – to go along. And the further we went, the easier it was to go just one step further. One thing the historians will have to decide – if any men of our race survive to write a history of this era – is the relative importance of deliberation and inadvertence in converting us from a society of free men to a herd of human cattle. That is, can we justly blame what has happened to us entirely on deliberate subversion, carried out through the insidious propaganda of the controlled mass media, the schools, the churches, and the government? Or must we place a large share of the blame on inadvertent decadence – on the spiritually debilitating life style into which the Western people have allowed themselves to slip?” [6]

Many years ago the following had been said, and it has to be noted as just as relevant today:

“The Jew can’t be blamed for everything. We are as much to blame as anybody, and until we accept that we’ll never find our way.”[7]

As a side I also think today that three words that no one, especially Whites care about anymore are ‘racist’, ‘supremacist’ and ‘Nazi’. That is the increasing reaction by Whites when they are hurled at us, with the shrug of the shoulders. Anti-White racists, however, point out that they can only be applied to White people; but let’s ignore the room temperature IQ’s for the time being. These terms have lost all meaning and power that they once used to wield because they have been thrown around unjustifiably and willy-nilly for so long, for decades now in order to silence a dissenting White voice. No more! Today they slide off us like water form a ducks back. As has been said above, “Screaming ‘Nartzee’ at someone is the very last line of defence for those ignorant beings who are without a justifiable opinion” Racist, Supremacist, Nazi, etc. all are now seen for what they are, Jew-Speak for White people that will no longer be treated as second class citizens in their own ancestral homelands and be systematically replaced in them by the Third World, that will not be blamed for every ill that has laid its head on the shoulder of every non-White throughout history; in truth mostly from the hands of their own people, and that simply love their own culture, heritage and Race and want to see them continue long into the future for our children’s children. The Loxism[8] of those pushing the anti-White agenda through the controlled mainstream legacy media and educational system is burning bright for all of us to see clearly and today we reject that poison with pride, honour and determination in our hearts, minds and souls. The White man is stirring and awakening from his slumber!

My final words will be left to a man I greatly respect and admire, Germar Rudolf:

“The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.” [9] 


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* * * * *

This is the unedited version (updated December 18th 2022) of the piece I wrote for Patriotic Alternative (I respect the editing done for the PA website edition). 

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