Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (1899-1938) is today a Romanian national hero but he remains virtually unknown outside his native country. From his early 20s, he almost single-handedly created and led a new national movement, one that confronted and exposed a corrupt Romanian government that had sold out to Jewish interests. Enduring countless attacks, assaults, de-privations, imprisonments, isolation, and abuse, Codreanu nonetheless persevered under impossible conditions. He succeeded where others failed, due largely to his high moral character, vision, and rectitude, combined with a deep and profound sense of Orthodox Christian spirituality. A man of unrelenting courage, he never surrendered, never quit, and never lost faith in his Romanian people.

This book is Codreanu’s autobiography, from age 18 to 36. As fate would have it, he would live only two and a half more years-murdered, on the orders of his own king, at age 39.

Codreanu’s life is a true lesson-not only in resilience and courage, but also regarding the perils of a malicious and self-interested Jewish minority. We have much to learn from this remarkable young man.

Never before appearing in a scholarly format, this translation of Codreanu’s lifework has been expertly revised and re-edited by Thomas Dalton, PhD. It will be the standard translation for years to come.

– From the Blurb

“It’s not often that an autobiography grips the reader’s attention, but the story of Codreanu is truly engrossing. Fighting against a 1920s Romanian government with entrenched Jewish interests, he and a few brave friends constructed a movement that changed the course of Romanian history. A true inspiration.”

– Halcyon Reviews

“If Codreanu is Romania’s Hitler, then For My Legionnaires is Romania’s answer to Mein Kampf-in the best sense of the word. An astonishing story of courage and conviction, Codreanu strikes the reader as an exemplary leader: brave, visionary, faithful, and compassionate. Had he not been murdered by his own king at the age of 39, he might have gone on to change the course of World War Two. Highly recommended.”

– Times Literary Review

From the introduction:

“During his short and frantic life, Codreanu produced only a small number of writings, the most significant of which was Pentru legionari—“For My Legionnaires.” It was written between December 1935 and April 1936, in great haste and with little regard for literary norms, and published in 1937. Even so, it is a truly remarkable book, befitting a man with a truly remarkable life; equal parts autobiography, worldview, and political manifesto, it compares favorably with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, though being less detailed and less exhaustive. Roughly three-quarters of the book covers the decade of the 1920s, coincident with Codreanu’s life in the 20s. . . Thus the short and tragic life of Corneliu Codreanu stands today as both a fascinating life story and a vitally urgent life-lesson. His open explicit, and justified anti-Semitism stands in marked contrast to the situation today in the West., where the word ‘Jew’ can scarcely be mentioned without repercussion—so pervasive and so powerful is the Jewish Lobby. Fortunately, today, the facts are finally starting to get out. The nature and effects of Jewish domination are slowly becoming known. Jewish control over media, Hollywood, government, and academia are no longer disputed. No one argues about the facts, because the facts are clear. The Jews can only hope that their censorship will hold and that most people will remain in the dark regarding Jewish power. And they must hope that those who do know the facts are too timid to act. This remains their only chance to sustain their grip on power.

The Jews’ greatest fear is that someone—will not only realize the truth of their malicious dominance but will act, like Codreanu, summon the courage to act. This is why Codreanu and his book are almost completely unknown in the West today; no one discusses it, no one analyzes it, no one cites him, no one quotes him. Jews and their lackeys in media and academia know when a wire is too hot to touch. So they keep there distance and pray to Jehovah that no one hears of this brave young man who, 100 years ago, found the courage to confront and eventually defeat the Jewish serpent that was strangling his nation. They pray that no one reads his book, talks about it, or shares it with friends. They pray, and they quiver with fear at the thought of what may come.

In the end, and though he did not live to see it, Codreanu did succeed in his battle…”

– Prof. Dr. Thomas Dalton, Ph.D., Introduction, pp. 5, 8, For My Legionnaires, A New English Translation, Clemens & Blair, LLC, 2023, 328 pages. Originally published 1937 in Romanian as ‘Pentru legionari’.

“The first problem we faced was to decide who were the principal guilty parties; who were most responsible for the state of misery that seized the whole country: Romanians or Jews? We unanimously agreed that the first and greatest culprits were the treacherous Romanians who, for Judas’s silver pieces, betrayed their people. The Jews are our enemies and, as such, they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanian leaders who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. . . the real chiefs of the Judaic attack on Romania are the rabbis. . . They lead the entire Jewish mass to attack, and wherever a Romanian falls, he does not fall by chance. He falls because he was marked by a rabbi. Behind every politician who sold out, there is the brains of a rabbi who laid the groundwork and ordered the Qahal or the Jewish banker to close the deal and pay him off. Behind every Jewish newspaper to inspire slander, lies, or instigation, there is a rabbi. . . Then we picked the bankers. . . who corrupted all parties and all Romanian politicians by putting them on boards of directors and showering them with money. . . Then we looked over the Jews of the press. The most insolent ones, the poisoners of souls. . . all these, enemies of Romanianism. . . The Romanian people will not be able to solve the Jewish problem unless it first solves the problem of its political parties. The first aim to be reached by the Romanian people on its way to topple the Judaic power that oppresses and strangles it, will have to be the toppling of this political system. A country has only the Jews and the leaders it deserves, just as mosquitoes can settle and thrive only in swamps. In a similar way, Jews can only thrive in the swamps of our Romanian sins. In other words, in order to defeat them, we will first have to extirpate our own defects.”

– Capt. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, For My Legionnaires (1937), Chapter 2: The Jewish Problem, pp. 114-115, 127, revised and edited from the original Romanian, ‘Pentru Legionari’ by Prof. Dr. Thomas Dalton, Ph.D., A New English Translation, Clemens & Blair, LLC, 2023, 328 pages. ISBN-13: ‎979-8986725062.

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