The following text is a transcript by a contributor to of a document published in September of 1939.

It was written by Fmr. Cncllr, Capt. Dr. Arnold Spencer Leese, M.R.C.V.S regarding Jewish overrepresentation in Britain during the first world war.

The poor quality scan of the document can be viewed in full at the end of this transcript and any mistakes are that of the contributors.

It has not appeared online before in text format.

This article first appeared in Leese’s The Fascist: The Organ of Racial Fascism (No. 124, September 1939).

See also the exclusive release of Kosher Fascism in Britain by Leese here.



Are You Going To Stand For This Again?


At the Zionist Congress in Basle, 1903, the Jew Max Nordau spoke of the coming World War; that was because he knew that the Jews would deliberately bring it about. Pre-war Germany, Jew-controlled, knew that its success would not be possible unless the Dardanelles was closed to the British Fleet; hence, the Young Turk revolution, Jewish and Masonic, which assured Turkey as an ally of Germany and brought her completely under Jew-control without bolshevising her and so [Editor: this line of about 6 words is garbled text due to a poor scan of the document so is missing from this transcript].

Finally, a Jew murdered the Arch-duke in Sarajevo at the correct moment. A Jewish Goschen was British Ambassador in Berlin; Sir Ernest Cassel (Jew) was the envoy used by the British Government for the delicate negotiations at the critical moment; Ballin and Rathenau, both Jews, were the Kaiser’s principal advisers. Haldane was advised by Rothschild. The stage was set. And here are some of the war-time appointments which remind us so much of what is going on in 1939, when similar key-appointments appear to be in the hands either of Jews or of Jew-controlled politicians,

Private Secretary to the Commander-in Chief of the British Forces in France throughout Earl Haig’s service in the latter capacity: the Jew, Sir Philip Sassoon, whose mother was Rothschild.

Military Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief in France from 1914 until Haig became C.-I.-C.: Sir W. Lambton, married to the granddaughter of the Jew Bernal Osborne.

British Representative with Marshal Foch, 1918: Sir J. Ducane, grandson of a Jewess named Goldsmith.

Secretary of War Cabinet, 1916, and of Imperial War Cabinet, 1917: the crypto-Jew, Lord Hankey (then Sir Maurice Hankey).

Private Secretary to the Assistant Financial Secretary at the War Office: Sir F. C. Bovenschen, Jew. The same Jew is now Deputy-Secretary of State for War under the Jew Hore-Belisha.

Permanent Member, Committee of Imperial Defence: Viscount Esher, Jewish.

Assistant Secretary, War Cabinet and Imperial War Cabinet, 1917: the half-Jew, L. C. M. S. Amery.

Assistant-Secretary, War Cabinet, 1918: the Jew, E. F. Abraham.

Controller of Wireless and Cables during the war: Sir H. J. Newbolt, Jewish.

Director-General of Mechanical Warfare Department, 1916: the Jew Sir Albert Stern.

Assistant Embarkation Staff Officer, 1916-19, later Embarkation Staff Officer: Sir H. B. Cohen, Jew.

Hon. Major attached to Belgian Forces, 1917, and on Political Staff, East African Force, 1916: Sir T. Morison, married to a Cohen.

Chief of British Military Mission with Headquarters of Russian Army in the field, 1914-17: Sir J. Hanbury-Williams, married to a Jewess Weiss.

Assistant-Director of Naval Intelligence, 1918-19: Capt. V. R. Brandon, Jew.

Local Government Representative to Committee for finding employment for “Belgian” refugees: the Jew Sir L. Franklin.

Excused Military Service to aid “Belgian” refugees: the Jew E. Schiff.

Excused military service, unfit, and made Controller of Civil Boots: Sir F. Marquis (now Lord Woolton), of the Jewish firm Lewis’s, Ltd.

Arbitrator in disputes between employers and employed re War Service: Sir H. Courthope-Munroe, Jew, real name Isaacs.

Commissioner for Repatriation of War Prisoners: the Jew, Sir M. A. Abrahamson.

Secretary to Parliamentary Committee to inquire into organisation and methods of Central Prisoners of War Committee, 1917: the Jew, B. S. Kisch.

Assistant – Secretary, Ministry of National Service 1917-18: the Jew, Sir L.’E. Joseph.

Manager, Army and Navy Canteen Board, 1917-18, and Canteen Advisor throughout the War: Sir A. W. Prince, Jew.

Under-Secretary to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1914-16, until the Rebellion and, after that, Secretary, Minister of Pensions: the Jew Sir M. Nathan.

Military Secretary to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Jan. 1918: Sir G. L. L. Preston, grandson of the Jew Lawson.

Chairman of Military Service Commission Panel, 1918: the Jew Baron Jessel.

Assistant Director of Volunteer Services, 1916: Sir P. A. Harris, Bart., Jew.

Deputy Director of Recruiting for S.E. Region, 1917: the Jew Sir A. L. Lever (real name, Levy).

Chairman, London War Pensions Committee, 1919-20: Sir Isidore Salmon, Jew.

Member of Appeal Tribunal under Military Service Act, 1916: the Jew H. H. Haldin (real name Haldinstein).

Assistant Director of Army Contracts, War Office, 1914-15: the Jew Sir A. M. Samuel (now Lord Mancroft).

On War Office Advisory Committee on Army Contracts, 1915-18: the Jew Sir S. F. Mendl.

War Censor re importation of precious stones, under Foreign Office: the Jew Sir A. Levy.

Superintending Netherlands Overseas Trust and Swiss Surveillance Society formed 1914 to control imports into these neutral countries: the Jew Sir F. Oppenheimer.

Consul-General in Mowcow, 1913-15: Mr. C. C. Bayley, married to a Jewish Ricardo.

Acting Consul-General, Moscow, 1914-17: Mr. R. H. Bruce Lockhart, who lost his job after “forming an attachment to a Jewess.”

Russian Representative of Ministry of Information, 1918: the Gentile front, Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson, childhood friend of the Rothschilds.

British High Commissioner, South Russia, 1919-20: Sir H. J. Mackinder, ex-Director of the London School of Economics and married to a Jewess called Ginsberg.

Brigadier – General, British Military Mission to aid Denikin, 1919-20; and Commanding Officer, British Military Mission with Armed Forces under Wrangel, 1920: Sir J. Percy (real name Baumgartner, and married to a Jewish woman).

Controller of Enrolment for National Service, 1916: Sir Geo. Hamilton, married to a Jewess Simon.

Military Censor, Press Bureau, 1914-18: the Jewish Col. J. J. Leverson.

Censor, Hungarian Correspondence at G.P.O., 1914: the Jew Trebitsch Lincoln. Later fled the country as a spy. Now a Buddhist.

Translator of Turkish and German documents to Military Intelligence Department: Harry Boyle, Jewish, and married to a Jewess called Asche. He was Consul-General in Berlin, 1909-14 (outbreak of war)

On Propaganda Committee for Enemy Countries, 1918: Sir S. Low, Jew, who was at that time uncle of Madame Litvinoff, wife of the Soviet late Foreign Minister.

Official Artist to British Army during War: the Jew Sir W. Rothenstein.

Liason Officer between Government Departments, 1914-19, and actively engaged in recruiting work: Sir John Henry, Jew.

President, Anglo-French Loan Mission to U.S.A., 1915; Special Envoy, U.S.A.; 1917; Special Ambassador, U.S.A., 1918: the Jew (late) Lord Reading.

Postmaster – General, 1915-16, and Home Secretary, 1916: the Jew Lord Samuel (then Sir H. L.)

First Commissioner of Works, 1916: the Jew late Lord Melchett.

In charge of fire-control, H.M.S. Invincible, sunk at Battle of Jutland: the Jewish Capt Hubert Dannreuther, one of the six survivors. His mother was a Jewess, and his father an immigrant, either German or Jewish!

These appointments should be studied one by one, remembering at the same time how these key positions may have affected the events which were current.

Here are some munitions appointments:

The Director-General of Munitions Supply, 1915, was Sir P. Girouard who married a Jewish Solomon.

The Chairman of Munitions Tribunals was Sir A. Hopkinson, whose daughter married the Jewish Sir G. B. Hurst (Hertz).

Director of Admiralty Laboratories, 1916-19: the Jew Chaim Weizmann.

And here are some appointments of the Ministry of Munitions itself:

Minister of Munitions, 1916: the Jew Edwin Montagu.

Staff Assistant, 1915-16: the Jew Lord Mancroft, then Sir A. M. Samuel, who later became Presewish [Editor: garbled text] of Munitions Ministry Enquiry, 1920, and reported [Editor: garbled ext, likely “reported”.] that it would not be in the public interest to publish the findings.

Assistant Administrator, 1917-18: the Jew S. H. Goldsmid.

Assistant General Secretary, 1915-18: Mr. R. Venables-Vernon, married to a Jewish Leon.

Assistant Parliamentary Secretary, 1915-16: Mr. W. M. C. Du Q. Caillard, grandson of Disraeli’s cousin, a Basevi.

Director of Finance, 1915: the Jewish Sir S. Dannreuther.

Assistant Financial Secretary, until 1920: the Jew Sir P. G. Henriques.

In Finance Department, 1915, becoming Deputy-Director of Munitions Accounts, 1917, and Controller, Munitions Accounts, 1918: Sir G. F. Garnsey, racial origin uncertain, Honorary Auditor of the all-Jewish Order of the Shield of David.

Director of Munitions, Scotland, 1917-19: Sir F. Lobnitz, race uncertain; father, an immigrant from Denmark. Obviously not one of the “Scots wha’ hae,” etc.

Controller of Contract Claims, 1918: Sir G. Hamilton, married to a Jewess named Simon.

Head of Analytical Laboratory Department of Explosives Supply, 1915-19: the Jew P. E. Spielmann.

High Explosive Section: Sir F. L. Nathan, Jew.

Special Appointment in Munitions Ministry: Sir J. Ducane, grandson of a Jewess Goldsmith.

Badges Department, 1915, and Section Director, Priority Department, 1915-18: the Jewish W. T. S. Stallybrass (real name Sonnenschein).

As Mr. Field[1] says, “If you have no grip on the Jewish question, you have not begun to understand anything of what is happening before your eyes.”

For publishing a similar, but shorter, list of Jew appointments of the war-time period, we were convicted of doing a public mischief, and were incarcerated in gaol on a six months sentence in the company of criminals. We absolutely defy the authorities to act against us again, for the same frightful felony, that of letting our countrymen realise the truth about the Jews.



1] Field is likely A. N. Field (Arthur Nelson Field), whom is also mentioned in Capt. A. H. Lane’s Jew-wise book The Alien Menace. A Statement of the Case, which can be read online here and in an original scan of the book in PDF format here. If anyone can source the quote by “Mr. Field” used in this article please leave a comment below. The quite is: “If you have no grip on the Jewish question, you have not begun to understand anything of what is happening before your eyes.”

[Below: Dr. Andrew Joyce on Arnold Spencer Leese (audio trim source here.)]


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