This transcription is of a pamphlet written around 1935 by Fmr. Cncllr, Capt. Dr. Arnold Spencer Leese, M.R.C.V.S regarding the “Kosher Fascism” of Sir Oswald Mosley.

The pamphlet was originally published in Leese’s The Fascist: The Organ of Racial Fascism.

Until now, the poor quality and low resolution images at the end of this text are the only ones available of this document online, which were originally found here.

You can learn more about the kosher nationalism of Mosley on our Mosley page.

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In most countries where Fascism, under one name or another, is becoming established, particularly in northern Europe, it is becoming generally realised that when the Jews and Masons find it impossible to kill it with ridicule or by the misuse of legal power, they range themselves with large funds, behind a spurious movements, with a similar name, often indulging in mild and spasmodic “anti-semitic” sentiments to influence the unwary and so attempt to side-track the whole work. Such, we know is the Dollfuss Brand of Fascism in Austria. Such, we firmly believe is the British Union of Fascists in England. The vast majority of its unpaid members, we know, are patriots; but they (like most Freemasons) are simply dupes.


  1. No prominent pioneering anti-semite will give Mosley any support. Why?
  1. Every effort has been made by Mosley’s followers to stamp out the anti-Jewish Imperial Fascist League. Why? The methods adopted, which have all failed, were attempted assault, threats to murder, attempt by organised effort to murder, and attempt to bribe our printers.
  1. From the beginning, the B.U.F. has had access to enormous finds which make it possible for thousands of men to become “Fascists” without any participation in self-sacrifice and struggle for existence such as all genuine Fascist movement have to undergo to prove themselves. Where does the money come from?
  1. Sir Oswald Mosley married a woman of Jewish blood, grand-daughter of Levi Leiter and his children therefore are of Jewish blood. Every effort is made by the paid careerists of the B.U.F. to hide and distort this important fact. It is obvious that anything against Jews threatened by Sir Oswald must be the most utter humbug.
    Owing to Sir Oswald’s Jewish appearance, it is often said without any proof, that he is Jewish. He certainly is neither Nordic nor Mediterranean in appearance, but Anthropoid; his temperament and reactions resemble those of an Armenoid. His pedigree reveals nothing Jewish.
    In Viscount Snowden’s “My Autobiography,” p. 876, he points out the physical resemblance between Mosley and Lassalle, the Jewish founder of “Social Democracy.” The Viscount writes that he was conversing about this with a friend, who replied “That’s very interesting, for an acquaintance of mine who knows Mosley well tells me that Mosley is aware of his resemblance to Lassalle and has modelled his career largely in imitation of Lassalle.”
  1. In the “Evening News” of 4th May 1934, Rothermere states in a leading article that the Mandate for Palestine should be given to Italy. “We can imagine,” he says, “how quickly the Blackshirts would put an end to the nonsense of squandering good British money on a hotbed of bad Semitic trouble.” The B.U.F. have not yet denied the implication. The rank and file of the B.U.F. are completely ignorant of the enormous mineral and oil wealth purposefully being left undeveloped in Palestine until the British can be done out of it by giving away the mandate.
  1. A large number of members of the Mosleyite Movement are vaguely anti-Jewish although without knowledge of the question. To appease these members, Mosley allows statements to be issued from time to time which have no real meaning. He is fond of telling the world that “Jews who put Britain first have nothing to fear,” or words to that effect. Let the reader consider whether that cryptic utterance gives any clue as to what treatment Lord Reading, Lord Melchett, or Mr. Sieff might expect under a Mosley regime. The words are without meaning; they give no clue. They are not intended to.

Let us now see what Mosley and his henchmen and supporters have actually stated about their attitude to the Jewish Menace, which they politely call the “Jewish Question” :-


When he was running the New Party, 24th August, 1932, he said that “he neither authorised nor approved of “anti-Jewish propaganda.” (Quoted in “Jewish Chronicle,” 26th August, p. 16.

In an official statement from the B.U.F. Headquarters :-”Anti-Semitism is no issue of Fascism. We never attack Jews because they are Jews.” This was Sept. 1933. The same month, according to “New Chronicle,” of May 5th, 1934, he said “Anti-semitism is no part of the policy of the B.U.F.”

Writing to Lord Melchett, he said, as reported in the “Jewish Chronicle,” dated 6th January 1933, “Anti-semitism forms no part of the policy of this organisation and Anti-semitic propaganda is forbidden.”

In the “Daily Mail,” 29th January, 1934, he stated, “We are accused of Anti-semitism and of racial and religious persecution. That charge is not true.”

Interviewed by the “Jewish Chronicle” (reported in their issue of 12th May, 1933) he said “Anti-semitism is no issue of Fascism.’ ‘The trouble in Germany is entirely local. As I have already said in public, I think that the Anti-semitic policy of the German Nazis was a great mistake. It certainly is not our policy’. He hoped and believed that any attacks on German Jews would very shortly cease.”

GENERAL FULLER, who writes for Mosley, and organises his party, is an occultist, and in 1907 he wrote a book entitled “The Star in the West,” In it he said, inter alia, “Aleister Crowley is . . . . . the marvellous being whom God has permitted to make a discovery of the highest importance in his illuminative philosophy of Crowleyanity !” Occultism in Europe is Jewish. “The mysticism of Israel supplies the foundation of modern Western occultism.”-Dion Fortune in The Mystical Kabbalah, 1935.

MR. JOYCE, one of the chief Mosleyite speakers, when addressing the Mile End Old Boys’ Club Debating Society, on 23rd October 1933, as reported by Mr. S. H. Herinsky, said that the B.U.F. were not Anti-semitic and expressed “great sympathy with Jews all over the world for the unhappy plight of their brethren in Germany.”

“THE BLACKSHIRT,” a Mosleyite paper, dated 1st to 7th July, 1933, said, “The B.U.F. are definitely NOT anti-Jewish IN ANY WAY . . . . Under a Fascist regime, Jews will be treated in exactly the same manner as other British subjects.” (Our italics).

LORD ROTHERMERE, without whose former support the Mosley Movement would have been dead long ago, states in his papers :-

“DAILY MAIL,” 22nd Jan, 1934 :-”Nor is there the slightest ground for believing that the Blackshirts are or ever will be antagonistic to such bodies as the Jews, the Trade Unions or the Freemasons.”

“SUNDAY DISPATCH,” 25th February, 1934,:-”There will never be a persecution of Jews in a Black Shirt Britain.” “Great Britain is thankful that she has as citizens very many good Jews.”

“SUNDAY DISPATCH,” 13th May, 1934 :-”The model for the British Black Shirt Movement is to be found in Italy, where Mussolini has appointed several Jews to important offices, viz. : Signor Volpi, the ex-Finance Minister, and his successor, Signor Guido Jung being outstanding examples.”

FINALLY.-The President of the Oxford University Jewish Society, writing to the “Jewish Chronicle,” dated 29th Sept, 1933, said “Our greatest supporters in our fight against the Imperial Fascists are the Mosley Fascists themselves.”


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[Below: Dr. Andrew Joyce on Arnold Spencer Leese (audio trim source here.)]


You can read Leese’s The Jewish War of Survival (first published 1945, updated 1947) here, which is an original scan and another copy here.
You can also read a collection of his writings here.
A copy of his autobiography, Out of Step: Events in the Two Lives of an Anti-Jewish Camel-Doctor (1951) can be read here.


The below, from a contributor to this site, are screenshots of the National Socialist reaction to an article in The Fascist on the philosemitism of Italian fascism. The year is 1935. Weltkampf’s editor was Dr. Alfred Rosenberg. (German: “Die NS-Reaktion auf einen Artikel von The Fascist über den Philosemitismus des italienischen Faschismus. Wir schreiben immer noch das Jahr 1935. Der Herausgeber vom Weltkampf war Rosenberg.”)

The below:


In the second half of September 1922, thus before the march on Rome, Hitler sent Kurt G.W. Lüdecke to establish contact between Fascism and the NS. For this purpose Lüdecke went to the editorial office of the ‘Popolo d’Italia’ to meet Benito Mussolini to present NS policy to him. The account of the dialogue is recorded in Lüdecke’s Memoirs, published in part by Renzo De Felice in an Italian translation. Lüdecke spoke to the leader of Fascism about the danger of the Jews and Mussolini “maintained that in Italy the Jewish question was not a problem as it was in Germany”.

Source: Renzo De Felice, Mussolini e Hitler: i rapporti segreti (1922-1933), Bari-Roma, Laterza, p. 19.

Touching on the problem of international finance, I found that his [Mussolini’s] views coincided with those of Hitler. Continuing on this topic I then spoke of the Jews. He agreed with the reality I presented to him, but was evasive about the measures it called for. While admitting that he closely monitored the Jews, he maintained that in Italy the Jewish question was not a problem as it was in Germany. At that time I did not know that Margherita Sarfatti, his devoted friend and biographer, was Jewish, and that one of her first followers and important link was a Jewish convert…”

~ Kurt G. W. Lüdecke, quoted in: Renzo De Felice: Mussolini e Hitler: i rapporti segreti 1922-1933, Bari-Roma, Laterza, p. 19 (translated from the above screenshot by anonymous contributor.)

The below is the English translation from I Knew Hitler. The Story of a Nazi Who Escaped The Blood Purge, London: Jarrolds Publishers 1938, p. 73. by Kurt G. W. Lüdecke (PDF here).

“Touching on the problem of international finance, I found his [Mussolini’s] views paralleled Hitler’s. Then, pursuing the subject, I spoke of the Jews. He agreed with my facts, but was evasive about what measures they called for. While he admitted that he watched the Jews carefully, he pointed out that in Italy the Jewish question was not the problem it was in Germany. I did not know at that time that Marghercta Sarfatti, his devoted friend and biographer, was a Jewess, or that one of his early followers and an important liaison man, was a converted Jew.”