Sebastian Elofsson explains how the National Socialist cause is a struggle for higher values.

Deep inside, every one of us knows that something is not right in society and that there is something missing. Some perceive it as a strange feeling of emptiness and coldness. This sensation gnaws inside us constantly, night and day, without end. It is a feeling we would like to remedy, but how would we do it? And why do we have this feeling inside us? Our inner voice says that everything should be different, that we should act differently.

We live in a world defined by a material way of thinking, a society marked by excessive consumerism born from materialism. A world and society where money, power and egoism rule. The hunt for money, sex (with no productive purpose) and entertainment has even gone so far that today it is all we care about. We consume more resources than we actually need because we let short-sighted greed dictate our actions.

The individual’s material needs are given centre stage while all else is considered insignificant. Hence it is “economic growth” that is strived for incessantly in modern society. A person’s joy and happiness are determined according to the extent of their usage of luxury goods, which in turn leads to relentless consumerism, an insatiable desire for “happiness”. But amidst this frenzy of consumerism, an important matter is forgotten: that such things are always temporary and can therefore never lead to permanent joy and happiness. It’s no wonder that so many more people become depressed now than in the past when we’re constantly searching for the everlasting in the transient. It is self-destructive behaviour that permeates all of society, an evil circle that must be broken.

Materialism leads to egoism and a hunger for power (the selfish kind, from an individualist viewpoint). We only care about ourselves. The absence of spirituality is total. Today’s society and the people who live in it are comparable to a grey, formless mass without meaning – quite simply like the living dead. The life force that once drove us to create fantastic and magnificent civilisations appears to have dissipated in the sands of time. Today it has been replaced by materialism’s greedy, lifeless hunger. The consequence is a great oasis of concrete, asphalt and department stores. Both our folk and we as individuals have been subjected to and tormented by a spiritual plague. Among this spiritual plague’s constituent parts we find materialism, a view of life as something meaningless. Man is a spiritual being, and when he lives in an unspiritual world he is miserable inside. He becomes like a painting without colour, an empty shell, worshiping the moment instead of eternity.

A clear example of materialism having taken a deathly grip upon our people is that the choice of career or fame now goes before starting a family. How can one voluntarily elect to be disinherited? To voluntarily sever a millennia-old evolutionary process just to be able to earn more money and buy things you don’t need. All the toil and hardships our ancestors went through for our sake… we, who are their legacy, and as thanks we choose to render their lives meaningless. Sacrificing oneself for his people is a completely different matter, as that is sometimes necessary when the people’s survival is at stake.

Whence have the values and strong ideals that once defined us disappeared? The firm and unyielding conviction of something that is far greater than the individual himself. The conviction that gives us the will to take on even the most difficult challenges. The will to live and make the most of a meaningful life. A life of importance. We were once proud, self-assured, strong and fearless. The man of today is superficial and lives completely isolated from nature. He no longer believes in anything and he is incapable of feeling; he has rejected life itself and adopts death. But above all he is rootless, he no longer protects his race, and he rejects his own culture, his own identity.

Meaningful ideals like honour, loyalty, self-sacrifice, responsibility, courage, fanaticism, discipline and wisdom used to be desirable virtues that men and women were expected to possess. Today these ideals have been cast aside and replaced with egoism and greed. All that is beautiful and healthy has been distorted into the ugly and noxious. Decadence in society knows no boundaries. To illustrate this spiritual decay, we can observe how the natural balance has been upset as regards the perception of the family, folk and life in general. Sexual perversions, consumerism, entertainment, drugs and an excessive consumption of alcohol – i.e., everything that characterises a modern, materialist society – drains the life force from our people. Money, sex and drugs… is that really all life has to offer? Is there no deeper meaning to life?

Thanks to materialism, our people’s existence is threatened. However, it’s little wonder that it has become this way when considered a little more closely. The individual and people are dependent on each other. If the individuals put their own egoistic desires before higher ideals – their people’s common needs – the result is the folk’s racial and cultural dissolution. The individual’s errors are thus also the people’s errors. The death of the spirit is ultimately the death of the folk.

The renewal of the spirit

The sick ideas and values that flourish in modern society must be replaced with the healthy. The spiritual plague we call egocentric materialism must be combated if the people’s well-being is to become reality. The folk soul must be brought back to life from its deep slumber! The remedy for the spiritual plague? National Socialism. As human beings we are dependant on both the material and the spiritual. Man must have food, water and shelter to survive and be physically healthy, but he is also in need of a motivating force – something that drives him forwards, inspires him and allows him to endure at all times. The higher ideals I mentioned previously and the struggle for the folk constitute this motivating force.

National Socialism rejects the lower ideals that characterise a modern, materialist society and advances the higher ideals as something to strive for.

We must once again, like our ancestors, be proud, self-assured, strong and brave. Honour, loyalty, self-sacrifice, responsibility, discipline, courage, fanaticism and wisdom must once more be the firm and unyielding ideals that form the Nordic man’s foundation. One must strive for a meaningful life. A life of struggle for family, folk and fatherland. A society in which the people want to accomplish something meaningful and memorable – a society free from materialism.

Life is too short and valuable to casually fritter away. The problem is not if or, for that matter, when we will die, because one thing is certain: we will all die sooner or later. Material wealth in the form of money, entertainment and comfort is temporary, but your actions are permanent. The below quote is an excerpt from the Poetic Edda, the Sayings of the High One:

77. Cattle die, kinsmen die,
the self must also die;
I know one thing which never dies:
the reputation of each dead man.

We have a purpose. Our people and the individuals who make up the people have a purpose, a meaning. It is our responsibility to pass on our ancestors’ legacy to our descendants, and self-sacrifice is the only way.

Blood is holy

The most vital thing we seem to have forgotten is the importance of blood. The blood that unites us with our family, our people (the extension of the family) and the soil from which we take our sustenance. Above all, blood binds us together with our ancestors, to whom we must be eternally grateful, for without them we would be nothing. Without their eternal toil and sacrifice through blood, sweat and tears which they endured for our sake – and only our sake – we, their descendants, would not have existed. As such we are duty bound like our forefathers to fight and sacrifice for our people, for our ancestors and descendants. With our heritage we create the future.

We realise the responsibility for passing on our own genetic material, since from it alone will flow the strength of the future. We are therefore humble about our own accomplishments, for they have their roots in what we received from our ancestors without any effort on our own part, yet we are also proud that our own brief lives are links in the chain of generations. We are a bridge from the greatness of the past to the most distant future.

— Walter Gross (head of the NSDAP’s Racial Policy Office)

As an adherent of the National Socialist world view, I have won the spiritual inner peace of which materialism deprives so many others in today’s society. For me, money and simple pleasure is not enough. I have listened to my ancestors’ calls and choose with pride and joy to fulfil the holy duty to struggle and die for my people.

The voice you hear inside you is your ancestors’ voice. Listen to how they whisper to you deep inside. Hear how they urge you to fight. To struggle for what is good and fight against what is evil. Feel their holy wrath fill you, and let their wisdom guide you. Hear how your ancestors’ voices echo within you and how they urge you to battle for blood and soil! Nordic man and woman, this is your duty!

For what is more meaningful than to fight for your people, your own flesh and blood? And what can bring more joy and happiness than the knowledge that what you are doing is meaningful?

Today we once again raise anew the flag of life against the doctrine of death, and serve the future with the faithful affirmation: The blood given to us by God is holy.

Walter Gross