Vera Oredsson (February 21st 1928- ) is a German-born Swedish National Socialist and activist and the author of the book, When the Flagpoles Bloomed (När flaggstängerna blommade).

It has been recently written that ‘She’s still alive and still standing strong even in old age 93. Vera and her brother were blessed to have lived in the glory years of freedom in Germany.

In the terrible days in April of 1945, when the world sank into the darkness of victorious international finance, the pitiful invisible tyranny that had cost the world over fifty million lives, the Swedish government began to extract Scandinavians and others from the war zone of Germany.

Vera joined the Nordic Reich Party (NRP) in 1960, a National Socialist party founded in 1956 by Göran Assar Oredsson, originally called Sweden’s National Socialist League of Struggle.

In 1973 Vera was prosecuted for violating the law on political uniforms after she and other party members wore armbands with the swastika.

Vera remained a defiant and fervent soldier of truth, and even became the party leader for a few years from 1975-1978.’[1]

‘Vera Oredsson came with the white buses to Sweden in April 1945 and is best known for her work within the Nordic National Party (NRP). She joined the party in 1960 and became party secretary two years later. In the same year, she also married party leader Göran Assar Oredsson. In 1975, she succeeded her husband as party leader and thus became Sweden’s first female party leader. Three years later, she left the post and Göran took over again. The Nordic Rikspartiet was a much-attested Swedish National Socialist party that was active from 1956-2009.’[2]

‘Even to this day Vera is proud to say that she is still a National Socialist. In an interview with the Swedish newspaper ETC in 2014 Vera said: ‘I am a National Socialist to the grave.’[3]

A portrait of Adolf Hitler hangs on her bedroom wall in her apartment. As a child there was a portrait of the Führer on her wall in Berlin as bombs fell all around them.

Vera says in the interview: ‘When the bombs fell over the apartment it was the Führer that held up the wall so that they passed over us. With him on the wall I feel safe.”[3]

In 1993 when Oredsson was 64/65 she penned a Swedish language autobiography entitled, När flaggstängerna blommade which was published in 2016 by Logik Förlag. This was translated into English in 2018 by Lisa Hellman for Logik Förlag and published in that year as When the Flagpoles Bloomed which is a direct translation of the original title. This can be purchased via Amazon here in English and here in Swedish and direct from the publisher here. This book is also available for free in English in MP3, PDF and EPUB formats, also available here. Reviewed here and here. A derogatory documentary on the NRM featuring Oredsson and Ursula Haverbeck can be viewed here with more details here.

Back cover description

Few subject evokes so many feelings as the Third Reich. Thousands and thousands of pages have been written about the revolutionary years in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. Portraits have been made of the great leaders, as well as the soldiers and generals. The events of the Second World War have been examined and twisted and turned in the countless number of books that have been written on the subject. Everyone from experts to amateur historians has expressed their opinions on the matter. But in the larger context, there is often one piece that is forgotten or not allowed to be heard: the story of the normal little person. This is her story.

Vera Oredsson was born in Berlin in 1928 and grew up in the changing Germany. She saw with her own eyes how the city she grew up in changed and how National Socialism swept across the country. We follow Miss Vera on her crazy adventures and attempts to run away, to her time in the Hitler Youth. With colorful descriptions without blinders she depicts the Third Reich through the eyes of a young girl and thus presents a totally unique perspective to one of the most discussed epochs in world history.

On April 20th 2016 she gave an interview with Mourning the Ancient. In 2018 Oredsson was unjustly sent to court for incitement to racial hatred, facing ridiculous Orwellian thought crime charges. In October 2018 she was acquitted on both counts of incitement to racial hatred for comments she wrote online in 2018. In October 2020 she gave an interview with the NRM entitled Mothers in the Struggle. In October 2022 she gave another interview to the Nordic Resistance Movement.

“People constantly criticise the Third Reich’s so-called dictatorship, but I believe democracy’s freedom of expression has greater restrictions than National Socialism ever did.”

– Vera Oredsson, Interview with NRM, October 13th 2022.

“Focus in the struggle against those who want to destroy the White Race.”

– Vera Oredsson, Interview with MtA, April 20th 2016.

“National Socialism must be involved in the home. I’m not saying you should brainwash your children and force them into it, because you absolutely shouldn’t. You should go about it in a natural way, since National Socialism is meant to be completely natural.”

– Vera Oredsson, Interview with NRM, October 21st 2020.

“Never deny your innermost convictions, and always correct accusations that you are a “Nazi”! I did this myself when the prosecutor asked if I was a so-called “Nazi”. Of course, I replied I was a National Socialist!”

– Vera Oredsson, Interview with NRM, October 13th 2022.






Oredsson and her sibling Folke Schimanski
Oredsson and her sibling Folke Schimanski

Vera Oredsson and husband Göran Assar Oredsson with son Rommel. 1972.
Oredsson and her sibling Folke Schimanski
Oredsson and her lawyer Henrik Mansfeld

Oredsson and Göran Assar Oredsson, 1970. Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats) Scroll further down for full article.
























































































































































Oredsson and Göran Assar Oredsson, 1970. Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats)


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