A little over a year ago, we had the opportunity to talk with a leading American racialist in the privacy of his home, where we could speak candidly. We asked him outright whether or not he was a National Socialist. His initial response was that he did not know how to answer our question, because, he said, if you asked 10 different National Socialists what their conception of National Socialism was, you were liable to get 10 different definitions.

The point is well taken. So that there is no confusion in the minds of our readers, let us here, at the very outset, define what the term National Socialism means to us:

National Socialism is the conscious application of the laws of Nature to human affairs, in general, and more specifically, to the affairs of the Aryan race.

The great National Socialist thinker Savitri Devi expressed the same thought more poetically in her masterwork, The Lightning and the Sun:

“. . . In its essence, the National Socialist Idea exceeds not only Germany and our times, but the Aryan race and mankind itself and any epoch; that it ultimately expresses that mysterious and unfailing wisdom according to which Nature lives and creates: the impersonal wisdom of the primeval forest and of the ocean depth and of the spheres in the dark fields of space, and that it was Adolf Hitler’s glory not merely to have gone back to that divine wisdom . . . but to have made it the basis of a practical regeneration policy of worldwide scope . . .”

Thus, in a very exact sense, we believe that the future of our Race is inseparably linked to National Socialism. Indeed, how can it be otherwise? Aryan humanity will either once again live in harmony with the natural order, or it will cease to live at all. The present state of affairs, in which our people live in open rebellion to Nature’s laws, must be viewed in terms of great historic perspective as a temporary dislocation, for no race can flout forever the scientific prerequisites which form the basis for its existence.

Sickness is never a permanent condition–the patient either recovers or dies.

Those racialists who seek some other cure for the ills now afflicting our folk are peddling a false panacea, however well-intentioned they may be. No political ideology, no economic reorganization, no social uplift or cultural renaissance, none of the various forms of Christianity nor any appeal to the pagan past of our ancestors–no, nothing at all except as an organic component of National Socialism offers any real hope to our people in this New Dark Age of racial disintegration and spiritual decay.

It will be National Socialism, or nothing at all.

The following further elucidate our understanding of National Socialism and the National Socialist struggle today:

White revolution is the only solution! Only the complete overthrow of the present race-destroying System, and the total obliteration of the Old Order which is represents, will serve the interests of our people. No reformism, and no compromise with the enemy!

Accordingly, the proper form for National Socialism to take at this time is that of a revolutionary political movement for the liberation of our people.

National Socialism must be a mass movement (which is not to say a mass party) if it is to be successful.

We reject terrorism as a strategy for White revolution and racial liberation, on the grounds that it is impractical.

National Socialism must be presented as being part of the future, and not as a nostalgic longing for the past. We must refrain from focusing on National Socialism prior to 1945, and instead leave that to those who are more concerned with it than we are. This certainly does not mean, however, that we fail to recognize the unique importance of Adolf Hitler either to our Race in general or to our Movement in particular.

We recognize that the National Socialist worldview, being based on the scientific method, is constantly evolving, and that it is not a static doctrine or a stale, dried-out dogma. Within the framework of its basic immutable principles, chief among which are the concepts of Race, Personality, and Struggle, it not only admits, but indeed welcomes new data concerning the history and biological condition of our Race, which challenge old assumptions, superstitions, and prejudices.

Pan-Aryanism is the keystone of National Socialist foreign policy. The narrow nationalism of the 19th century, which has helped keep our Race divided against itself for the benefit of our enemies, must be superseded by international Aryan solidarity. One Race, One Struggle, One Movement!

National Socialism must oppose both Capitalism and Marxism with equal force.

In keeping with the innermost kernel of the National Socialist Idea, our public outreach must embody our love of our Race and not the hatred of other peoples.

We view all Christianity as being fundamentally alien to the genius of our Race. It is a Levantine creed, based on a Levantine conception of god, and on Levantine spiritual values, and it cannot be effectively “Aryanized” by any method or interpretation. It is part of the problem facing our Race, not part of the solution.

Each of these points deserves further elaboration, discussion, and examination. Taken together, they serve as a solid foundation for the creation of a new, powerful, and victorious National Socialist movement. . .

[This manifesto was originally published in 1986. This text is taken from the complete edition as it appears in the 1992 edition of The National Socialist (International Bulletin), printed and distributed in the United Kingdom. A PDF scan of this document can be downloaded here. Regarding the text on this page I have only removed the irrelevant geographical references to America. The editors note to this reads: This manifesto, from 1986, was written to lay the foundations for the resurrection of the National Socialist movement in America following the collapse of the National Socialist White People’s Party. Although it has been circulated since then among Movement leaders, this is its first publication for a general readership. We present this document not as the final word on the subject, but rather as a starting point for discussion. We solicit your evaluation of the issues it raises and the approach it takes.]


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