Neo-Nutzism/Nazism is a Jewish caricature of Aryan National Socialism; a Jewish distortion and corruption sold to the sheeple and adopted by the gullible and naive. This website is concerned with facts and direct sources regarding National Socialism, and not endless babble and neo-Nutzi claptrap.

Most neo-Nutzis and skinheads subculture folk dislike us for this. They could learn a lot from the Hitlerjugend and the works they put out about appearance. But then most of them don’t/can’t read. They’re too caught up in the Jewish Hollywood caricature of National Socialism that our enemies put out and fall for it hook, line and sinker. We are happy they don’t associate with us or our groups. We have higher standards and we don’t care who we offend with this stance. See the chapter False Salvation: The Hollywood Nazi by Mark Collett from his book The Fall of Western Man. This book can be downloaded for free here.

See also We Are National Socialists, Not ‘Nazis’ by Matthias Koehl and Don’t Be Another White Mug.

Search our website for documents that can be read for those wishing to learn about the true worldview of National Socialism, as opposed to caricature and lies our enemies spew about it.


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