Perhaps no book is less known, yet more important, than the Shulchan Aruch.

Most people have heard of the Talmud-that compendium of Jewish laws, and thus the essence of Judaism. The Talmud, however, is vast and largely inscrutable for non-Jews. Fortunately, back in the mid-1500s, a Jewish rabbi named Joseph Karo decided to create a condensed, compact version of the Talmud. He called it ‘the set table’: the Shulchan Aruch.

Most of the Shulchan Aruch deals with inter-Jewish laws, but a fair number of passages discuss non-Jews-the Gentiles, or in less polite terms, the ‘goyim.’ As it happens, the laws of Judaism hold Gentiles in very low regard; they can be cheated, lied to, abused, even killed, if it serves Jewish interests. Jewish supremacy reigns throughout the Talmud and the Shulchan Aruch.

In Weimar Germany, a German scholar of religion and the Hebrew language named Erich Bischoff decided to write a summary and analysis of this most-important of books. In 1929, he published Das Buch vom Schulchan Aruch-the present work. Never before or since has a knowledgeable scholar conducted such an honest and critical study. Here, we see many dark corners of the Jewish religion exposed; here, we see exactly how Jews view the contemptible goyim.

This book is invaluable for all those interested in cutting through the fog and obscurity of the Talmud, and in getting to the heart of Jewish thinking and Jewish attitudes: the Shulchan Aruch.

“Finally we have an English translation of Bischoff’s milestone work from 1942. All those who have been stymied by the cryptic theology of the Talmud now have a clear, concise, and eye-opening assessment by a non-Jewish observer. It is no exaggeration to say that this book is one-of-a-kind. No other such analysis exists. This casts a whole new-and highly damning-light on contemporary Jews everywhere. Outstanding.”

– Halcyon Reviews

“I must admit to hearing stories over the years of Jewish malfeasance hidden in the Talmud, but I was never able to confirm them. Here, working with the “condensed Talmud” of the Shulchan Aruch, Bischoff digs up these truly shocking aspects of Jewish law. The bits on child sexuality are both perverse and criminal. If this describes the outlook of even a fraction of Jews around the world, we are in deep trouble. Highly recommended.”

– Times Literary Review

Below you can read the first two pages of the 11 page foreword by Prof. Dr. Thomas Dalton, Ph.D. (translator and editor, Clemens & Blair, LLC (January 1st 2023)) to the translation of Das Buch vom Schulchan Aruch.

The foreword contains sections on Judaism in Context, The Shulchan Aruch, The Present Edition and Relevance for Today.

Also included in the images below are the contents page and the blurb.

The book is 152 pages in length, which includes the foreword by Dr. Dalton, an introduction by Erich Bischoff, and two appendixes.

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