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Victory they call it
As Coloureds roam the street,
Daily demonstrating
The White man’s defeat.

We were saved from Hitler,
The brainwashed fools proclaim,
Taking racial mixture
As their peacetime aim.

Six million Jews were slaughtered,
Survivors now all say,
Coming from extinction
To tell their tale today.

Thank goodness for Democracy,
All the benefit it’s brought,
To push your Tesco trolley
Full of guaranteed good thought.

If Hitler had succeeded,
This would not have been allowed.
Ours would be a White man’s land,
Strong, upright and unbowed.

So sing a song for victory
And the freedom we now find.
Hebrew Howard is our censor,
White the media moulds the mind.

It won’t be long before we
Are full purged of racial hate,
As multiracial zombies
Of the kosher New World State.

[Source: Colin Jordan, Gothic Ripples, No. 32, September 1995.]

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