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I often read that those British patriots that fought in the British Free Corps, or the Britisches Freikorps unit of the Waffen-SS under the banner of the Swastika for Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany against the plague of Bolshevism and for the continuation and security of Western civilisation[1] were nothing more than ‘odd-balls, criminals, misfits, malingers, conmen, and saboteurs’.

“If” true, and for the vast majority it wasn’t, and their were many, many more recruits than establishment and conformist historians wish to reveal, that such details, it has to be admitted were fundamentally insignificant and absolutely didn’t matter when these same men were lied to in order to join up and fight in that Jewish and White-Jew traitor instigated war as cannon fodder in the meat grinder that was the unnecessary Second World War.

And who was the principal British gangster that led millions like sheep to the slaughter? Winston Churchill![2] Yes, Churchill, that shabbos goy politician, alcoholic, coward, obese slob, unprincipled warmonger, liar, gambling addict, outright admitted proud Zionist, and Jewish cat’s paw and Shylockian lickspittle lackey who was in massive financial debt to his cabalistic Yiddish puppeteers.

Do we ever read or watch in the controlled mainstream lügenpresse or in books issued by the thoroughly corrupt publishing houses about those ‘odd-balls, criminals, misfits, malingers, conmen, and saboteurs’ that fought and died under the Jewnion Jack for the “British” regime? No! Those histories and biographical details are kept under wraps, if investigated at all! Those who sadly and unnecessarily fought and died for this shylocratic, plutocratic, kleptocratic and kakistocratic system of governance are showered in love and adoration alone.

The hypocrisy and sheer vindictiveness of it is sickening, but what else is to be expected from these ultra parasitic sewer dwellers that feast on the rotting corpse of the Land of Hope and Glory; the rancid and maggot infested cadaver of their own making.

And what exactly[3] did these men that fought on the allied side actually fight and die for? Those that fought will tell you[4]. But simply look around you for the answer!

Multiculturalism has unquestionably failed[5] and is a sham[6], diversity just means less White people where anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White[7], anti-White racism, race-mixing[8], the enrichment that uncontrolled non-White immigration brings is ethnic conflict, more crime, more rape, and more murder.

And today, who should we blame; Jews[9] or ourselves[10] first? The answer which may leave a bad taste in your mouth is that we need to recognise that the problem is us and the traitors are psychotic[11].

“If the soldiers and sailors who stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944 could see what England would be like at the end of this century, they would not have got 50 yards up the beach. I think they would have given up in disgust.”[12]

– Historian David Irving, Lipstadt Trial, day 2, January 12, 2000

It was all a lie! And whilst I won’t blame those that did fight against Hitler and National Socialism, and it needs to be remembered that they didn’t have access to the information and on the scale and free access that we have it today (yet even then we still fall for it with the ongoing wars of today), I also won’t denigrate those that did at the time eventually and ultimately come to see the the truth.

What I will say however, is that whilst we should remember those of our folk that died fighting Hitler, as wrong as it was, and it REALLY was, I will also give a cheer for the volunteers of the British Free Corps!

All hail the British Free Corps!


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