We Shall Never Forgive And Never Forget!

Disclaimer: Do not misinterpret what is written in this article. In no way whatsoever is violence of ANY sort being advocated or called for. Dealing with corrupt individuals and institutions should and will be done through the legal process and only the legal process. Reminder: Don’t Be Another White Mug!

On March 22nd 2020, the beautiful and innocent young child, 7-year-old Emily Grace was brutally murdered by having her throat slit in Greater Manchester’s Victorian park of Queen’s Park in Bolton whilst playing and riding her scooter.

The savage beast that murdered her? A 30-year-old female Albanian illegal immigrant by the name of Eltiona Skana who entered this country illegally through a trafficker in 2014 and was granted residency by the criminal ruling regime in 2018.

After seeking out her target and murdering her, Skana was tackled to the ground by a passer-by and restrained until authorities arrived.

Yesterday, December 4th, murder charges were dropped. This is England 2020.

This is obviously a travesty of justice but only one of countless examples, and it doesn’t stop only at the courts, but if anyone were to publish a book on the topic detailing each and every one, it would constitute volumes.

Once you realise how utterly rotten the system of democracy is, only then you will fully be able to understand where I am coming from with the below. But I wager thinking people out there already understand this completely. You only need to open your eyes and reject the state-media induced coma our people are under.

I despise every last policeman, politician, court official and talking head. Unless they speak out from the rooftops and/or resign in disgust at this and hundreds of other examples, like the mass rape and high level cover-up of young White girls up and down this country, the murder of our people by racial aliens, the giving of lesser sentences for crimes committed by non-Whites, the adoration of non-White victims of murder, then they are all absolute scum and no better than the killers, rapists and paedophiles they protect with their silence and consent by carrying out the narrative and orders of the establishment against our people and our country.

This is how corrupt it is and this only scratches the very surface, as leader of Patriotic Alternative, Mark Collett, has said:

“Paedophiles are given suspended sentences and walk free whilst this pensioner died in jail after being sent down for playing classical music too loud. Let that sink in…”

The police, courts, parliament and controlled media need to be cleansed from top to bottom, rooted out from the bowels of this corrupt system and jailed for their complicity.

Are you not as glad as I that millions of our people fought and died to protect our “freedom” and “justice” in the Second World War? How laughable! The harsh truth is that they all died in vain due to lies and manipulation by those we cannot name and their lickspittle Shabbos-goy lackeys; the same people that lie about the man that wanted to prevent war. And no, I’m not talking about that obese warmongering Zionist slob Churchill.

As historian David Irving has quite correctly stated

“If the soldiers and sailors who stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944 could see what England would be like at the end of this century, they would not have got 50 yards up the beach. I think they would have given up in disgust.”

My grandfather who fought in the British Royal Navy during World War II said a very similar thing.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself in order to remind myself, as if waking myself up from a delusional “life is beautiful” nightmare of a dream that whilst I occasionally think that there are some decent police officers, politicians, and media personalities out there, at the end of the day they are ALL willingly working for a corrupt, tyrannical and vile abuse of power obsessed establishment. 

This is the same plutocratic parliamentary-democratic-capitalist Shylocracy of a system we live under which is controlled by psychopathic anti-Whites that want to see us all subjugated, weak, mongrelised, and begging for permission and forgiveness, if not outright dead! It was a conspiracy! They even admit multiculturalism has failed and is a racket, even the elite express this. But apparently it is our fault, even though we were never asked.

Such disdain do the elites that lord over is have for the victims of multiculturalism that it has been said,

“Those abused girls in Rotheham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity!”

The police, this institution of evil with “decent family men and women” that I am occasionally reminded of that apparently work in “the force” and “aren’t all the same” as “bad apples exist in all areas of life.” This mindless, naïve and ignorant comment is usually followed by the statement that they should all be “judged individually” if any wrongdoing is done. Yet, they happen to work in this area of life that give them absolute authority and power over you and will do their masters bidding to the full extent and absolutely without question. People forget that they work for us and not over us. Unless these “decent ones” either speak out openly within the job or quit in disgust and then speak out, then they are all alike.

It has to be remembered for all time that they, for decades, are complicit in the cover-up of the rape, torture, and murder of thousands of young White girls up and down this country and even more-so across the whole of our beautiful Europe. 

Many “officers of the law” show no shame in abusing their powers and detain and arrest anyone that even remotely speaks out against their corrupt behaviour or their abuse of power in arresting young men that distribute legal leaflets to the public exposing such. Yet they turn a blind eye to MP expenses scandals and far greater debauched acts of criminality within the whole repulsive System itself, including within their own institution. 

The police for example, and I am talking about EVERY last one of them in this regard from the top down are corrupt, nefarious, rotten, unethical, venal, vile, sadistic, disgusting and weak little petty agents of pure evil that no respect whatsoever should be shown. 

These reservoirs of human waste and decadence that we call the police, courts, academia, media and parliament should have the parasitic elements that infest them ripped out absolutely from top to bottom and from every crevice from which they hide and throne they lord over us from and which they hide and spew forth their liberal degeneracy. No stone should be left unturned in order to protect our people and our nation!

We may not have the power right now to deal with these sycophants and parasites, but we will, and when we do, we will most certainly square accounts!

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Here you will find the unedited version of the article which featured on the Patriotic Alternative website. (Respect is given for the editing done for the PA website edition).