A Great Idea (1976) by Colin Jordan

Individuals, organizations and nations, are living organisms not just legal entities; as such they are subject to changes and evolution.

The National Socialist Movement in America and around the world is no exception and in this period goes through its first major “Crise de conscience” (re-evaluation) in 30 years.

Why now? Largely because a new generation of leaders is taking over everywhere. They are not as steeped in orthodoxy as the “Wartime” generation. They know National Socialism not from experiencing it in their own lives as it really was, back in the glorious 30’s and early 40’s, they know it from hear-say and usually from propaganda films, news reels, and books.

Thus they were exposed for a long period of time more to the myth, often created by Jewish propagandists, then to the reality of every day political struggle.

Once the individual decides to leave the comfortable role of the idol worshipper, the role of religious convert in fact, who reads his bible “Mein Kampf” and listens to old recordings and watches old films, the budding activist is usually still a prisoner of the book. He tries to reuse some of the tactics employed by Hitler’s young movement and soon finds that in today’s world many things have changed. Soon a metamorphosis takes place and ever more of his activities are determined by his own surroundings, place and time, also by his own qualities and by the men and material at hand.

The National Socialist Movement is now coming of age—the mere convert to the new faith—is now living it, breathing it, and having to shape and form it and himself to the new reality. To his reality, to his time, his place and his level of understanding.

Myth versus Reality

The greatest myth that the National Socialist movement has to debunk is the one of “legality” or achieving power by legal means only. This misconception is based on Hitler’s promise to the Munich and Bavarian authorities after his unsuccessful attempt to seize power by a revolutionary military putsch, “to never try that again”. Hitler had little choice. The promise was wrung from him under duress and threat of a long prison sentence undoubtedly delivered with gnashing teeth.

Few National Socialists seem to remember, or the newer and younger ones simply do not know, that he had “Redeverbot”, was forbidden to speak by that time in all but two of the German provinces. What else could he do but agree to strictly legal-democratic methods. He was an orator, not a writer or wild-eyed bomb thrower. He took the only logical way out and agreed solemnly to only achieve power legally. Legally in the context of his time and place, Weimar Republic Germany in the 1920’s.

His tactical move then should not condemn any other National Socialist anywhere else, most especially not in Germany, much less America, of today, to become prisoners of Hitler’s momentary compromise with the powers that were.

This is precisely the problem with trying to follow a brilliant man, operating from a different powerbase in a bygone era. National Socialists everywhere must throw overboard the useless baggage of hampering orthodoxy.

National Socialism is the first attempt by mankind to combine the laws of Nature, which is the force of life itself, with a political idea, expressed in organizational terms.

All other movements up till now were anti-Nature, preaching either the divine Right of Kings, the superior wisdom of whole castes like Aristocrats, or the liberal, communist, capitalist clap-trap of the equality of men, of women, of races ad infinitum.
The adherents and believers in these anti-nature, anti-life, unnatural dogmas have for centuries retarded and by force of arms, persecution, police brutality, the courts and every other evil device prevented the progress of mankind itself.

Are we National Socialists to fall into the same trap? Hopefully not!

For if we fail—may the lord help this world.

What is now taking place in the National Socialist Movement, was long in coming and can only be welcomed.

Finally new leaders, new activists, and above all, new ideas are being seriously discussed and have already been tried. That some of them have failed does not mean that they are invalid, and should not be tried again.

Especially America with its diverse and interesting people can be a great proving ground, for new tactics, in the struggle for power.

There are many things the great white prophet, Adolf Hitler, said and did, which have eternal and also universal application. National Socialism without them would not be thinkable.

To turn tactical moves by him into everlasting principles of eternal value would not only be stupid, but constitute treason on National Socialism itself.

The German people are the least revolutionary tribe of our great White race. Both Marx and Lenin recognized that and despaired and made fun of their fellow “German Communists” on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, the German people, and also the early National Socialists, like White people everywhere have a breaking point. True, their fuses are long, but when injustices, treason by high officials, and harassment by police forces and the courts became unbearable, they did strike back.

There was Albert Leo Schlageter who blasted the railroad tracks in the Ruhr to prevent the robbing of the Ruhr and coal fields by the French Occupation Forces.
There were those German officers who, at point blank range, shot the Jew Chancellor Rathenau dead for his betrayal of German interests and his inflationary politics.
There are many more acts of desperation too numerous to mention.

White America just celebrated the two hundredth birthday of its revolution. How many acts of harassment and sabotage against the British and other “Establishment figures and institutions” of early Colonial America preceeded America’s Independence?

The Jew’s have studied and analyzed Hitler’s success in seizing power in Germany in the minutest detail. They have erected roadblock after roadblock and every conceivable defensive mechanism in every country they control around the globe in order to prevent a re-occurrence of such a traumatic event. Hitler came too close for their comfort, he nearly called their game.

Therefore, any attempt by any National Socialist movement or leader anywhere on the planet, to copy and pattern his moves after Hitler, is doomed to failure, before the first word is ever spoken, and move is ever made.

This is not a minus for us—it is our chief hope for success—for even the Jews are human. They have, like the French Military after WWI, created a magnificent defensive network, their Maginot Line, except with them it is human rights codes. Equal Opportunity Legislation, Non-discrimination laws and phony Genocide legislation.
They have, in effect, armed themselves for the last war. By what many Neo-Nazis fancy themselves as calling “Linientreue”, or adherence to the partyline, i.e. orthodoxy, plays right into the hands of the Jew-Establishment.

With mathematical certainty and computer print out immovability, they could calculate our each and every move—blocking, checking and defeating us at every turn.

National Socialists will win victory after victory; we will turn our seeming defeat into a rout of the enemy’s of all life and beauty by unorthodoxy.

We must study the works of our erstwhile enemies. They have decades of revolutionary experience under their belts, and all the resources of the entire state at their hands. Now that they have achieved power over many of our fellow men, they brag how they did it.

Study their methods, National Socialists; study and learn. Beware, however, don’t lose your soul to cheap high-flying slogans in the process.

Reflect on what you read—much of it is useless to us and repels us by its senseless destruction. We are not anarchists, nor Nihilists or Sadists or even ill-adjusted, dirty, long-haired, malcontents. We are builders of a new Society based on Natural Laws and Natural Order. Where the wisest and most gifted will lead, not the wealthiest and bought-off, corrupt representatives of some special interest lobby.

You cannot rear a well-balanced civilized child by merciless beating and senseless brutality, but by measured doses of love, leadership by example and the odd spanking.

So it will be with us, individually and the movement collectively. Only when every act and thought, as well as every deed, is guided by the criterion: “Will it serve our people to survive, to become better, to be safer, to go on to fulfil their god-ordained role in bringing order where there is chaos, joy where there is fear, health where there is degeneracy and disease.” Only then will we win.

Only when we have achieved the maturity to want nothing for ourselves personally, that we do not work for personal self-aggrandizement, for personal glory, personal wealth or power, will we be allowed by the inscrutable forces of destiny to say truly of ourselves, that the best will lead and that we are the best!

Much hard work, study, soul-searching and sacrifice will preceed this glorious day, when the forces of evil and darkness will have been defeated globally, and the glorious red banner with its ancient symbol, the black Aryan cross on the white circle of purity, will have replaced the bloody hammer and sickle and the cursed Star of David, as the new symbol of a great new Golden Age.

Study carefully the following pages, they deserve your total undivided attention.

[Source: Originally the uncredited Foreword by Colin Jordan (this text has 6 minor corrections by Nathan R. Lawrence) to Rex Springfield’s booklet, Power Struggle: Today for the Movement, Tomorrow for the World (For Race and Nation) which contains Springfield’s article, ‘The NS Struggle In America Today’ and makes up the remainder of the booklet. Published by White Power Publications, Liverpool, West Virginia 25257, September 1976. This booklet has since been republished as A Great Idea: National Socialism Then and Now, and often incorrectly titled A Great Idea: National Socialism Then and Now, For Race and Nation – A Philosophical Appraisal. A PDF of this article can be downloaded from the Colin Jordan Memorial Project from here.]