Why I Am A National Socialist . . . And Why You Should Be, Too
by Colin Jordan

DEMOCRACY, the harm it has done and the harm it is doing to Britain, has made me a National Socialist, bringing me to see in that system which it has opposed and defamed frantically, which rejuvenated Germany 30 years ago, the only means for saving Britain from ruination today.

In the 1930s, when I was a boy at school, our country was the head of the greatest empire the world has ever seen, containing within its bounds almost every material resource it required, virtually capable of self-sufficiency. Her natural ally was her great brother-nation of Germany. Together they would have been invincible: no power, Communist or Coloured, could have jeopardized them. United in peace, Britain, applying herself to the betterment of her people, could have achieved a fabulous prosperity, alongside the reborn Germany with its massive social and economic achievements.

Instead, our democratic politicians, responsive to Jewish pressure, fulminated against Germany, and sent us to war against her in 1939 for no adequate British reason whatsoever in the greatest act of folly in our history, and for six years British lives and resources were thrown away on a colossal scale in democracy’s mad war. This, our politicians pretended, was necessary to preserve our freedom and our heritage. Since then our freedom in its full sense, our heritage, the true interests of our nation have been monstrously betrayed by these politicians of democracy.

As a direct result of the war, in which democratic Britain allied herself to the Soviet Union against anti-Communist Germany, Communism took over Eastern Europe and became the menace it is today to Britain and the rest of Western Europe.

Our empire, the monumental creation of our forefathers for our power and prosperity, has been given up piece by piece, and, as the final degradation, we have the spectacle of our present misrulers striving to force our White kinsfolk in Rhodesia to submit to Black domination. Britain has relinquished her headship of empire and her national sovereignty for membership of and subordination to the cosmopolitan United Nations Organization, dominated by the Afro-Asian element, and devoted to the concepts of racial equality and racial mixture inimical to the security of the White people of Britain and elsewhere.


While democratic Britain has been increasingly subjected to alien influences on the outside, internally the years since the war have seen the massive increase of Jewish influence over the economic, cultural and political life of the country, despite the fact that Jews have acquired a state of their own, Israel, during this period. At the same time as the upholders of democracy have countenanced this usurpation as a matter of principle, the have allowed, encouraged and promoted the invasion of Britain by Coloured immigrants to the extent of now over a million, and with every sign of continuing indefinitely as an essential expression of democracy, which stands for racial amalgamation and firmly against any idea of preserving this land for its White, Anglo-Saxon stock to whom it truly belongs.

This progressive takeover of Britain has proceeded in the general atmosphere of decadence which is the result and practice of democratic thought. Our children, given no inspiring patriotic ideals and disciplined training in service to the nation while at school, leave school in the majority of cases to drift aimlessly, succumbing to the degeneracy of “pop” and jazz music, pep pills, and the habits of the beatnik; and expressing their frustrations in vandalism and hooliganism. The adult population, ceaselessly bombarded with the sentiments of race mixture and egoistic materialism from the press, radioand TV, has largely developed an attitude of servile acceptance to the growing influx and ascendancy of the alien, and an indifference to the nation as whole and its future.


This is what democracy has done to Britain, and in revolt against it all, I am a National Socialist. I believe that, if there is anything worth fighting for, it is to preserve my own race in possession and control of my homeland, and to see that our resources of all kinds are used to the full betterment of our own nation. That belief is the very basis of National Socialism. It inspired the great revolt in Germany in the 1930s which raised a beaten, demoralised and impoverished nation to a splendour of united idealism and national achievement never before known, yet misrepresented by the lie machines of democracy on a scale unprecedented in history. Only the same belief in our race and nation, the same awareness of the need for a whole change of system and a new way of life in pursuit of that belief, and the same iron determination to fight to victory regardless of the opposition, can save Britain from the slow death which is democracy, and make her great again and greater than before.

If you see things as I do, and I believe as I do, then you are at heart a National Socialist also, and, if you are, it is your duty to declare yourself, and come forward and take your place in the Battle for Britain.

[Source: Jordan, Colin; Why I Am A National Socialist . . . And Why You Should Be, Too (NSM Leaflet, Pheonix Press, 1962). Reprinted in full in Twaz a Good Fight! The Life of Colin Jordan by Stephen L. Frost, M.A., N.S. Press UK, 2014, Appendix, p. 335. The old Britons’ bookshop at 74 Princedale Road became the Phoenix Bookshop, and the printing press became the Phoenix Press of the National Socialist Movement. According to Heritage and Destiny magazine (Issue 37, July-September 2009) in which it was reprinted in full (p. 21) they state, “Editor’s note: This essay first appeared in The National Socialist, the newspaper of the National Socialist Movement, Summer 1966.”]