An interview with the Portuguese magazine ‘Justica & Liberdade’ (Justice & Freedom), 1997.

Colin Jordan: An example for many people!

Whether or not you support the National Socialist ideology that Colin Jordan defends, the fact is that no-one can stay indifferent to the courage and will of this man, a man who has fought tirelessly for many years for what he believes in.

Not even the arrests and attacks, his advanced age or the fact that he has some physical limitations has made him regret the actions taken by him in the past. These have made Colin Jordan an example to follow for many National Socialists and others around the world.

It is interesting to remember that several people from the left and many Jews describe Jordan as the biggest authority on National Socialism alive today in Britain. That’s another reason for our readers to carefully read this interview and to discover what the true ideals of this genuine and well known British National Socialist, who was born in Birmingham in 1923, are. 

At a time when it is rare for him to give interviews, Mr Jordan decided to answer some of our questions. So, without the usual deturpation and censorship that the media of today have made us grow accustomed to when they deal with National Socialists, you have this interview. 

J&L: When and why did your interest in politics begin?

Colin Jordan: My political interest emerged during the war from my reading, becoming active in form in 1942, when I joined a nationalist party. That interest had developed out of a love for the countryside and a zeal for life in accord with Nature. At the end of the war I came in contact with Arnold Leese, Britain’s pioneer of National-Socialism, who had a very powerful influence on the development of my views to the point of distinct National-Socialism.

J&L: Since you’re NS, how did you regard the Second World War that brought conflict between your Country and Germany? 

Colin Jordan: By 1944 I had come to favour a negotiated peace between Britain and Germany, seeing at least partially by then the attractive features of National-Socialist Germany, and deploring the fratricidal conflict contrary to Britain’s true interests.

J&L: Is it true that there were many British political prisoners in England both during and after the War? 

Colin Jordan: In 1940 around a thousand active members of the British Union of Fascists led by Sir Oswald Mosley and the Imperial Fascist League of Arnold Leese, along with other opponents of the war, were intemed without trial under wartime Regulation 18B. WIlliam Joyce and John Amery were executed for “treason” held to have been committed by them in broadcasting on the German radio, and, in Amery’s case, trying to recruit British prisoners-of-war for the German-sponsored British Free Corps.

J&L: How old were you when Rudolf Hess, during the II War, went to Scotland trying to bring peace between the two Countries? How do you remember that period? 

Colin Jordan: I was 17 and still at school when my father came into my bedroom one morning in 1941 with news from the radio of Rudolf Hess’s arrival in Britain in the cause of peace. My parents and I hoped his mission would be successful, and we were subsequently disgusted at his conviction at Nuremberg and imprisonment for life. I started campaigning for Hess’s release in 1960 with a poster calling in a number of languages for his release. In 1963 on the day on which I was released from my first imprisonment I went immediately to the Foreign Office in London to deliver a written demand for the release of Rudolf Hess. Over the subsequent years till Hess’s murder, probably by the British SAS, I continually produced literature calling for his release, and repeatedly sent letters to the Foreign Office urging this.

J&L: In 1993 a stone was erected in Scotland to honour that “messenger of peace”, right? Can you tell us who build it and what happened later? 

Colin Jordan: The Hess memorial stone was the idea of veteran National-Socialist Tom Graham who financed it, negotiated the landowner’s permission for its erection, and who, despite being a great age, personally erected it with the help of another supporter on the exact spot where Hess landed in 1941. It was attacked and destroyed by the organiser (an Asian) of the local Anti-Nazi League, helped by other members of this vicious communistic organisation. When the police failed to prosecute these people, I pursued long and persistent efforts to persuade the Scottish legal authorities to prosecute, but they refused both to do so publicly and to allow me to do so privately.

J&L: One of the organizations that you founded was the “National Socialist Movement” on the 20th April 1962. Tell us a little about the activity held in July! 

Colin Jordan: Within 3 months of the foundation of the National Socialist Movement we managed to secure the necessary permission to hold an open-air meeting in central London’s Trafalgar Square in July 1962. Police estimated the audience at 5.000. A huge placard on the platform proclaimed “Free Britain from Jewish Control”. A large body of Jews and Communists stationed themselves at the very front of the crowd before the meeting began, and, when it began, hurled missiles and attempted to break through the police cordon. Repeatedly the police required the speeches to be halted while they strove to regain control. Finally, within 5 minutes of the end of the final speech, when I was telling the crowd that “Hitler was Right”, the police had to close the meeting because of the furious reaction of the Jews and communists to my words. Massive UK and intemational publicity resulted, every London daily newspaper featuring it frontpage. It was undoubtedly the biggest and most publicized anti-jewish public meeting in British history. Two of the speakers, John Tyndall (then my second-in-command and now head of the British National Party) and myself, were afterwards prosecuted for our speeches. John Tyndall was fined and I was given a months’s imprisonment, this taking effect while I was shortly afterwards serving 9 months imprisonment for the-organisation of the Spearhead, the N.S.M. defence corps.

J&L: Was there such a big Jewish influence? And now? 

Colin Jordan: Then and now Jews have a dominant influence in Britain, and that influence works in a multitude of ways against the true interests multiracial world order. Top Jews include such as the Home Secretary Michael Howard and the Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind in the government of John Major who is married to a Jewess. They include moguls of the media such as newspapers and television owner Rupert Murdoch, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Director of Programmes Alan Yentob, Channel 4 television chief Michael Grade, Grenada television chairman Alex Bernstein, and Carlton broadcasting boss Michael Green. They include supermarket owners such as the Cohen family (Tesco supermarket) and the Sainsbury family (Sainsbury supermarket), and property emperors such as the owners of Benzion Freshwater and Chelsfield and the 400 companies of the Berger family. They include the controllers of commerce ranging from Betterware (household equipment), Reebok (footwear), Tabatznik (pharmaceuti cals) and Dixons (electrical goods) to the Marks & Spencer clothing and food chain, the giant department stores of the David Lewis family, and the huge mail-order firm Great Universal Stores founded by Isaac Wolfson. They include bankers such as Lord Rothschild and financial speculators like George Soros.

J&L: What did you mean in the meeting when you said Hitler was right?

Colin Jordan: In proclaiming “Hitler was Right” I believe I was right in making race the basis of politics and in perceiving that democracy is death; right in standing for the unity of the folk community above class division, and in opposing race mixture and advocating race betterment (eugenics); right in fighting Communism; right in overthrowing the restrictive shackles of International Finance; right in treating agriculture as of basic importance for the nation and thus in assuring security and welfare to the peasantry; and right in effectively caring for the health and social welfare and economic justice of the people. There is no reliable evidence whatsoever that 6 million Jews were exterminated on Hitler’s orders or with his knowledge, or that millions of Jews were gassed by Nazis; and the huge number of “survivors” testifies to this. Further indicative of this is the fact that not only has any proper objective examination of the propaganda been evaded, but the most intensive efforts have been and are being made to prevent free discussion of the subject. It has been possible to lie to the world for 50 years because of Jewish power over the world media and the subservience of the politicians of democracy to that power, and the zeal of the Jews in propagating what they regard as a master method to deter people from any critical appraisal of the Jews, and so to prevent any revival of the Aryan liberation force which is National Socialism.

J&L: Since people can only relate Hitler with. death and destruction, tell us what were the best things he did. 

Colin Jordan: The best things Hitler did were to end mass unemployment and the malnutrition of the masses; to safeguard the German peasantry; to bring the Nation together in pride and zeal for service to it through the magnificient Hitler Youth and Labour Service; to combat decadent art and music; and to rebuild the German military capacity for self-defence while introducing unique measures of social and economic reform.

J&L: In your opinion, what are the main differences between Fascism and National Socialism? 

Colin Jordan: Fascism is an ideology of the supremacy of the state, set above race. National-Socialism is an ideology of the supremacy of the race. Fascism is thus narrowly nationalistic whereas National-Socialism, because of its racial basis, has a global application. . Fascism goes hand-in-hand with Christianity whereas National-Socialism, because of its racial content, is essentially anti-Christian.

J&L: In 1967 you were arrested again. What was the motive? 

Colin Jordan: In 1967, in the first sustained conviction under the new “racial hatred” law, I was honoured by being given, as my second period in gaol, 18 months imprisonment for 2 items of literature, one a pamphlet entitled “The Coloured Invasion”, the other a leaflet with an illustration of a Jew cracking a whip over the grovelling figures of representatives of the old parties. In my gaol experience the worst things were not the living conditions but the separation from friends and family, and the limitation of one’s use of time, although prison does give one ample time to read and to think.

J&L:  Were there any Nationalist activities to expose your situation? 

Colin Jordan: Both times I was imprisoned, there were efforts both in this Country and abroad on my behalf. Such signs of solidarity, including letters from supporters, are very important indeed to a political prisoner in sustaining his morale.

J&L: Still about those pamphlets, how really big was the problem of the non-white immigration?

Colin Jordan: At the time of my second imprisonment (1967) the consequences of the Coloured Invasion of Britain were already very severe. Now, the situation in all cities and towns of size are appalling. Some schools in inner London and in other places also, like Wolverhampton and Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham, do indeed now have only a tiny minority of White children. In such schools they place increasing emphasis on Coloured customs and religions and on all ways of elevating Coloured people in comparison to Whites; this by multiracialist teachers of Leftist outlook, concerned to stiffle natural feelings of White racial identity and pride. There will either be a successful revolt by our people during the next few decades or they will certainly become a downtrodden and degraded minority in what was once their Country.

J&L: Few years ago you wrote a book called “Merrie England 2000” which caused many repression, right?

Colin Jordan: When my book “Merrie England 2000” was published, the press reported that the Jewish community was demanding action to ban it. However, this came shortly after my successful action in High Court causing the abandonment of a new prosecution against me for possessing for distribution various other literature, and the authorities evidently felt that a renewed prosecution then would put them in a bad light as appearing to retaliate for my victory. So nothing has been done against the book so far, and it is available from me direct at one Pound plus another Pound for postage outside the U.K.

J&L: So what was the book about?

Colin Jordan: “Merrie England 2.000” foreshadows the state of England in a few years at the end of the present century going on present trends. My first book was “Fraudulent Conversion” on the Jewishness of Communist leadership worldwive, published in 1955 and now out-of print. A pamphlet of mine called “A Train of Thought”, published some years ago, is still available from me at 0.25 Pound plus 0.30 Pound for postage outside the UK. A collection of my writings, including that pamphlet, was published in Denmark in 1993, entitled “National Socialism: Vanguard of the Future”, and is still available from me at 5 Pounds plus one Pound more for postage outside the UK.

J&L: Lately you often say in your publications that “Freedom is in Peril, today as never before”. Is this really so? 

Colin Jordan: Yes, I have personally experienced in recent years the extent to which “Freedom is in Peril” in Britain today; this in the failed attempt to prosecute me in 1991 at the instigation of the Jewish Member of Partiament Gerald Kaufman. The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 incorporates revised and extended action against either the distribution or the possession for distribution of literature which is held to be “insulting” or “threatening” or “abusive” to a racial element in the population of this Country, and held to be intended to or likely to cause racial hatred against that racial element. This is the furthest extent of the law at present, but Jews and their supporters are agitating for further extensions all the time, and quite likely such extensions will be made before long, particularly if the Labour Party is elected at the next General Election. Under existing law truth is not accepted as exoneration: this was made clear in the judge’s concluding summary in my 1967 trial.

J&L: Many people after spending 5, 10 or 20 years of their lives fighting for something they believe in, they stop working and say or that they’ve done many things already, let others do it now, or that it will be almost impossible to win. Why haven’t you done the same?

Colin Jordan: For the real National Socialist (which I hope I measure up to) the struggle is the great purpose of life. Even if it could be proved beyond the slightest doubt that we will not succeed and are doomed to failure, it would still be a necessity of life for the real National Socialist to fight for the cause to the utmost, and to inflict as such punishment as possible on the enemy.

J&L: Plans for the future? 

Colin Jordan: My plans for the future are, because of my age and disabling arthritis, limited to my writings which I aim to continue as long as my life and my capacity allows.  

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