Unity Valkyrie Mitford (August 8th 1914 – May 28th 1948), conceived in Swastika, Ontario and born in London was an English aristocratic socialite and fervent supporter of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

On June 23rd 1935 Julius Streichter, founder of the newspaper, Der Stürmer invited her to the annual Hesselberg mountain regional Hitler Youth festival, the Franktentag [Franconia region day], organized by Julius Streicher.

A silent film of the festival in question featuring Unity can be viewed below.

As Streichter addressed the 200,000 strong crowd of Hitler Youth, he invited Unity onto the podium beside him before two large microphones where she addressed the crowd in an impromptu speech.

Two weeks later she wrote an open letter to Streichter’s newspaper (Unity Mitford: Brief einer Engländerin, Der Stürmer, Juli 1935).

This letter has not been translated into English in full before today. The following is a translation of that letter, special thanks of which goes to the anonymous translator, and for this contribution to knowledgeispower.life.

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Unity Valkyrie Mitford

Letter from an English Woman

She rejoices over Der Stürmer / The English people have no idea / The Jews in England work behind the scenes / Slogan of the future: England for the Englishmen

Der Stürmer goes out into the whole world. Everywhere it has its friends and its haters. Accordingly, the letters that Der Stürmer receives are similar. There are both sympathetic letters, as well as letters of hate. Among these many letters, are letters that bring us great joy. These days, one such letter that we have received is from the fascist woman Unity Mitford.

Dear Stürmer!

As an English fascist, I would like to express my admiration before you. I have lived in Munich for a year and I read Der Stürmer every week. If only we had such newspapers in England. The general English people have no idea of the Jewish danger. English Jews are always described as “decent.” Perhaps the Jews in England are more clever with their propaganda than they are in other countries. I don’t know, but it is definitely a fact that our struggle is the most difficult. Our worst Jews work only behind the scenes. They never come out into the open and for this reason, we cannot show their true horror to the English people. We have an urgent need for newspapers like Der Stürmer that tell the truth to the people. But hopefully you will soon see that we in England will also be victorious against the world enemy, despite all his cunning. We look forward to the day when we can say with force and authority: “England for Englishmen! The Jews out!”

With German Greetings! Heil Hitler!

Unity Mitford.

P.S. If you happen to find the space in your newspaper for this letter, please publish my full name. I do not wish my letter to be signed “anonymous”, as I would rather it be known to everyone that I am a “Jew hater.”


Relating to this time, David R. L. Litchfield writes in his salacious and derogatory “The Uncensored Biography of Unity Mitford” the following (pp. 222-224):


[A letter by Unity] published in the weekend Münchener Zeitung for 22/23 June 1935, under the title ‘Eine Britische Faschistin erzählt’ (Confessions of an English Fascist girl):

… our anti-Semitism has called Jewry in England to account … Oswald Mosley has a military disposition, he was educated at a military college, was a combat airman in the World War, he certainly did not find his homeland brought low and conquered, as Adolf Hitler did, but for all that the country was bitterly divided … anyone who has ever heard Mosley speak knows that he is a man imbued with his sense of mission and an unshakeable belief in the victory of his cause. Oswald Mosley is our Leader, and we English fascists are behind him with the same enthusiasm as today the whole German people are behind their wonderful (herrlich) Führer. We British fascists have a lot to learn from Germany.

The British Embassy was certainly beginning to suspect that the motif for Unity’s presence in Munich may have been more political than had previously been suggested by her friends and family, and forwarded the interview to the Foreign Office:

You may like to know that the Münchener Zeitung of the 22 June contains an interview with the Hon Unity Mitford on the subject of Fascism in England. Miss Mitford, although only 20 years of age, appears to represent Sir Oswald Mosley in Munich, and has been living there since September … the Embassy do not seem to know about Miss Mitford’s acquaintance with the Chancellor which is very curious indeed. She is a student in Munich and it is true that her family are friends of Sir Oswald Mosley but I can’t believe she ‘represents’ him. I understand that she sees Herr Hitler very often in Munich.

They appeared totally ignorant of Diana’s relationship with Mosley, despite the fact that there was little secret of it amongst many of the more fashionable members of London society.

The Münchener Zeitung interview was published to coincide with a celebration on the Hesselberg, a hill outside Nuremberg and the historic site for a midsummer night (Sonnenwende) pagan celebration involving bonfires, dancing and ritual offerings of bread and ham. The Nordic god Baldur (god of peace), numerous spirits and fire were all a traditional part of the solstice celebrations. The Nazi Party exploited the festivities in which the people wearing traditional costume were also obliged to wear swastika armbands and celebrate the symbolism of people (i.e. the German people, the Volk), blood (and specifically its purity) and fire (the great cleanser).

Afterwards, Unity proudly wrote to her mother:

At 9.30 pm we started for the high hill … we drove in a column, seven giant black Mercedes rushing through the night, all full of men in uniform, all open, I was the only woman. When we reached the top of the hill, we marched through the crowd, band playing, between cordons of SA men with torches, to the speakers’ stand.

This particular night had been stage-managed as a tribute to Streicher and his journal. At ten o’clock he started his rant of revenge against the Jews.

Accompanied on the platform by his adjutant, König, Göring was also due to address the crowd but on the spur of the moment, Streicher first introduced Unity. The Fränkische Tageszeitung reported:

We have one thing to say to those witnesses among us from England. You have no idea as yet that it is the Jew who first split our people into political parties. You still do not realise that the Jew brought political parties and strife to you too. The English people are ready for an honourable peace, but it is the Jew who does not want peace.

The ‘Frankenführer’ then called Unity to the microphone, where she affirmed her solidarity with the German people and the struggle of Julius Streicher:

Göring then turned to the question of Anglo-German relations and expressed Germany’s pleasure [specifically Adolf Hitler’s] at the recent declaration of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales [the future King of England]. The German ex-servicemen and the German nation cheerfully grasped the hand which had been stretched out at them [contained in an unfortunate speech he had given to members of The British Legion on the theme of old soldiers’ comradeship and alluding to his possible support of the BUF].

The Fränkische Tageszeitung on Monday 24 June published another interview under the title ‘Miss Mitford Replies’ in which she further established her support for the BUF … ‘plenty of Englishmen, and certainly those of better stock (Rasse) can be found to subordinate themselves to one man’s leadership … at present the Mosley movement is ignored in the main papers, as once happened in Germany to the national socialists … the Jews in England were not so visibly a danger as in Germany. But Mosley very soon recognised that the Jewish danger may well work its evil way from country to country, but fundamentally it poses a danger to all the peoples of the world … for years I have been a personal friend of Mosley and so committed myself early to his political way of thinking’.


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More images of Unity can be viewed here.

Colourisation by anonymous contributor.
“We do not wish to generate hatred against other peoples! We reach out our hand to every Folk!” (Original German: “Wir wollen nicht Haß erzeugen gegen andere Völker! Wir reichen jedem Volke die Hand!”) – A still from a video of the annual Hesselberg mountain regional Hitler Youth festival, the Franktentag [Franconia region day], organized by Julius Streicher, June 23rd 1935. Unity Valkyrie Mitford spoke at this gathering.  See also What is National Socialism? – An Article in Quotes, When We Say Jews, Do We Mean All Jews?, Don’t Be Another White Mug, and Selected Quotes of Colin Jordan.
Unity Mitford and Mary Hermione – Lady Mayall

Portrait 1934 (Photo by ullstein bild)
Unity Mitford and Mary Hermione – Lady Mayall
Unity Mitford and Mary Hermione – Lady Mayall
Unity Mitford and Robin Farrer

Unity Mitford at the Nuremberg Rally – September 1935

Unity at a concert during an Anglo German Fellowship meeting
Unity Mitford in Blackshirt uniform with Fritz Stadelmann.