“During my ten years in India, I saw yogi, mystics, magi, men outside the norm; but they all resembled humans. Even my Master was ‘human, all too human’. Not Hitler. He was superhuman, or inhuman. He was not from here. My first impression of him I had many years ago, when I encountered, all of a sudden, in a window display on a street in Santiago’s town centre, a photograph of Hitler. He wore a cape and his attitude was so unnatural, rather ridiculous, with an intense gaze, as if trying to impress someone, to impress some unknown world that was strange to him.”

– Miguel Serrano, The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism, The Palingenesis Project, Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group (London: 2017). p. 7. Translated into English from the original Spanish by Alex Kurtagić.

The original Spanish reads as follows:

“Durante mis diez años en India, vi yogas, místicos, magos, hombres fuera de lo corriente, pero todos ellos semejaban a los humanos. Aún mi Maestro era ‘humano, demasiado humano’. Hitler no. Era sobrehumano, o inhumano. No era de aquí. Mi primera impresión la tuve hace muchos años, al encontrarme de pronto, en una vitrina de una calle céntrica de Santiago, con una foto de Hitler. Llevaba capa y su actitud era tan poco natural, más bien ridícula, con una mirada intensa, como tratando de impresionar a alguien, a un mundo desconocido, extraño a él.”

– Miguel Serrano, El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico, 1978. Editorial Solar, Second Edition, 1992. p. 20.

A Witness in the Flesh to The Avatar

“There are certain details of Hitler’s appearance which cannot surmise from photographs. His complexion is medium, with blond-brown hair of neutral shade which shows no signs of gray. His eyes are very dark-blue. . . At some point during the interview a photograph had been taken of Hitler and myself in conversation. So unobtrusively was this done that I was not aware of it at the moment. . . From this audience emerged two outstanding contrasts. First, as already indicated, that between the magnificently staged approach and the simple, undramatic, almost matter-of-fact meeting with the man himself. . . The second notable contrast which occurred to me was that of this audience with Hitler and one I had years ago with his fellow dictator, Mussolini. . . From behind that desk rises Mussolini, just like Hitler, but there the resemblance abruptly ends; for, instead of coming to meet you, you have to walk all the way across the room to him [Mussolini]. However, from the very start you feel that Mussolini is intensely human. . . Nothing like that with Hitler. Though always pleasant and courteous, he makes no obvious attempt to impress or win you. . . Another factor: personal charm. Mussolini has it. At least, he turns it on even in casual audiences. I felt his magnetic aura when I was two yards away from him. I didn’t get any such psychic reaction from Hitler.”

– T. Lothrop Stoddard, Into The Darkness: Nazi Germany Today [First edition: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc. New York, 1940.] pp. 206, 208, 209. Ostara Publications edition, Into the Darkness: An Uncensored Report from Inside the Third Reich at War, 2016. pp. 134, 135, 136.

See also: Hitler “On the Man to Come”, What is Esoteric Hitlerism, Miguel Serrano on Hitler-Wotan-Kalki, What is ‘Shudibudishvabhava’ that Miguel Serrano talks of?, and Dr. Thomas Dalton: ‘Hitler the Man fell, but the Avatara lives on!’.